Corey Anderson © PTI
Corey Anderson © PTI


May 25, 2014


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(Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Rajasthan Royals (RR) in Match 56 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014. Catch Live Cricket Scores and Live Updates of the Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals match below)


WHAT A MATCH! Mumbai have pulled off what might well be the match of IPL 7! Ambati Rayudu and Aditya Tare provided the late fireworks, but take a moment to appreciate Corey Anderson. What an innings he played. Absolute stunner! He was the deserving man of the match as well for his 95 not out off just 44 balls. We at Cricket Country hope you enjoyed this absolute humdinger of a contest. This is Shiamak Unwalla signing off. See you all for the eliminators. Have a good night!



Faulkner to bowl and it’s JUST ONE RUN! Eight needed off two balls! FULL TOSS ON HIS PADS AND THIS IS SIX! WHAT IS FAULKNER DOING? Rayudu smashes this! Two needed off one. Here comes Jimmy. Oh no no no. Just one run, and Rayudu is RUN OUT going for the second run! Excellent innings though! So RAJASTHAN ROYALS will still lose, but they QUALIFY! Or do they? Hang on. HANG ON! What’s going on? MI still have a chance. No one seems to know what’s going on, least of all Ravi Shastri! MI needs one to win this match, but to QUALIFY, they need to hit THIS ball for four or six. Well well well. IF this is a wide or a no-ball, then MUMBAI qualify. Here we go. IT’S SIX! IT’S OUT OF THE PARK! OH JAMES FAULKNER WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? TWO leg-stump full tosses, and MUMBAI have qualified for the playoffs!
OUT! Ambati Rayudu 30(10) run out



Tambe comes on now. Full toss AND HE’S MISSED THIS BALL! Dot. Precious, precious dot. He smashes this one and it’s four down the ground! Just the single now. One more. 14 needed off five balls to qualify. THAT’S FOUR to midwicket! Final ball of the over now. Well bowled, just one.



Cooper on now. The pressure out in the middle must be killing right now. FOUR OFF THE FIRST BALL! Down the ground for Corey! And this one is another couple. Short and quick, it’s a dot ball. Oh quick two. Just a single to the deep. Last ball now. Lovely shot, that’s four to covers to end the over!



Watson on now. Short and wide, Rayudu gets four to third man off the outside edge! Short and wide, four to covers! This one is pitched up, AND FOUR MORE RUNS to deep midwicket! 150 up for MI in less than 13 overs! Rayudu going ballistic here! Quick single now. Corey on strike. FOUR TO THIRD MAN! Oh dear oh dear oh dear, Shane Watson what are you doing? Last ball now. Just one. 18 off that one.



Faulkner to come back on now. Four to start the over for Anderson! Down the ground! And that’s two more. Oh Anderson tries to go big, just one to long on. Wide ball. Rayudu slogs, gets one. SIX MORE to deep midwicket! Corey earning his keep now! Oh outside edge THIS IS FOUR MORE! What an over for MI!



Kulkarni to bowl. That’s four to fine leg off an inside edge for Rohit! OH HE’S GONE! Rohit gets an outside edge, it finds Karun Nair in the deep! New man in is Ambati Rayudu. Wide ball there. Dot ball, Anderson hit this straight to the fielder. SIX MORE TO COREY! That’s his 50 as well. Down over long off. And another single. And that’s four to end the over!
OUT! R Sharma 16(11) c Karun b Kulkarni



Kevon Cooper continues. Just a single off the first ball to Rohit. Four more runs for Anderson through covers. Just two more down to square leg. Oh HUGE HIT! Six down the ground that is a tremendous strike! Two more to covers, bit of a fumble from Rahane. Final ball of the over. No run. 86 off 33 needed to qualify.



Pravin Tambe comes into the attack now. Single to Rohit first ball. MI need 114 off 44 balls to qualify. Dot ball. Anderson hits this one to midwicket, not off the middle but good enough for four. Oh he goes again, THIS IS SIX over midwicket! This is wide. Bit of pressure on Tambe. Oh well bowled, just a single to Corey. Final ball of the over now. Another single. 14 off the over, and it’s the strategic timeout.



K Cooper continues. Slower ball to start with, just one leg bye. Another single to Rohit. Quiet start to the over. Another slower ball. Corey misses. One run more. And another single. This has been a terrific over for RR. Just four runs off it.



Faulkner comes back now. Rohit on strike. Dot ball. And now a single. One more for Corey. OH HERE GOES ROHIT! Six over point! Short and wide, Rohit slams this away. Just another single now. One off the last ball. Even stevens right now.



Kevon Cooper comes on now. Dot ball first up. OH HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! Mike Hussey departs. Pollard walks out to the middle. So it’s one Trinidadian to another now. Single to start off. Slower ball, Corey swings at this one far too early. Just two off four balls this over. BUT POLLARD WANTS MORE THAN THAT! Six over midwicket! Oh he’s chipped this one, and Kevon Cooper starts celebrating! Pollard caught by Hodge! HUGE wicket!
OUT! M Hussey 22(11) b Cooper, K Pollard 7(3) c Hodge b Cooper



Dhawal to Anderson. SIX down the ground to start the over! Tremendous hitting here from MI! Dot ball. Quick single there for Corey. Kulkarni bangs this one short, Hussey came down the ground, and SMASHED this over midwicket for six! Oh slower ball, but this is wide. MI have got to 50 in less that four overs! Final delivery now. This is three more.



Shane Watson to bowl now. Oh great shot for Anderson! Four to covers first ball he faces! SIX OVER MIDWICKET! Corey kills this! Oh good ball, Watson saw Corey step out, he bowls this one wide. Dot ball there. Short ball, TOP EDGE FROM Corey…drops safely. Lucky there for Anderson. Huss on strike. Four to third man! Another ball wide of off stump, Hussey gets an outside edge, but deliberately done. Last ball now. Dot ball to end the over.



Dhawal Kulkarni comes on for the second over. “There’s no fuss from the Huss,” says Danny on commentary, and this is a tremendous shot! Six over midwicket first ball for Mike Hussey! Good follow-up, its a dot ball. And a single now. Dot ball to Simmons. Simmons tries to hit this down the ground, finds Faulkner! Simmons is out! Corey comes in now. Dot ball first up. Good over for RR!
OUT! Simmons 12(8) c Faulkner b Kulkarni



Lendl Simmons on strike, Jimmy Faulkner to bowl. Plays and misses first ball. Plays and SMASHES this for four next ball! Another dot ball now. Oh lovely shot, that’s four to fine leg. Wankhede is screaming right now! And another dot ball. Oh four more off the last ball! Down fine leg!



Have RR done enough? Remember, Mumbai need to do this in just 87 balls! They need just under 13 runs per over for 14 overs. This should be interesting.



Pollard to bowl the final over. Hodge on strike. Two to start with. OH MAGNIFICENT FIELDING from Corey Anderson! We keep talking about good catches, this might just be the best fielding of the tournament. Saves two runs for his side. And this is SIX more down the ground from Hodge! Two balls to go. Short ball by Pollard, it’s a wide. Another short ball, and Faulkner hits it straight into Anderson’s hands. Oh but the umpires ask him to stay back, IS THIS GOING TO BE A NO BALL FOR HEIGHT? No, he’s okay. Faulkner has to go. Last ball of the innings now. Kevon Cooper comes in, but he’s at the non-striker’s end. FOUR to end with from Hodge, down to square leg! Great end to the innings!
OUT! J Faulkner 23(11) c Anderson b Pollard



Bumrah to continue. That’s one to Hodge first up. Well bowled, another single. Good start from JB. And just one run more. Wide ball down the leg side. And again just one to Faulkner. Excellent over from Bumrah! He’s speared in yorker after yorker after yorker! Last ball now. Oh its a full toss and Faulkner gets it over the ropes! Six more!



Now comes Bhajji. Very good ball, Faulkner swings and misses. Oh he connects this one! Six over square leg! And this is six over midwicket off this next ball! Single down to long on. Oh superb shot from Hodge, this is cut away to point for four! That’s one off the last ball.



Pragyan comes on now, this is a bit of a gamble, Faulkner can hit sixes at will. Good start from Ojha. One run. And a dot ball. Another dot. Just one more. And another dot. Last ball now. Another dot. Terrific over! Just two off it.



Gopal back on now. No Karun to haunt him. Single off the first ball. One more now. Oh dear oh dear. Sanju out as well now! Goes for a big hit over covers, slices it to Bhajji at point. James Faulkner comes in now. Oh great shot from Hodge, that’s gone very quickly to the deep. Three for Hodge. Faulkner takes a single.
OUT! S Samson 73(45) c Harbhajan b Gopal



So one impressive youngster comes on to bowl to two impressive youngsters. Bumrah in to the attack, and this is four down third man for Samson! And he follows up with a couple. Two more runs. And this is a full toss, Samson hits this for four more! And a quick single brings up the 100 partnership between these two, it has been a tremendous partnership! Oh and now he’s out! Karun hits this one to short midwicket where Lendl Simmons takes a good low catch. Very good innings though!
OUT! K Nair 50(27) c Simmons b Bumrah



Harbhajan to continue. He’s been really good so far. Two to start with. That’s just a single now. Oh lovely batting again from Karun! Four to fine leg. Quick single now. And this is FIFTY for Karun Nair! It’s taken him just 26 balls! Oh how quickly did Samson move in his crease? Hops onto the back foot, slams this over midwicket for six! And a single to end with.



Praggy Ojha to continue. Single to Karun. One more to Samson, and THAT’S HIS FIFTY! Wonderful innings from Samson. Oh and Karun hits this one all the way for six over midwicket! Oh and that’s four through point! Karun playing a gem! A dot ball, after what seems like a long time. And another boundary to finish! Reverse sweep down third man (well, fine leg for him now) to end the over!



Pollard continues. That’s one to Samson. Oh lovely batting from Karun, this is a terrific shot! Four over covers! Short slow ball, that’s a dot. Well bowled. Another single now. And four more off the last ball for Samson, over fine leg!



Here comes Shreyas Kumble. Err Gopal. Single to Samson. And that’s SIX! Massive hit over midwicket! And this is four more runs for Karun! Dot ball. And that’s a very strange shot. Reverse sweep that goes off the gloves. Four more. And a LOVELY shot to end the over, four to midwicket! What an over for RR! This is just what they needed!



Kieron Pollard comes on now. Will he start playing some more air guitar? Oh he gets a top edge from Nair! And it lands safe. KP isn’t too impressed with Bumrah’s effort to catch that. And a leg bye now. One to Samson. Another dot ball now. And a couple of singles to end the over.



Shreyas Gopal into the attack now. Watching him bowl is like a walk down memory lane to when Anil Kumble used to send down his medium-pace leg-breaks. Karun Nair to face his Karnataka teammate now. Nicely bowled. One run. Another single. And another. Four ones in four balls this over. OH WHAT A SHOT! Six over square leg, and Samson is looking in golden form. One to end the over.



Bhajji to bowl his second over now. Starts with a single. Follows with a dot. One more to Karun. Sanju goes for a reverse sweep now, gets two. Samson goes for an expansive drive, misses it. And another single. Its time for the strategic break.



Praggy Ojha to continue. Dot ball. And a single for Sanju. First ball for Karun now. Its a Dot. And another dot ball. Now Karun sweeps, gets one. Oh tight single to end with, its another good over for MI.



Here comes Harbhajji! That’s short and on middle, Watson swivels and pulls that for four. Good start for RR. Nicely bowled, it’s a dot. Bhajji flights this, Watson goes for the big hit, AND Watson holes out! Terrific take by Pollard, and he plays the air guitar in celebration. He’s really rocking it too. Karun Nair walks in at No 3 now. But it’s Sanju on strike. Good bowling this by Harbhajan. Just a single off the last ball. Successful one for Bhajji.
OUT! S Watson 8(18) c Pollard b Harbhajan



Pragyan Ojha comes on now. He hasn’t been too effective this year. He’ll be looking to change that. He’s up against an unusually subdued Watson. Single off the first ball. Dot ball to Sanju. That’s wide. Oh lovely shot! Sanju sweeps this behind square leg for six! Another single now. One more to end the over.



Bumrah to continue. Big surprise, its a dot. Another dot. And another, what on Earth is Watson doing here? He’s made just one off 12! And FINALLY a single to third man. Oh good yorker from JB! Sanju keeps it out. And a terrific shot to end the over! Four more!



Corey back on now. Oh some more swing. Sanju looked in a spot of bother, but no harm done. Single down the ground, it looked like he had hit it really well, but it just about went to mid-on. Another dot ball now. And a leg-bye. So Watson hasn’t quite set Wankhede on fire yet. THAT’S EDGED! And through the slips for four. That was close to Shreyas Gopal at gully. This is four more runs, MUCH better shot from Sanju! Good end to the over.



Here comes Jasprit Bumrah, the man with the stiff arm. Dot ball to start. Another dot. Three in a row now. Good bowling from JB. Bumrah bowling really quick here, that last one was over 140 kmph! Five dots in five balls to Shane Watson. Well done, young Jasprit! And that’s a maiden over.



So here we go. Here comes Corey Anderson bowling to Shane Watson. Oooh swing right away, single to fine leg. Some more swing, dot ball. Oh that’s a lovely shot! On his pads, and Sanju Samson gets it away for four. Another dot ball. And again. Flashes at that and another dot. Good start to the match.



The teams for today look like this:


Mumbai Indians: L Simmons, M Hussey, R Sharma, K Pollard, A Rayudu, C Anderson, A Tare, Harbhajan, S Gopal, P Ojha, J Bumrah


Rajasthan Royals: A Rahane, K Nair, S Watson, S Samson, B Hodge, A Nayar, J Faulkner, K Cooper, Ankit Sharma, P Tambe, D Kulkarni


Now time for the toss. Danny Morrison and  Ravi Shastri come out to talk to captains Shane Watson and Rohit Sharma. Mumbai Indians have WON the toss and will be fielding first. Remember, Mumbai need to chase down whatever Rajasthan make in 14 overs or less. If they do, they go through to the final four. If not, Rajasthan is through.

We’ve just seen an absolute thriller that really went down to the wire a no-contest between Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) and Delhi Daredevils (DD). In the end, KXIP romped through by seven wickets. Hopefully this final match of the league stage will be more of a climax to what has been an intriguing tournament.



Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 Match 56 between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Rajasthan Royals (RR). This is Shiamak Unwalla and I will take you through the course of the match. Wankhede Stadium is the setting for the final match in the IPL 7 group phase. This is a clash between the No 4 and No 5 sides in IPL 7. Mumbai need to win by a massive margin while Rajasthan only need to win. The winner of the two will get the fourth spot in IPL 7 and qualify for the playoffs.


For Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai, the equation is simple — if they bat first, a 42-run win is needed; if they bat second, victory must be achieved in 87 deliveries or less. This is to turn an inferior net run-rate over Rajasthan. Shane Watson will try his best to get everything from his players to qualify for the playoffs.




Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Aaditya Tare (wk), Michael Hussey, Sushant Marathe, Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Corey Anderson, Ben Dunk, Josh Hazlewood, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Shreyas Gopal, Lendl Simmons, CM Gautam, Krishmar Santokie, Marchant de Lange, Jasprit Bumrah, Apoorv Wankhede, Pawan Suyal.


Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkya Rahane, Karun Nair, Sanju Samson (wk), Shane Watson (c), Stuart Binny, Brad Hodge, James Faulkner, Kevon Cooper, Rajat Bhatia, Dhawal Kulkarni, Pravin Tambe, Ankit Sharma, Steven Smith, Abhishek Nayar, Ben Cutting, Kane Richardson, Tim Southee, Unmukt Chand, Ankush Bains, Iqbal Abdulla, Dishant Yagnik, Vikramjeet Malik, Rahul Tewatia, Amit Mishra, Deepak Hooda.


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