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IPL 2013 Live Cricket Score, RR vs CSK at Jaipur: Rajasthan cruise home by 5 wickets

IPL 2013 Live Cricket Score, RR vs CSK at Jaipur: Chennai manage 141/4

Rahul Dravid (right) and Ajinkya Rahane opened the batting for Rajasthan © AFP (File Pic)

Jaipur: May 12, 2013

Top-class preformance from Rajasthan there! They stuttered initially in their chase, falling to 49 for four in the first 10 overs, but recovered tremendously well thanks to Shane Watson and Stuart Binny! The Royals thus consolidate fortress Jaipur with their eighth win out of as many here this season. They also move up to second spot in the points table.

RR 144/5 | Overs 17.1 | Binny 35*, Hodge 0*

Stuart Binny finishes it off in style by coming down the track and spanking Ravindra Jadeja over extra cover.

Rajasthan win by 5 wickets.

RR 138/5 | Overs 17 | Binny 35*, Hodge 0* OUT! Watson 70(34)

Shane Watson looks to loft Dwayne Bravo straight down the ground, but finds the edge that still carries to the third-man fence. Some words are exchanged between the duo, before Bravo returns to bowl the Australian next ball! Too little too late, perhaps.

Rajasthan need 4 runs from 18 balls.

RR 134/4 | Overs 16 | Watson 66*, Binny 34*

Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack and concedes just three runs to give some respite to his team. However, it isn’t enough for CSK. Not even four more similar overs can save them from defeat.

Rajasthan need 9 runs from 24 balls.

RR 130/4 | Overs 15 | Watson 65*, Binny 32*

Shane Watson brings up his half-century by sweeping a delivery that was going down the leg from Chris Morris for four donw fine-leg. He isn’t done as he gets three more boundaries — one to deep mid-wicket and the other two behind the wicket.

Rajasthan need 12 runs from 30 balls.

RR 114/4 | Overs 14 | Watson 49*, Binny 32*

Stuart Binny emulates his partner’s extragavnance as he steps down and laucnhes Dwayne Bravo over wide long-off for half a dozen. Watson then gets the strike and heaves the West Indian over deep mid-wicket to get six more for his side. Watson isn’t done as he now targets the stands behind long-on to get another maximum! Huge over, and the Royals are now runaway favourites!

Rajasthan need 28 runs from 36 balls.

RR 92/4 | Overs 13 | Watson 36*, Binny 23*

Just when you thought Jason Holder had bowled a good six-run over, Shane Watson steps in and spanks it over long-off.

RR 82/4 | Overs 12 | Watson 28*, Binny 21*

Stuart Binny  stands tall and cuts Chris Morris wide of point before glancing one down fine-leg for four more. Suddenly, the Royals appear favourites.

RR 72/4 | Overs 11 | Watson 27*, Binny 12*

Stuart Binny does it first and then Shane Watson repeats and carts Ravichandran Ashwin for two sixes over deep mid-wicket via slog-sweeps to get the Royals up and running. Right, we have a match here it appears!

RR 49/4 | Overs 10 | Watson 14*, Binny 1* OUT! Dravid 22(28)

Chris Morris gets the breakthrough! The tall pacer bowls short and a little outside off-stump as Dravid looks to make room and cut away, but only finds the edge that carries straight to keeper MS Dhoni. The Royals are in some trouble here at the halfway stage!

RR 43/3 | Overs 9 | Dravid 20*, Watson 13*

Shane Watson hits the first six of the innings with a huge drive over long-on off Dwayne Bravo’s first over as we take the first Strategic Timeout of the innings.

RR 35/3 | Overs 8 | Dravid 19*, Watson 6*

Chris Morris finally gets a bowl in the eighth over and does well to give just four runs. Rajasthan’s require rate is now approaching nine an over.

RR 31/3 | Overs 7 | Dravid 16*, Watson 5*

Shane Watson gets a clever little slice just wide of first slip to get another boundary for his side. Mohit Sharma has finished his spell with figures of 4-0-21-1.

RR 24/3 | Overs 6 | Dravid 14*, Watson 0*

Rahul Dravid gets a lucky boundary through between the keeper and first slip after opening the face of the bat to a ball that was banging in on off-stump.

RR 19/3 | Overs 5 | Dravid 9*, Watson 0* OUT! Samson 0(5)

Mohit Sharma gets Sanju Samson caught behind off an inside edge to give CSK their third wicket! Well, well! Do we have a game on our hands here?

RR 18/2 | Overs 4 | Dravid 8*, Samson 0* OUT! Rahane 9(10), Faulkner 1(2)

Jason Holder gets a brace in his second over! First, Ajinkya Rahane lofts the pacer straight into the hands of mid-on, before one-down James Faulkner has his woodwork shattered after mistiming a cover drive.

RR 14/0 | Overs 3 | Dravid 5*, Rahane 9*

Ajinkya Rahane gets a lucky boundary down to fine-leg via an inside edge after trying to swing Mohit Sharma over mid-wicket.Rahul Dravid then punches the bowler between cover and point off the backfoot to get four more.

RR 3/0 | Overs 2 | Dravid 1*, Rahane 2*

Jason Holder bowls the second over and concedes just the single to the hosts.

RR 2/0 | Overs 1 | Dravid 1*, Rahane 1*

Mohit Sharma opens the bowling for CSK and bowls a tidy over, giving a single each to the two Rajasthan openers.

CSK 141/4 | Overs 20 | Jadeja 12*, Bravo 23*

CSK end their innings without having scored a single six! How often has that happened? Not too often, I’d think. Quite a modest score this. The Royals shouldn’t have much of a problem. Join us in a bit for a chase.

CSK 130/4 | Overs 19 | Jadeja 10*, Bravo 14*

Dwayne Bravo scores three welcome boundaries for CSK to ruin Kevon Cooper’s figures. The first was via a cheeky twirl of the bat that guided the ball wide of the keeper and to the third-man fence, the next was a cover drive, which was followed by a cut.

CSK 116/4 | Overs 18 | Jadeja 10*, Bravo 0* OUT! Vijay 55(50)

CSK try to sneak in a quick bye after Ravindra Jadeja charged down the track and missed the ball, but Dishant Yagnik behind the sticks does well to get a direct hit to run Murali Vijay out. Just three runs and a wicket from that over, then.

CSK 113/3 | Overs 17 | Vijay 55*, Jadeja 8*

Murali Vijay brings up his half-century with a nice flick past short fine-leg four four. It’s come off 49 balls and Vijay should look to pick up his strike-rate now in the three overs remaining.

CSK 105/3 | Overs 16 | Vijay 48*, Jadeja 7*

James Faulkner comes back and bowls yet another tidy over for the Royals. He’s gone for just 12 in his three overs. CSK need to get a move on here.

CSK 100/3 | Overs 15 | Vijay 44*, Jadeja 6*

Chennai bring up their 100 in the 15th over bowled by Shane Watson. They’ll need at least half of those in the next five if they want to give their bowlers a good target to defend.

CSK 94/3 | Overs 14 | Vijay 41*, Jadeja 3*

Stuart Binny comes back for a third over of slow-medium pace and concedes just five runs as CSK look to shake off the wobbles. The second Strategic Timeout is taken.

CSK 89/3 | Overs 13 | Vijay 39*, Jadeja 0* OUT! Raina 1(2), Dhoni 2(3)

Double blow for CSK as Kevon Cooper strikes twice in an over! New batsman Suresh Raina mistimes a lofted drive over long-off and finds the fielder at the rope. MS Dhoni walks in at No 4 and falls straight away as his attempted cover-drive finds the edge and carries to first slip. So, two among the top five scorers this season, along with the dangerous Dhoni are back in the pavilion. The hosts would be pleased.

CSK 86/1 | Overs 12 | Vijay 39*, Raina 0* OUT! M Hussey 41(40)

Stuart Binny’s day gets a little better as he bowls through the gates of Mike Hussey. The left-hander went for a swivel-pull to a shortish delivery, but completely missed the length of the ball. Big wicket for Rajasthan.

CSK 82/0 | Overs 11 | M Hussey 41*, Vijay 36*

Stuart Binny fumbles at the deep point boundary to concede a boundary after Mike Hussey cuts Siddharth Trivedi wide of point.

CSK 75/0 | Overs 10 | M Hussey 34*, Vijay 34*

Stuart Binny has a bad start to his spell as he bowls a full toss to Mike Hussey down the leg, which the Australian glances down to fine-leg for four. At the halfway stage of the innings, CSK will be pleased with their position.

CSK 66/0 | Overs 9 | M Hussey 28*, Vijay 34*

Kevon Cooper comes on for a bowl and bowls a tidy over, giving seven runs as we take the first Strategic Timeout.

CSK 59/0 | Overs 8 | M Hussey 25*, Vijay 30*

It’s Siddharth Trivedi’s turn to get pulled for four by Mike Hussey as CSK get a move on after the Powerplay. Vijay then brings up the 50 of the partnership — the ninth in the IPL between the pair — with a clever edge past the keeper to third man. Vijay gets another boundary to end the over as he cuts Trivedi just low and past point. Close one that.

CSK 44/0 | Overs 7 | M Hussey 20*, Vijay 20*

Mike Hussey pulls Vikramjeet Malik four four to wide long-on to ruin an otherwise good over from the debutant.

CSK 37/0 | Overs 6 | M Hussey 14*, Vijay 19*

Vijay hits Watson for two consecutive boundaries through covers — first over the infield and the second through the cover fielder James Faulkner’s legs. Vijay then guides the penultimate ball of the over behind square to pick up two more runs.

CSK 26/0 | Overs 5 | M Hussey 14*, Vijay 9*

James Faulkner bowled well until Hussey saw a delivery outside the off-stump and latched onto it to hit a boundary through point. Only four runs from the over though.

CSK 22/0 | Overs 4 | M Hussey 10*, Vijay 9*

Shane Watson comes into the attack and Vijay hits him for a boundary past Kevon Cooper at mid-off. Watson does well to concede only two more runs from the over.


CSK 16/0 | Overs 3 | M Hussey 9*, Vijay 6*

Murali Vijay punches Vikramjeet Malik through the covers to get his and CSK’s first boundary of the innings. Mike Hussey then gets an inside-edge that runs down for four more to end the over.

CSK 7/0 | Overs 2 | M Hussey 5*, Vijay 1*

James Faulkner bowls the second over and its another quiet one as CSK get just four runs. CSK’s trend has been to play out the Powerplay overs and launch in the latter half of the innings.

CSK 3/0 | Overs 1 | M Hussey 3*, Vijay 0*

Vikramjeet Malik, on IPL debut, bowls the first over of the match and concedes just three runs.

Rajasthan Royals‘ skipper Rahul Dravid wins the toss and elects to  bowl first against MS Dhoni‘s Chennai Super Kings in the 61st tie of the Indian Premier League 2013.

Stuart Binny comes back into the side with Vikramjeet Malik making a debut in place of Ajit Chandila and Sreesanth for Rajasthan while Chennai retain the same team.

Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul Dravid (c), Shane Watson, Brad Hodge, Sanju Samson, Stuart Binny, Dishant Yagnik (wk), James Faulkner, Kevon Cooper, Vikramjit Malik, Siddharth Trivedi

Chennai Super Kings: Michael Hussey, Murali Vijay, Suresh Raina, Subraminiam Badrinath, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Morris, Ravichandran Ashwin, Jason Holder, Mohit Sharma

Hello, good evening and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the 61st match of IPL 2013 between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings

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