Shane Watson © IANS
Shane Watson © IANS


Apr 29, 2014


Catch Live Scorecard of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Rajasthan Royals (RR) match here

(Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) clash with Rajasthan Royals (RR) in Match 19 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014. Catch live cricket scores and updates of the KKR vs RR match here)


Birthday Boy James Faulkner is the Man of the Match. He changed the course of the match with that 19th over. He took three wickets in that over alone. Faulkner finsihsed with figures of three for 11 in two overs. He also bowled the Super Over for Rajasthan Royals. That is it from us for tonight. Join us again tomorrow. Have a great day!
Shane Watson and Steven Smith walk out to bat for Rajasthan Royals. Sunil Narine will bowl the Super Over. Watson hits the first ball for a single over mid-off. Smith hits the second ball towards mid-wicket. Smith then reverse-hits the third delivery for one run. Watson then pulls the fourth delivery over the deep mid-wicket fielder for a four. Watson then hits the fifth delivery towards long-off for a single. Smith comes down the track and pushes the sixth delivery towards wide long-off. The batsmen complete two runs and it is a tie in the Super Over. But Rajasthan Royals win the match as they struck more boundaries in the entire over.


Suryakumar and Shakib will open the batting for Kolkata. James Faulkner will bowl the Super Over. Suryakumar gets run-out on the first ball after taking one run. Pandey then gets a single on the second delivery. Shakib then smashes a full delivery onto Faulkner’s boot and gets one run. Pandey slogs one over long-on for a six. Pandey then gets a single on the fifth delivery. Shakib gets run out on the last delivery trying to take a second run.
OUT! Suryakumar 0(1), Shakib 2(2)
Kolkata Knight Riders will bat first in the Super Over.


Richardson bowls a full-toss and Shakib hits the ball through cover for a four. Shakib hits one towards long-on and takes the single. Piyush Chawla comes back, but is sent back by Shakib and gets run-out. Sunil Narine is the next batsman in. Richardson then bowls a wide down the leg side. Shakib then hits the last ball towards long-on and takes two runs. The match is tied. We have the first Super Over in IPL 2014 upon us.
OUT! P Chawla 0(1)


Faulkner to bowl. Suryakumar skies one and Steven Smith comes in from long-off and takes a good catch. Shakib also skies one behind on the leg side, but the ball falls safely in the deep backward square-leg region. He gets two runs. Robin Uthappa then walks across and misses a leg-stump delivery and gets bowled first-ball. Faulkner then bowls R Vinay Kumar first ball. He is on a hat-trick, but does not get the milestone as the ball goes over the stumps.
OUT! S Yadav 31(19), R Uthappa 0(1), Vinay Kumar 0(1)
Richardson has been brought back into the attack. Shakib pulls a length delivery and gets it past Watson at short fine-leg for a four. It wasn’t the most convincing shot, but Kolkata will take anything now. Richardson bowls one full and Shakib drives the ball throuhj wide long-on for another four. The last delivery takes the top-edge and onto Suryakumar’s helmet. He gets a single.
Watson brings himself back into the attack. Shakib premeditates and tries to flick behind fine-leg. Watson bowls one wide and the ball takes the edge of the bat and hit Shakib on the helmet. Watson then bowls a massive front-foot no-ball. Watson then bowls one full and wide outside off-stump. Suryakumar reaches out and slog-sweeps the ball for a six over deep square-leg. Suryakumar then edges one past wicketkeeper Sanju Samson for a four.


Tambe to bowl his final over as well. The first ball is swept by Suryakumar for two runs towards long-leg. Suryakumar then slog-sweeps a length delivery over deep backward square-leg for a six. Suryakumar then sweeps the third delivery in-a-row and gets one run. Shakib also sweeps Tambe on the fourth delivery and gets one run. The Strategic Time-Out has been taken.
Abdulla comes into the attack. Suryakumar plays one inside-out over extra-cover for a four. Shakib comes down the track and flicks a low full-toss towards square-leg for a single. That brings up the 100 for Kolkata in this over.


Bhatia to bowl his final over. He bowls a length delivery and Gambhir slog-sweeps the ball straight to Iqbal Abdulla at deep backward square-leg. Shakib Al Hasan is the next batsman in. He gets two twos on the first two deliveries he faces.
OUT! G Gambhir 45(44)


Tambe comes in. Pandey comes down the track and hits one on the full towards deep mid-wicket for a six. Pandey then pulls one towards deep mid-wicket for a four. But Tambe bowls one quicker and hits Pandey on the pads. He appeals and the umpire raises his finger.
OUT! M Pandey 19(11)
Bhatia to bowl. Gambhir hits one towards wide long-on and gets two runs. Pandey then pulls a length delivery for two runs. Tambe at deep square-leg does well to stop the boundary.
Tambe continues. He hits Gambhir’s pads and appeals. The umpire says not out, but replays show that it would have hit the stumps. Pandey hits a full delivery towards long-on for a single. Gambhir then gets two runs and a single.
Bhataia comes in. He bowls a length delivery and Gambhir drives over extra-cover for a four. The last delivery of the over fetches two runs for Pandey.
Here comes the spring chicken, Pravin Tambe. He bowls a quiet over, as is his wont, till Kallis decides to take him on. And he’s got his man! That’s the end of Kallis. Who else but Tambe to break a partnership, and who else but Stevey Smith to take a good catch. Goes for a slog sweep, gets a huge leading edge and taken very well by Smith at straightish long off. The strategic timeout now on, to help people to strategise about how best to wait for the rest of the over.
J Kallis c Smith b Tambe 13(17)



Shane Watson comes back to bowl the eighth over. He keeps it tight, and there’s some excitement off the second ball. Kallis flashes past one, and it sounds on the stump mic like he’s edged it but there’s no appeal. Wonder what that was. Watson’s tight spoiled by a boundary off the last ball. Drifting on leg stump, and Kallis getting it away for four to fine leg.


Here comes Rajat Bhatia, the express pace bowler. Kallis takes him on and IS HE CAUGHT? No, falls short of Faulkner at deep square leg. Kallis struggles to get the ball off the square, manages a single off the fourth ball of the over. Gambhir goes for a chip shot, nicely played over mid off, that’s a couple. And some drama off the next ball, as Gambhir might be stumped. But he’s safe. Good balance from Gauti, keeps his back leg on the ground as the ball goes past his edge. Sharp work from Samson.
Shane Watson, the skipper, comes on. Gambhir takes him on, going for a leg side slog off the second ball, but it’s only one. OH HE’S GONE! Kallis edges behind to Samson! Big wicket for the Royals. But wait, what do we have here? Oh, Shane Watson will be kicking himself here, he’s overstepped! It’s a no ball, and Kallis is NOT OUT! Just a single off the free hit, sliced down to third man by JK. The rest of the over passes without incident, barring a half appeal off the last ball for an LBW against Gambhir. It was safe.



Iqbal Abdullah bowling the fifth over now. Gambhir and Kallis milk him for singles off the first three balls. Gambhir looking solid. And that’s four off the fourth ball! Gambhir outscoring himself in this IPL 23 times over in this innings! Nine runs coming off that over.
Kane Richardson in to bowl the fourth over. Some excitement straight away, as an appeal for LBW against “GG” Gambhir is turned down. Oooh, good bouncer to Bisla. And he’s got him off the next one! Sharp, short ball on off stump, and Bisla goes for a late cut, gets an outside edge to Karun Nair at slip. In walks the big man, Jacques Kallis. Goes past the outside edge off the last ball of the over.
M Bisla c Nair b Richardson 3 (9)



James Faulkner comes into the attack. He offers width and Bisla cuts the ball past the backward-point fielder for a single. Faulkner bowls a short delivery and Gambhir pulls the ball over square-leg for a four.


Kane Richardson will bowl the second over. He bowls one short and wide and Gambhir guides it for a four through point.


Gautam Gambhir and Manvinder Bisla will begin the run-chase for Kolkata Knight Riders. Stuart Binny will bowl the first over. Gambhir gets of the mark on the first delivery with a dab for a single towards third-man. Bisla also gets of the mark with a single. Gambhir gets another single towards third-man. Bisla then gets another single. Gambhir pulls a short delivery towards deep mid-wicket for three runs.




Vinay Kumar to bowl the 20th and final over of the innings. The first two deliveries are yorkers outside off-stump and they fetch Rajasthan only two runs. Vinay Kumar bowls another delivery wide outside off-stump. Rahane moves on the off side and pulls it in the air. But he does not get much distance and is caught by Umesh Yadav. Smith moves towards the off side and flicks a yorker behind for a four on the leg side. Birthday Boy James Faulkner edges the last ball of the over towards third-man and gets two runs. Rajasthan Royals post 152 for five in their 20 overs.
OUT! A Rahane 72(59)
Narine to bowl his final over as well. Smith moves towards the leg side and plays an expansive drive. The ball takes the outside edge of the bat and goes four towards third-man. Smith then turns one towards mid-wicket and gets two quick runs. Narine finishes with figures of none for 28 in his full quota of four overs.
Morne Morkel to bowl his final over. He bowls a back of a length delivery wide outside off-stump. Binny moves to the leg side and tries to play a cut shot. He only edges the ball to wicketkeeper Bisla. Binny is out for a duck on the first delivery. Steven Smith is the next batsman in. He gets of the mark with two runs towards mid-wicket first up.
OUT! S Binny 0(1)
Narine continues. Stuart Binny is the next batsman in. Rahane comes down the track and drives one through cover-point for a four. Rahane then gets two twos in the over. The last ball is pulled for a single on the leg side.
Vinay Kumar comes back into the attack. Rahane hits one through extra-cover and gets two runs. He reaches his half-century with those runs. Vinay Kumar bowls one short and Rahane pulls the ball high in the air. Shakib at deep mid-wicket comes too far ahead and is unable to catch the ball on his way back. The ball goes over the boundary for a six. The last ball is a wide full-toss and Watson hits it towards deep cover. He completes his first run and then jogs for his second. The throw comes in and Manvinder Bisla flicks the bails. Watson is run-out.
OUT! S Watson 33(24)
Narine has been brought back into the attack. The 100 comes up for Rajasthan in this over. Narine bowls one short and wide and Watson flat-bats the ball in the air towards wide long-off for a four.
Chawla to bowl. He bowls one wide and Rahane drives the ball through cover for a single. Chawla tosses one up and Watson goes down on one knee and hits the ball in the air towards wide long-on for a four. Watson then drills a full delivery through extra-cover for another four. The last ball of the over is a length delivery and Watson goes for the pull. But he gets an inside edge and the ball goes behind the wicketkeeper for a four. The Strategic Time-Out has been taken.


Shakib comes in. Rahane gets a single towards short fine-leg. Watson then dabs one on the leg side and he too gets a single. Rahane then pushes one towards wide mid-off and gets a single. Watson and Rahane get a single each after that on the off side.
Chawla continues. The first three deliveries are dot balls. Then the batsmen exchange two singles off the next two deliveries. Watson then cuts the last ball of the over behind point and gets two runs.
Shakib to bowl. Watson walsk down the pitch and plays a lofted straight drive down the ground for a four. Rahane then comes down the track and plays an inside-out shot over extra-cover for a four.
Piyush Chawla comes into the attack and bowls one full. Rahane sweeps the ball behind for a four towards fine-leg. But otherwise it is a tight over from Chawla.
Shakib comes on and strikes straight away! Samson bowled! Went back to a fullish delivery, and lost his bails. Another promising innings for young man cut short. He needs to start scoring a few more runs for Rajasthan. And its the strategic timeout now. Shakib resumes bowling to skipper Shane Watson. Shakib keeps up the tight spell. Just four off the over.
OUT! S Samson b Shakib 20 (19)
Jacques Kallis, the evergreen warhorse, comes on now. Samson to take strike, just the single off the first two balls. And that’s 50 up for RR. Samson batting sensibly, and Rahane solid as usual. This has been a typically tight over from Kallis. Rahane manages to get a couple off the fourth ball. End of the over, just four off it.
Shakib comes on to bowl the seventh over. And straight away the runs dry up. Rahane unable to work the ball off the square. Shakib doing what he does best, bowling tight and sharp, giving nothing away. Bit of drama off the last ball with a quick double, but the over ends without incident.
Morkel in for his third over on the trot. Samson smashes him down the ground for a boundary off the second delivery. The third ball swung very late and missed the bat and the ‘keeper! Wide ball, and they run two as well. Samson flick-pulls the next one down to the fine leg boundary, what a shot! This kid looks really good. And another boundary off the fifth ball this time! But not quite as convincing from Sanju, goes for the pull and gets a top edge, but with no fielder in the area its a safe shot. And ANOTHER four off the last ball. What an over for RR! This one is on the pads and Samson flicks it to the mid wicket boundary.
Sunil Narine comes on to bowl the fifth over. Right on the money straight away. Hardly any room for the batsmen to go for their shots. Samson and Rahane keep blocking and take the occasional run. Just two off the over.
Morne Morkel in for his second over and straight away things heat up. Rahane rejects the single, and Samson is halfway down, but he manages to get back in time. Very next ball Rahane gets the outside edge between slip and ‘keeper for a boundary. Off the fifth ball of the over, Rahane cuts through point to make it two boundaries off the over. Morkel continues to bowl with good pace.


Vinay Kumar comes in and darts one in towards the leg-stump. Nair danced down the track and attempted a flat-batted shot. He missed and got bowled. Vinay Kumar then gets one to jump up a little more from a back of a length and finds the leading edge of Sanju Samson’s bat. But the ball goes towards deep backward-point.
OUT! K Nair 1(5)
Morne Morkel will share the new ball with Vinay Kumar. TneThe first delivery is full on the stumps and Rahane flicks the ball towards deep square-leg for three runs. Nair gets of the mark with a single towards the leg side. Morne is bowling quickly as he is clocking speeds of 150 kmph.


Ajinkya Rajane and Karun Nair walk out to open the innings for Rajasthan Royals. R Vinay Kumar will begin proceedings for Kolkata Knight Riders. Rahane gets of the mark with two runs towards point first up. The second delivery is flicked towards long-on for a four.






Toss: Rajasthan Royals have won the toss and elected to bat against Kolkata Knight Riders. Gautam Gambhir leads Kolkata Knight Riders while Shane Watson will captain Rajasthan Royals. Iqbal Abdulla and James Faulkner come in for Abhishek Nayar and Tim Southee in the Rajasthan line-up. Shakib Al Hasan, Manvinder Bisla and R Vinay Kumar replace Chris Lynn, Umesh Yadav and Yusuf Pathan.




Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Manvinder Bisla (wk), Manish Pandey, Jacques Kallis, Robin Uthappa, Shakib Al Hasan,  Suryakumar Yadav, R Vinay Kumar, Morne Morkel, Piyush Chawla, Sunil Narine.


Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkya Rahane, Karun Nair, Sanju Samson (wk), Shane Watson (c), Stuart Binny, Steven Smith, James Faulkner, Rajat Bhatia, Kane Richardson, Pravin Tambe, Iqbal Abdulla.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of Match 19 of Indian Premier League (IPL) between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Rajasthan Royals (RR). I am Shrikant Shankar, and I will be bringing you the live updates from the match. Both the teams come into this game with differing fortunes in their last game. At Abu Dhabi on Saturday, Rajasthan shot out Royal Challengers Bangalore for 70 and later that night, Kolkata failed to chase a modest score against Kings XI Punjab. It is with that in mind that both teams will approach this game.


The pitch at Abu Dhabi hasn’t been the easiest for batting. In fact, there is a layer of grass that helps the seamers and for some reason, even the slow bowlers have been able to do well. Chasing under lights is a very tough task and the team winning the toss will have no hesitation in batting first.


Read our preview of the match here.




Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Jacques Kallis, Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Manvinder Bisla (wk), Ryan ten Doeschate, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Kuldeep Yadav, Pat Cummins, Debabrata Das, Piyush Chawla, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav, Sayan Mondal, R Vinay Kumar, Andre Russell, Veer Pratap Singh.


Rajasthan Royals: Shane Watson (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Brad Hodge, Sanju Samson, Stuart Binny, Ankush Bains, James Faulkner, Pravin Tambe, Kevon Cooper, Unmukt Chand, Steven Smith, Ben Cutting, Deepak Hooda, Iqbal Abdullah, Karun Nair, Vikramjeet Malik, Abhishek Nayar, Dhawal Kulkarni, Kane Richardson, Dishant Yagnik (wk), Tim Southee, Rahul Tewatia, Ankit Sharma, Amit Mishra.


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