Virender Sehwag © IANS (File Photo)
Virender Sehwag © IANS (File Photo)

Apr 28, 2014


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(Kings XI Punjab clash with Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 match. Catch live cricket score and live updates of the IPL 7 game here)


That is all from us here today. Do join us tomorrow for another potential cracker with Kolkata Knight Riders taking on the Rajasthan Royals.


And a boundary at last. Aaron comes on to bowl and Bailey moves across his stumps and pulls it past the short fine-leg fielder for a four. Bailey then takes a single off the next ball. Dhawan tries to hit it towards the leg-side but can only hit it to mid-wicket, where Gayle stops it well. Dhawan then gets a single down the ground. Aaron then bowls a full toss above the waist. Since it is outside the off-stump, Bailey is able to guide it to third-man. That is also a no-ball, plus a single. And that is it. The game is done as Dhawan pulls it past long on for a four. Punjab have won by five wickets.



Dinda is in as Punjab need 15 from the last three. Bailey knocks the first one for a single through the off-side. As Dhawan comes on strike, Kohli packs the in-field. However, Dhawan pushes to long-on for a single. They are doing it quite easily in singles. Five singles off the over.



Yuvraj is back and Bailey takes a single off the first ball by placing through long-off. The second ball has more loop and Dhawan drives it to the deep on the off-side. Bailey then drives down the ground for a single. That is all they need to do actually.



Starc is into the attack and at the same time, Aaron has had a few cramps and he has walked off the field. Dhawan takes strike and edges one which is well saved by Parthiv behind the stumps. He then cuts one to point, where de Villiers fields it very well. However, the batsmen are able to run through for a single. Dhawan places the last ball through mid-wicket and they run through for two.



Yuvraj Singh is into the attack and Bailey hits it through the off-side for a couple. And then, Dhawan plays a lovely shot as he cuts one late through third-man for a four. There was a slip in place, but that did not deter Dhawan. The 100 is up for Punjab as Dhawan places one behind point and runs for two.



Dinda is brought back into the attack. Bailey flat bats it down the ground and they get a single as Aaron gets Dhawan comes on strike and he misses a few. The fourth ball is a bouncer and he cannot make contact even as he makes room. And finally he cuts one beautifully and it goes for four. The last ball is full and he plays it back to the bowler. Now, it is the time-out!



Miller is gone. Chahal pitches it a bit outside the off-stump and it is a wrong-un. As it spins the other way it takes Miller’s edge and is taken. Bailey comes out and sweeps his second ball to get off the mark. Sehwag then punches one down the ground and the batsmen run across for two. And he gets another wicket! Sehwag is gone. He tries to cut the leg-spinner without any footwork and he is given out caught behind. Replays suggest there is nothing! Sehwag is unlucky.
OUT! Miller 26(20) Sehwag 32(36)





Albie Morkel is back in the attack and Miller pulls the first ball to square-leg, where Gayle stops it. He then places the next ball through the leg-side and they run through for two. Miller then moves acorss his crease and lofts it over wide long-on for a four. And then he moves again and absolutely smokes it to the gap between deep mid-wicket and square-leg for a four. And then the keeper comes to the stumps, but Miller now pulls him through fine0leg for a four.



Chahal is here and Sehwag tries to heave inside out, but misses. later, Miller takes strike and there is a bit of width. He absolutely smokes it through the off-side for a four.



Starc is back after the time-out and he hurls the first two down the leg-side to Miller. The batsmen in fact get two byes as the second one is just too wide and Parthiv can only get a glove to it. Later in the over, Miller places it through the leg-side and gets two as there is a misfield from Yuvraj in the deep. Miller then punches to mid-on and gets a single. At the end of the over, some words were exchanged between Sehwag and Starc.



Chahal continues. Only a few singles off this over as Chahal bowls very well to keep things in check.





What a catch! Starc is ruling the game with his fielding alone! Maxwell pulls a short one to fine-leg and Starc runs around, dives forward and takes it inches off the ground. And then some anti-climax. Aaron pitches it full and Sehwag digs it out and it goes for four through leg-side. What timing on that one! Aaron is working some pace here and surprises Miller with one that climbs on him. He then gets off the mark by placing it through third-man. Aaron then hurls one down the leg-side and it is wide. And the last ball is a short one and it takes Sehwag’s helmet as he tries to duck. Plus, it goes for four. What an over by Aaron!
OUT! Maxwell 6(6)



Yuzvendra Chahal comes on as Maxwell is in. Maxwell pushes the first one through mid-wicket and the batsmen run through for a couple. Maxwell then hits through the off-side for a single. Later in the over, he tries the sweep, but misses. There is a leg-before appeal, but it was going down leg. Maxwell then pushes Sehwag for another couple.



Aaron continues and is on the money first up. However, he then strays down the leg-side and luckily it isn;t a wide. Saha then works the third ball for a single Sehwag then comes on strike and flicks it to the short fine-leg. The throw comes to the non-striker’s end, and Sehwag would have been shot. And then Saha is out due to some brilliance! Saha flicks it to fine-leg and he hit it well. But Starc runs across takes it and then maintains his balance on the boundary. And then Glenn Maxwell comes in to huge cheers!
OUT! Saha 2(6)



Ashok Dinda comes in and takes a wicket off the first ball. He bowls on a length and Pujara pokes at it as it goes to the wicketkeeper. Widdhiman Saha is the new man, He gets off the mark by guiding one through third man for a single. Sehwag then shuffles to the off-stump and flicks it behind square for a four. And then vintage Sehwag! The ball is a bit outside the off-stump and Sehwag flicks it between mid-wicket and mid-on for a four.
OUT! Pujara 10(18)



Classic Sehwag! Varun Aaron comes in and pitches it full. Sehwag smashes it through the packed in-field on the off-side and it goes through for a four. What a shot!



Starc again starts the over by angling it across Pujara from that left-arm over angle. Pujara punches the second ball through the off-side and runs through for a single. Starc then hits Sehwag on the pads with one that is full and fast. But that was missing the leg-stump clearly. Sehwag then places it through the off-side for a single. Pujara then misses one that goes across him again.



Sehwag gets off the mark by pushing one through the off-side. Pujara then works it away through leg-side for a single. And there is a rare misfield by Kohli as Sehwag hits it through him at point for a single. Morkel then strays down the leg-side and it is a wide. He then strays on Pujara’s pads, who flicks him away through square for a four. That was very well timed by this classy batsman. Morkel is not getting his line right here as he is bowling down the leg-side. He bowls another wide in the over after hitting Pujara on his pads. Pujara then cuts the last ball to third-man as it bounces short of him.



Starc is angling the ball away from Pujara. He misses a couple outside the off-stump as he tries to connect. Pujara gets behind a few deliveries and punches them back. But then, he gets off the mark by punching for a couple through the off-side.



Starc is gone! Johnson comes back to bowl the last over and delivers a slower one first up. Starc is beaten by it as it is full and it crashes into the stumps. Dinda is the new man and he plays the first one.Johnson then bowls a no-ball later in the over as Dinda comes in to face the free-hit. And comedy of errors! Dinda inside edges one and it misses the stumps. Aaron ran to the other end, but Dinda wasn’t looking. As Aaron was coming back, Johnson tried to hurl it onto the stumps with his backhand. He misses. Dinda then heaves off the next ball and misses! Dinda gets a single off the last ball as he edges it to third man.
OUT! Starc 8(17)



Dhawancontinues. He bowls full first up and Aaron charges down the ground and punches it for a single to long-off. Starc then has an almighty heave at the next one but misses. Then Dhawan errs as he strats onto the pads and it hits Starc and goes into the fine-leg boundary. Starc then chases a wide one and it goes for a single. Aaron then edges one that is full, but it is fielded by Balaji at third man. The batsmen get two. Aaron then chips the next to long-on and Starc pushes him for two. The umpire referred it upstairs, but he has made his ground.



This is a tough task for the two tailenders. They are only throwing their bats around but cannot get enough meat onto it while hitting it.



Aaron charges down the ground and hits it to long-off for a single. And then Akshar Patel strays onto the pads and it hits Starc’s pads and trickles into the boundary at fine-leg. But then Patel comes back well as he fires them into the blockhole and Starc can;t get them away.



Balaji is back and it seems a lost case for Bangalore. Starc and Aaron have a monumental task ahead of him. Starc hit the first ball to mid-off before taking a single off the second. Aaron isn’t able to push the first two across the park and then misses the third. Bangalore’s 100 is up as Aaron charges down the ground and gets a single through long on.



Yuvraj is gone now! Rishi Dhawan gets the wicket as he bowls short and he is hit over mid-wicket, but there is a man in the deep who takes the catch. Big wicket! A huge breakthrough as Bangalore are now into the tail. Very little hope for them.
OUT! Yuvraj 35(32)



Balaji is back in the attack and Morkel hits the first ball to point and there is no run. But just off the next ball, Morkel edges one back onto the stumps. Six down now! Mitchell Starc is the new man and he takes a single to hand it back to Yuvraj. Yuvraj then takes a single as he has to build this innings.
OUT! A Morkel 15(14)



Yuvraj and Morkel work a few around the ground and run the singles. And then, Morkel takes the attack as he sweeps Maxwell out of the ground over mid-wicket. That went very high in the air and it cleared the ground with ease. And then Yuvraj gets into the act by sweeping the last ball of the over through square-leg for a four.



Dhawan continues and keeps Yuvraj quiet off the first two deliveries. Yuvraj then works one behind square on the leg-side to take a single. It is a quiet time now as Bangalore have a lot of work to do. Yuvraj’s role would be pivotal here. There is a buzz on twitter that Bangalore have at least moved past their 70.





Maxwell comes back into the attack and Yuvraj drives the first ball down the ground for a single. The batsmen are now only knocking it around as a recovery is the need of the hour. Morkel then charges to Maxwell and gets an inside edge and it moves past the stumps.



AB de Villier’s dismissal has surprised many. Here is what Isa Guha has to say:




Rishi Dhawan is the new bowler and Yuvraj takes a single off the first ball. And guess what! Ab de Villiers is gone as he smashes the first ball which is a bit wide into the hands of Maxwell at point. Albie Morkel is the new man. He gets off the mark first ball.
OUT! de Villiers 17(15)



This is Yuvraj at his best! Akshar Patel comes on and the second ball sails into the stands at mid-wicket as Yuvraj gives it an almighty whack! He then comes down the ground and takes a single. De Villiers then walks across the crease and sweeps it for a single. Yuvraj then works a single through fine-leg for a single.



Some support for Yuvraj from a former teammate and assistant coach at Pune Warriors India:




Lakshmipathy Balaji comes in to bowl. The second ball presents width for Yuvraj and he creams it through the off-side for four. The sweeper could do nothing but retrieve it from the boundary. Yuvraj then checks his shot off the next ball as the ball goes to long on for a single.



Johnson is back and he bowls it a little wide to de Villiers. He is placed behind point and by the time Lakshmipathy Balaji comes around to field, the batsmen take two. De Villiers then takes a single and lets Yuvraj take strike. And there comes the chin music! This one climbs on Yuvraj in the perfect slot around the off-stump. However, the next ball is angled onto his pads and he flicks it for a single. De Villiers then punches the next ball down the ground for a single. The last ball sees a single and the 50 is up as Yuvraj dabs it onto the off-side and runs for a single.





Sandeep continues and Yuvraj flicks the first ball beautifully through the leg-side for a four. The second ball is guided through third-man for a single. Some recovery job they have on their hands. And then AB de Villiers gets width from Sandeep and he punches it through the covers for a four.



Finally some runs on show! Mitchell Johnson is back and he slants the first one across de Villiers as he lets it go through. The next ball is smashed back past Johnson for a four. He then cuts one through the off-side. As the fielder fields it inside the ring, there were some problems, but de VIlliers put in the dive at the non-striker’s end as the throw came in. Yuvraj gets off the mark by flicking one through the leg-side and runs through for a brace.



Sandeep comes in for another over and he is moving it around. Parthiv is kept quiet and then there is one that just shapes across Parthiv as he misses it. And then Parthiv is gone! He fishes at one outside the off-stump and edges to the wicketkeeper.
Parthiv 2(7)





Mitchell Johnson comes in at the other end and there is more drama now! Parthiv dabs it down and runs to the other end. The throw comes in, but it misses. Parthiv would have been miles out. And Johnson gets his rewards off the last ball. Takawale pokes at one outside the off-stump and he is gone.
OUT! Takawale 0(7)



Sandeep Sharma takes the new ball at the other end and Parthiv takes a single to get Gayle back on strike. And would you believe it! Gayle is gone! He charges to Sandeep off the second ball and misses the heave. The ball cannons into the stumps and he is gone! Gayle has gone for a quickfire 20 off only seven balls. Now comes skipper Kohli. And he announces his arrival by smashing the first ball through the gap between point and extra cover for four. What a shot! Draama! Kohli walks down the track to the second ball and it hits his pad. Sandeep appeals and Billy Bowden has given him out. Replays show that Kohli is unlucky. That was sliding down the leg-side.
OUT! Gayle 20(7) Kohli 4(2)



Gayle faces Maxwell first up and guess what, he gets an edge first ball. The ball was full and he tried to dive as it moved past Virender Sehwag at first slip and went for four. Some drama already. And then off the third ball, he tries to go inside out and takes the outside edge as it flies over the infield and goes to the cover boundary. And now it is much better. Gayle dances down the track and lofts Maxwell over long-off for six. And then even the last ball is smashed over long-off and it hit the ropes. Has it gone all the way? Yes, it has hit the ropes on the full. What a start! Welcome back Chris Gayle!






Here are the two teams for the day. As you may now know, the big news is that Gayle is back in action. It would be interesting to see how the contest between him and Glenn Maxwell shapes up.


Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c), Cheteshwar Pujara, Virender Sehwag, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, Rishi Dhawan, Akshar Patel, Mitchell Johnson, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Sandeep Sharma.


Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli (c), Chris Gayle, Parthiv Patel (wk), AB de Villiers, Yuvraj Singh, Albie Morkel, Yogesh Takawale, Mitchell Starc, Varun Aaron, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ashok Dinda.




Kings XI Punjab have won the toss and have elected to bowl.  Bit news: Gayle is back! he comes in for Ravi Rampaul and Sachin Rana has made way for Varun Aaron.




The teams are warming up in the centre and what do we see? Chris Gayle is out there with the bat. Will he play today. Bangalore would desperately want him in the centre. Imagine the carnage of both Maxwell and Gayle get going in the same innings! Who would want to bowl on the day. Then it would be a contest between the two men.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 game between Kings XI Punjab and the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and will take you through the game that promises to be a good game. Will Chris Gayle play today? That is the big question as Bangalore do need him now as they have lost two games in a row. Being bowled out for 70 was a nadir for Bangalore after losing a close game to Kolkata Knight Riders. And as Shrikant Shankar wrote in his article, Bangalore are too reliant on three batsmen. Thus, stopping Punjab today would be a task for them. Click here to read the preview of the game.




Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c), David Miller, Manan Vohra, Mitchell Johnson, Glenn Maxwell, Virender Sehwag, Rishi Dhawan, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shaun Marsh, Cheteshwar Pujara, Beuran Hendricks, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Thisara Perera, Gurkeerat Mann Singh, Murali Kartik, Sandeep Sharma, Mandeep Singh, Akshar Patel, Parvinder Awana, Shardul Thakur, Anureet Singh, Shivam Sharma, Karanveer Singh.


Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli (c), Chris Gayle, Parthiv Patel (wk), Yuvraj Singh, AB de Villiers, Albie Morkel, Muttiah Muralitharan, Mitchell Starc, Ravi Rampaul, Vijay Zol, Sachin Rana, Yogesh Takawale, Nic Maddinson, Sandeep Warrier, Tanmay Mishra, Harshal Patel, Shadab Jakati, Abu Nechim Ahmed, Ashok Dinda, Varun Aaron, Yuzvendra Chahal.


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