MS Dhoni © IANS
MS Dhoni © IANS


May 10, 2014

Check out the Live Scorecard of the Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK), IPL 2014 match here

(Mumbai Indians (MI) host Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in Match 33 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014. Catch Live Cricket Scores and Live Updates of the clash at Delhi below)

That’s all from our coverage of Match 33 of IPL 7. I hope you enjoyed the match as much as I enjoyed bringing the updates to you! Join us tomorrow for another double-header. Here’s Bharath Ramaraj’s match report. Take care, good night and see you again tomorrow!

It’s time for the match presentation. The Maximum sixes award goes to Ambati Rayudu for his four sixes. The “keep calm” award goes to Faf du Plessis for his terrific fielding effort where he caught a ball, but threw it back into the field of play as he went over the ropes. The man of the match award goes to Dwayne Smith for his 51-ball 57.
Who else but Mahendra Singh Dhoni to pull off a win in the final over for Chennai? Thrilling end to a terrific match. Chennai Super Kings win their first match against Mumbai Indians at Wankhede!
Pollard in for the final over. 11 needed off it. He’s been expensive today. And it’s a wide to start. Two off the next ball. Dhoni is faster than greased lightening! Eight off five. THERE WE GO! MAHI COMES TO THE PARTY AGAIN! Six over midwicket! AND CHENNAI WIN! Smashed through covers for another boundary! CSK FINALLY break the Wankhede jinx.
Here’s Slinga. This is a huge over in the context of the match. Just a single off the first ball. Jaddu on strike. Another single. 15 from 10. A couple more, this is good stuff from MSD. Mahi smashes this back down the ground, but Malinga knocks this with his shoe to keep it down to just one. 12 needed off eight. Jadeja on strike. AND HE’S BOWLED HIM! This is unbelievable! Slower yorker, Jadeja keeps it out, but it rolls on to the stumps and dislodges the bails. Mithun Manhas in to face the last ball. 12 needed off the last seven. What can Slinga do off this one? He steps out, gets an inside edge, and immediately runs. Takes a comfortable single, BUT THEY COME BACK FOR A SECOND, and this is OUT! Manhas Run Out!
OUT! R Jadeja 6(7) b Malinga, M Manhas 1(1) Run Out Praveen/ Gautam
Bumrah to Dhoni, that’s one. JB bowling to Jadeja now, short ball and that’s smashed for four! Good shot from Sir Jaddu! Another single. Two more off the next one, and here’s a wide. Just another single now. 10 off the over, one ball to go now. Jadeja on strike. It’s a dot ball. 17 needed off the last two.
Here comes Malinga again. Starts off with a wide ball. Just a single off the next ball. Another single. And now another single. CSK will be targeting certain bowlers, and Slinga is not one of them! OH HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! Magnificent slower yorker, and Faf loses his middle stump. Great stuff from Mumbai’s lethal weapon. MADNESS OFF THIS NEXT BALL! Absolutely insane stuff going on. The umpiring has been iffy at best this match, half of MI’s side goes up in appeal, as the batsmen run through for a couple of runs as the ball goes down to fine leg. Another appeal off the last ball, the stumps are down but Jaddu is safe.
OUT! F du Plessis 31(24) b Malinga
PK comes back on now. He made Smith look like a hopping bunny early on, can he replicate that? BAM! Not off this ball for sure, that’s six over midwicket. Just beyond Harbhajan’s outstretched jump. OH HE’S GOT HIM THIS TIME! PK has the last laugh. Smith holes out to Simmons, who juggles a bit for the catch but takes it in the end. In comes MS Dhoni now. Faf on strike. FOUR RUNS MORE, down to third man. Full toss and Faf gets the outside edge to third man. Poor ball. Slower ball, and Faf gets the single. And another single, off the leg bye.
OUT! D Smith 57(51) c Simmons b Praveen
Jazz Bumrah comes back on after the timeout. Single down the ground for Smith. Another single to long on. Dot ball. Good stuff from Bumrah. Oh nicely played by Smith, that’s a couple. Oh this was struck firmly, but well stopped by the bowler in his follow-through. OH SMITH YOU BEAUTY! Four off the last ball, that brings up his fifty!
Corey Anderson now comes in. Two runs to begin with, followed by a single. Smith winds up, but misses. And winds up again and misses again. They take a bye. FAF DOESN’T MISS THIS! Huge six right down the ground. Single to end the over. Make that two, that’s terrific running! Strategic ad break time out now.
Bhajji in for his fourth over, he’s been really economical today. Dot. Single. Dot. Dot. Bhajji emulating Jaddu in terms of over-speed! Dot again. Smith has looked markedly uncomfortable today. Three LBW appeals turned down in three balls. Scratch that, SMITH GOES BIG! Absolutely clobbered this over midwicket. It was travelling even as it hit a wall! Top shot to end Bhajji’s miserly spell.
Slinga Malinga back on now. Single off the first ball for Faf. Dot ball, well fielded at short midwicket. Another single. And another dot ball. Great over so far. Just another single. Another dot! Sensational stuff from Slinga.
Bhajji bowling the 11th over now. Single. Dot ball. Single, but this nearly carried to the deep. Oh smashed for four! Great shot from Faf. Dot ball to end with. Just seven off it.
Pollard continues. A couple of dots off the first two balls, but Smith breaks the shackles off the third ball. Driven powerfully through covers for four! Slower ball HOW HAS THIS MISSED THE LEG STUMP? It was so close to the sumps that the umpires haven’t even called this wide. And Smith heaves this next ball into the square leg boundary, four more! AND SMITH IS BACK! Six over long on to end a great over for CSK!
Bhajji comes back on. Single to Smith. Faf scoops this, gets a single to fine leg. Another single after Bumrah misfields this. OH THIS COULD HAVE BEEN OUT! But Faf survives. Short ball, stopped on him, and inches short of Pollard at short midwicket. Just four off five balls this over. Last ball now, another dot.
Pollard bowls a nice loopy slow ball to begin with, but its wide down the leg side to Raina. And he follows it up with a loopy slow ball outside Raina’s off stump, that’s four more to the southpaw. Quick single, would’ve been trouble for Smith if that was a direct hit. Another couple. CSK are just working the ball around. Bit of a stalemate at the moment. MI were 49 for one at this stage. Smith cracks this one to midwicket, but just another single. And now Raina plays his favourite shot, steps out and drives over extra cover. Four more. Last ball now, and THIS COULD BE A STUMPING! Pollard sends this one wide of leg-stump, and Raina overbalances. Replays are inconclusive, what will the third umpire say? He says OUT! Well well well. This was unexpected. KP has the last laugh! Final ball now. Faf is the new man in. And its a dot ball.
OUT! Raina 19(11) st Gautam b Pollard
Harbhajan to bowl the seventh over. Couple of dots to start with, followed by a single. Good start from Bhajji. This is short and wide, Raina can only get a single. Another single for Smith. So just singles off the over. Just four runs from it.
Bumrah to continue. AND THIS IS IN THE AIR FIRST BALL. But Apoorv Wankhede (yes, that’s really his name!) drops a sitter. Completely misjudged this. Raina dropped off — you guessed it — a short ball! The batsmen churn the strike over off the next couple of balls. Great over from JB, just two off five balls this over! Last ball now, can he end well? Another short ball, another false shot, another couple.
PK in for his third over. Baz on strike. No run. AND THIS IS OUT! Praveen gets a huge wicket, this is Brendon McCullum who has to walk back. LBW to PK. Replays show that this might not have been the best of calls. It seems like it might have gone down leg. Anyway, here’s Suresh Raina. Both UP boys, one playing for Mumbai and the other for Chennai. Oh terrific shot from Raina! This was on his pads, and he’s flicked it away for four! Quick single off the last ball.
OUT! B McCullum 13(8) LBW b Praveen
Here comes the boy with the rigid arm, Jasprit Bumrah. And it’s a leg bye to start with. Dot ball to follow up. And another leg bye. WOW! Baz is in the house! This is absolutely decimated down the ground for a 96 meter six. And he follows this up with a cracking square drive through point. Four more! Could this be McCullum’s night? Quick single off the last ball.
PK to continue. And Smith swings and misses. And again, he goes past the bat! Good bowling from PK. OH THREE IN THREE. Smith beaten on all three balls this over. Make that four in four. Smith being made to look like a novice here. And he manages to get a single now. Great over from PK. Last ball, and it’s a tremendous swinging yorker. Baz gets a single, but this has been a great over.
Slinga Malinga comes on now. Starts off with a slower ball. No run for Baz McCullum. Another dot ball. And now just a single. Oh well bowled! Beaten Smith’s bat. And another slower ball, another dot ball. Slinga bowling really well, just one off the first five balls. Final delivery now and it’s a brilliant yorker. Just a single.
Welcome back! Praveen Kumar will be starting things off for Mumbai. Dwayne Smith on strike. Some swing right away. That’s just a single. Bit short, and Smith slaps this through midwicket. That will be two. Swinging away, pitched up, and Smith gets his first boundary. Driven uppishly over covers. Great shot to follow up as well! This is not that bad a ball from Praveen, but Smith is in golden form! Almost another boundary. But it’ls just two. Dot ball now. Final ball from Praveen, and it’s four more down third man! 12 off the first over.
So Mumbai Indians finish with a respectable 157 for six. Rayudu got a crucial fifty and despite a cluster of wickets in the end, Corey Anderson helped himself to 18 off just six balls. MI will be pleased with this, especially given CSK’s poor record in Wankhede. Stay tuned for more updates, we’ll be back with the Chennai innings shortly! Read Bharath Ramaraj’s innings report here.
Ishwar to bowl the final over. Two to start with. And that’s a wide. Poor ball. OH HERE GOES COREY! Six blasted over long off. He slices in the same area, this time he just gets two. 11 off three balls of the over. AND THIS IS HIGH, but is it handsome enough? NO, it’s caught by Jadeja, who is going over the ropes, so he throws this in the air…but doesn’t? What happened there? OH that’s going to be six. Really unfortunate for Jadeja, he put in a tremendous effort to take the catch, saw he was going over the ropes, tried to throw it back in the field of play but wasn’t able to leave the ball. He crossed over the ropes with the ball in his hand, and that’s going to be six. Ishwar bowls the fifth ball, and he’s slammed this one right at Tare, who takes the full impact on his stomach. Oh this is not pretty. Tare is down for the count. He’s back up now, and smashes this last ball down to long on, but Faf takes another good catch. Tare out! So MI finish with 157 for six.
A Tare 9(5) c du Plessis b Ishwar
Mohit to bowl out. And that’s a wicket off the first ball! Rayudu departs as well! Third wicket in five balls! Caught by Jaddu, this was as easy as it could possibly be. New man Tare gets a boundary to third man. There’s a dot ball. And four more! Thrashed to point! Another single now. Last ball of Mohit’s spell, and it’s just one.
OUT! A Rayudu 59(43) c Jadeja b Mohit
Ravichandran Ashwin bowls the 18th over. Single to Rayudu. Single to Sharma. Two wides. AND HE’S GONE! Rohit holes out to Raina, who takes a terrific running catch at deep midwicket. And RAYUDU GOES ALL THE WAY! Six down to long on! Just a single now. Pollard on strike. He slogs, one hand comes off the bat, but it looks like it’ll go all the way…OH HE’S GONE! Caught by Raina in the deep! That’s two in the over! Huge wicket, this.
OUT! R Sharma 19(19) c Raina b Ashwin, Pollard c Raina b Ashwin
Mohit in for his third over now. Rayudu moves on to 49 with that single. Rohit drives this to the deep, just a single. Rayudu gets his helmet off, against the pacer Mohit. He drops his length, and Rayudu gets a single to get to a good fifty. Another single for Rohit. MI not getting in the big shots. Just four singles off the over so far. Make that five. Last ball of the over coming up. AND WHAT’S HAPPENED HERE? Outstanding work from Faf! This was going for six, Faf jumped a foot in the air, caught it, and threw it back into the field of play as he went over the ropes. Tremendous athleticism from Faf!
Jadeja to bowl the 16th. Beautiful start, gets the outside edge of Rohit’s bat. A slip would have gobbled that up, but there was none. He gets a single. And Rayudu goes big! Six over midwicket. Quick two of the next ball, this is good stuff from Rayudu. Another single. Nine off the first four balls. Dot ball. And a couple to end it.
Mohit comes on now. Single off the first ball. Good slower ball, that’s another single. Dot ball. And this should be just another single…except that Ishwar dives over the ball and concedes four. Poor work in the deep. That’s four where it should have only been one. This next ball is firmly struck, but straight to McCullum at cover point. And another single. Last ball now. Another dot. Good over from Mohit.
Ash to bowl the 14th over now. Single off the first ball. And follows it up with a couple, great work by Raina and du Plessis in the deep. They work in tandem to keep it to just two. Raina slides and tosses the ball to du Plessis, who throws it in hard. Another dot ball. Just a single to the deep. And more work for Raina, he tumbles while fielding this one, but he’s up in a flash. Two more. And now another single. Lots of slogging without getting the big hits from Rayudu.
Badree to continue. And his horrible debut continues. Four off the second ball, the ball went through his legs. Just a single off the next one. And here’s a dot ball. A couple of singles to end the over. Badree bowls out, with a spell of one wicket for 34 runs in his four overs.
Aswin continues. Oh poor fielding from Badree first ball. He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying his debut. Not one bit. Boundary to third man. Oh he’s GOT HIS MAN! Simmons looks to go over long on, but finds Faf du Plessis in the deep. Out for a well-compiled 38 off 38 balls. Rohit walks in at No 4, and gets a single off the first ball.
OUT! Simmons 38(38) c du Plessis b Ashwin
Jaddu in for his third over. Is that a wicket first ball? No, Manhas drops him in the deep. It was a tough chance, but Manhas is a good fielder. A couple of runs in the end. HERE WE GO! Six to midwicket. They turn the singles over to finish with 12 off the over.

The strategic timeout ends, and it’s R Ashwin to bowl. AR on strike. That’s a dot ball. Oh big turn! Rayudu gets a single. Lendl plays him better, that’s another single. And a cluster of dots at the end. Just three off that over.

Jadeja in for another over. Single off the first ball. Two off the next. Another single. Jadeja is a tough bowler for commentators, he bowls his overs so quickly! Another single in the time it took me to type that! Good ball, no run. And another dot ball to end the over.
Mohit Sharma comes on now. Just a single off the first ball. And another single off this next one. OH TROUBLE HERE! Run out chance, but it needed a direct hit though. Rayudu survives. No harm done in the end. And Simmons flashes, misses. Slower ball, that’s well bowled. Another dot ball. Just three of the over so far. Last ball now, Simmons on strike. And it’s another dot. Great over from Mohit!

Ishwar continues, and Rayudu smashes the first ball to the long off boundary. Four runs! This is in the air, Badree underneath it and… He tips it over! Six in stead of out. Ishwar is not amused one bit. He follows up the dismissal by beating Rayudu all ends up twice in two balls!
Badree back for his third over. And Lendl Simmons decides he’s seen enough. BANG! Down the ground, over long off for six. And he goes again, this is WAY bigger! High and huge over long on. That’s two sixes in three balls. Simmons takes a single off the next one. MI get a move on now. That single off the last ball makes it 14 runs off the over.
Badree to continue. Oh this is a boundary off the first ball, but Badree found the edge. Gautam was looking to cut, but that was genuine edge. That’s a dot ball to follow up, Badree almost looks like a medium pacer. And this is another boundary, good shot by Gautam! OH HE’S GOT HIS MAN! Badree induces a false shot from Gautam, and this is taken nicely by McCullum at short square leg. First one down for MI.
OUT! CM Gautam c McCullum b Badree
Ishwar Pandey comes on to bowl now. He has been quite impressive so far in IPL 7. Great start. It’s swinging for Ishwar. Three dot balls to begin with, Simmons doesn’t go too hard at it. He clobbers the fourth ball for a boundary off his pads. Typical Caribbean flick. Pandey adjusts his line and bowls outside off again. Dot ball. Final delivery now, and it’s another dot ball. Good over from Ishwar.

Chennai opt to field first while the Delhi Daredevils vs Sunrisers Hyderabad match still hasn’t reached a conclusion. Changes for both teams as MS Dhoni opts for more spin in Samuel Badree. Lendl Simmons comes in for Ben Dunk, and new signing Praveen Kumar comes in for Pawan Suyal. Luckily the skies in Mumbai seem to be clear, so the fate suffered by the Delhi Daredevils vs Hyderabad Sunrisers game isn’t likely to be shared by this match.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014′s 33nd game between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings at Delhi. I am Shiamak Unwalla and I will take you through the entire match. This could well be a David vs Golaith battle between the finalists of IPL 2013. The defending champions have since imploded and are going through a wretched run of form. Chennai, on the other hand have bounced back after losing the first game of the tournament with an extraordinary run of wins and start as firm favourites to win the game.


Mumbai will be buoyed by finally getting points on the board while Chennai will look to get back to winning ways after a yet another magnificent show by Glenn Maxwell took the game away from despite chasing valiantly towards a mammoth total. Riohit Sharma’s team will be encouraged by playing in their fortress, Wankhede Stadium.MS Dhoni’s Chennai are expected to go for an unchanged XI for this fixture as well.




Mumbai Indians: LMP Simmons, CM Gautam, AT Rayudu, RG Sharma, CJ Anderson, KA Pollard, AP Tare, Harbhajan Singh, SL Malinga, JJ Bumrah, P Kumar.

Chennai Super Kings: DR Smith, BB McCullum, SK Raina, F du Plessis, MS Dhoni, RA Jadeja, M Manhas, R Ashwin, IC Pandey, MM Sharma, S Badree


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