MS Dhoni © IANS (File Photo)
MS Dhoni © IANS (File Photo)


May 24, 2014


Catch the live scorecard of the Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2014


(Follow the live cricket score and live updates of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK) contest at the Indian Premier League (IPL), 2014)


Another fantastic win for Chennai Super Kings. They seal the No 2 spot with that win. MS Dhoni does it again. Here’s the match report.




Jakati comes to bowl the 18th over now. This could well be the last over of the match. Chennai need just 12 runs. And Dhoni is in Dhoni-mode. Oh! Starts the over with a sweep for four. Then the next ball goes for a SIX. Third ball for a single, and scores are level. du Plessis ends the match with another SIX, and also brings up his fifty.
Chennai seal the No 2 spot with this win. MS Dhoni does it again.



Mitchell Starc comes back into the attack now. And Dhoni is into Dhoni-mode now. Greets him with a slap over extra cover for FOUR. Fifty-run partnership up now. How quickly does this man change gears?!



Yuvraj on for his final over now. Charges down the track first ball, misses, and Takawale misses the easiest of stumping chances. Yuvraj is shell-shocked. Kohli is disgusted. And Dhoni now replies by hitting two consecutive mammoth sixes. The second one hits the press box. Ends the over with another FOUR. Did the match turn there? Most probably.



Chahal to bowl out now. Bangalore have to get the wickets to sustain this good period of play now. Dhoni finally breaks the shackles with a smart paddlesweep for FOUR. Will this break open the floodgates?
Ideally, CSK would have liked to finish the match by this point.



Yuvraj on for his third over now. du Plessis has to take charge now. Dhoni cannot be expected to do much running in this condition. Dhoni is looking for the big swings now. Does not connect yet.
Another tight over. Just 4 runs off it.



Jakati comes back into the attack now. A good phase for spinners here. They are keeping things quiet. Oh wait! Dhoni is cramping up here. And he has called for a strategic timeout.
And we are back now. But Dhoni is still limping. Meanwhile, the over ends and just 4 conceded off it.



Yuvraj to continue. This is a good phase in the match for Bangalore. They will be desperately wanting another wicket now. And Yuvraj almost dismisses du Plessis. The South African makes room, goes for the expansive drive, but just misses the edge. Singles are all these two spinners are offering so far.
Five runs off that over.



Chahal to bowl his third in the trot. And is this out? They all go up in appeal. The umpire denies. But the replays show du Plessis had gloved that ball. So he survives. Good over for Bangalore again, just 3 runs off it.



Yuvraj Singh into the attack now. He has had a decent IPL 7 as a bowler. And gets the breakthrough — the big one. Suresh Raina comes out of his crease, and his comfortably stumped by Takawale.
MS Dhoni comes out to the middle. A promotion for the captain. Shows that he wants to end this match early and better their net run rate. Just 3 runs off that over. Good over by Yuvraj.
OUT! S Raina 18(18)



Raina has seen enough of that ball now. Starts Chahal’s second over with another boundary through the leg side. And almost got another one off the third ball, but Rossouw saves it in deep point region. This looks to be another good over for Chennai. Single to end the over.



Sachin Rana into the attack now. Both these batsmen might look to attack him. They are rather happy with singles so far. Two runs off the first four deliveries. And finally a FOUR for Raina. His first for the match. Confidently pulled that slowish short one.



The impressive Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack now. It will be interesting to see how he fares against Suresh Raina. Raina starts of with a single. du Plessis manages the same off the second ball. Only singles on offer so far.
Just five singles off the over. Good start by Chahal.



Starc to continue. He will be looking to shut the ghosts of the last over behind him. And Raina survives. He cuts, and the ball just flies over a flying Sachin Rana at gully. Smith’s dismissal seems to have slowed down the momentum a little here. The gaps seem to be shrinking. Faf ends the powerplay with a crushing straight drive. That blazed through the Chinnaswamy grass.
Just 5 runs off that over. Timeout called.



Rampaul changes ends now. But no difference in results. Smith hits another four to start the over. OH NO! Results do change. Smith top edges the second ball, and Virat Kohli takes an easy catch.
In-form Suresh Raina is the new man in now. Raina of the mark with a single to third man. Good comeback by Rampaul here.
OUT! D Smith 34(17)



Mitchell Starc ow replaces Ravi Rampaul. Can he bring down the scoring rate? Maybe he cannot. Dwayne Smith is hitting the most beautiful strokes. Another one bludgeoned down the ground for four. Follows it with another lofted inside out drive for another FOUR. du Plessis pulls the last ball for another SIX. Fifty up already. This is crazy hitting by the Chennai openers. Smith is hitting at a strike rate of 200.
If Chennai win inside 15-16 overs, they can seal the second spot. In that case, KKR will be playing in the eliminator.



Jakati to continue. And Smith is into his elements now. Goes inside out on the second ball to sail it over mid-off for a gracious SIX. How good is this man!! Both openers in tandem now. Faf beats a diving de Villiers to get another four. This is just the ideal start for CSK.
15 off that over. The Chennai juggernaut is rolling.



Ravi Rampaul starts on the other end. And WHAT A SHOT to welcome him by Smith. Driven like an arrow straight own the ground for four. du Plessis finding for the ball early on. Two swing and misses. But he connects the next two for a FOUR and a SIX over long-off.
15 off that over.



Dwayne Smith and Faf du Plessis open the batting for Chennai. Shadab Jakati opens the bowling for Bangalore. And straightaway a couple of chances. Dwayne Smith survives as both the chances evade the charging fielders.
Some great fielding exhibition by Mitchell Starc from the first over here. Superb stop in the boundary.





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Nehra to bowl the last one. Starts off with a wide outside leg-stump. But it just clipped Kohli’s leg. He says so. But the umpire calls it a wide. Kohli doesn’t need wides. Flicks the second ball for a huge SIX over mid-wicket. OH! What a final over we are witnessing now. Nehra puts in the perfect yorker and disturbs Kohli’s stumps. The RCB captain’s fine knock comes to an end. Mitchell Starc is the new man in now. Brilliant change of pace by the veteran Indian pacer here. Only singles on offer so far.
That’s the end of the Bangalore innings then. Apart from the brilliant Virat Kohli, no one clicked. Great bowling by the Chennai pacemen — Ashish Nehra 4-0-33-3 and Mohit Sharma 3-0-16-1. Impressive again by Chennai.
OUT! V Kohli 73(49)



Mohit Sharma to bowl the penultimate over. His figures so far read 2-0-5-1. But these are the death overs. And Kohli greets him with his fourth SIX of the innings. Kohli is fighting a lone battle here. Just gets a single off the second ball. And Rana manages a dot ball. Fails to read the slower ball. Good over by Mohit again. He has been Dhoni’s go to bowler, and this is why.
Just 9 off that over.



Nehra back for the death overs dose. How will he fare? Not too good to start off. Full toss and Kohli obliges by crashing it to the vacant mid-wicket region for four. Vacant mid-wicket hurts Dhoni again. de Villiers the punisher this time. The result is FOUR again.
And a comeback by Nehra. Comes over the wicket and bowls AB de Villiers. Sachin Rana is the new man in. Onus on Kohli to carry the attack now. Another 11-run over.
OUT! AB de Villiers 10(6)



Ashwin into his last over now. Has conceded just 23 so far. Not bad in the match context. And it is shaping up to be a good over for Chennai. Just 2 runs off the first three balls. But Wait. Kohli gets a four. And brings up his fifty.
de Villiers reverse sweeps for four now. Good over for RCB again. 11 off it.



Jadeja continues for his second. And some brilliant work by David Hussey near the boundary line. Kohli must have thought that was a sure four, but not to be. Kohli looks to be in the zone now. He is timing every delivery.
de Villiers too is looking to get into attack mode straightaway. Good over, just 9 off it.



Badree back into the attack for his third over now. And Kohli is looking mighty good now. He hits him inside out for another SIX. Follows it with a couple.
100 up for RCB now. They can aim for 160 from here if these two can strike a partnership. End of the over — 13 off it.



Jadeja into the attack for the first time now — In the 14th over. Yuvraj might like this introduction. In fact, he is gone. Goes for the slog, doesn’t connct well, and a straight catch to Raina at deep mid-wicket.
AB de Villiers will be the new man in now.
OUT! Y Singh 25(24)



Raina to bowl out here. He has been stiffling to say the least. But Yuvraj finally gets a boundary off Raina. Falls down on the ground, but gets the result. Follows it up with a delicate cut for another FOUR. Bangalore getting the runs now. Another 10-run over.



Ashwin continues for his third over. And Kohli is liking it. He hits him for another SIX! The crowd going KOHLI KOHLI now. 10 off that over.



Raina comes in for his third over. Yuvraj is yet to find his timing. He has been on-off, on-off this season. Kohli is looking in good touch now. Dhoni will want his wicket inside the next couple of overs. Slip in for Yuvraj now. Dhoni senses his restlessness.
6 off that over.



Ashwin comes back into the attack after the timeout. Yuvraj is looking for the elusive boundary here, but it comes from Kohli’s bat. After 32 balls, Kohli clears the ropes. Handsome.
11 runs off that over. Finally a good over for Bangalore. Can this be the turning point of the innings?



Raina continues. Yuvraj walks down the track but can manage just a single off the first ball. Kohli too looking to open up now. But still can’t the boundary.
Excellent lines by the Chennai bowlers so far. Umpire calls for a strategic timeout. Chennai on top so far.



Mohit continues from the other end. Dhoni standing up for him to Kohli. Kohli takes a single off the third ball to move to the other end. Yuvraj cuts off the fifth ball, but some brilliant fielding by Raina stops a certain boundary.
Again just two runs conceded by Mohit Sharma. RCB struggling for runs here.



Suresh Raina now replaces Ashwin. Would be interesting to see Yuvraj’s tactics against Raina. Glides the first ball to third man for three runs. Kohli will be looking to end the IPL on a high.
Just four runs off that over. Raina starts well.



Mohit Sharma into the attack. And Zol greets him with a lofted off drive, but didn’t time it well, won’t reach the ropes. He takes a couple. And what a comeback by Mohit. Castles Zol off the fourth ball. Goes for the blind slog, and goes back to the pavillion.
Yuvraj Singh joins his captain now. Can these two steady the ship for Bangalore here? What a start for Sharma. Just 3 runs and a wicket. End of powerplay.
OUT! V Zol 13(12)


Ashwin introduced into the attack now. So two spinners operating from the two ends, inside the powerplay.
Both the batsmen just milking him around for singles. OUT! Takawale falls to Ashwin off the fifth ball. Pads up. Gone.
OUT! Y Takawale 19(17)



Bangalore getting some momentum going now. Takawale starts this over from Badree from where they left off in the second over. Two sweeps for four in the first three balls. It has got the crowd going now.
Badree comes back well. Follows with two dot balls before Takawale sends another one to the ropes.


Zol gets off the mark now. Glances one through the vacant square leg region. Takawale takes a single off the fourth ball.
Zol has seen enough of Nehra now. Huge SIX off the fifth ball straight over the bowler’s head. Ends the over with a couple.



Spin into the attack straightaway for CSK in the form of Samuel Badree. Seems like some planning for the playoff match in Eden Gardens from MS Dhoni.
Badree starts with a google which Takawale doesn’t read at all. Superb start by Badree here. Five dot balls up front. Takawale very unsure. And then ends the over with a handsome slog for four.



Ashish Nehra starts proceedings for Chennai. He comes back into this line-up at a very crucial phase. Don’t be surprised to see him in the playoffs. He bowls to Rossouw. Rossouw takes a close single off the second ball to get off the mark. Takawale too gets off the mark with a single.
Rossouw gone. Bowled by Nehra. Goes through his dumbfound defence. Zol is the new man in.
OUT! R Rossouw 1(4)






Royal Challengers Bangalore: Vijay Zol, Yogesh Takawale (wk), Virat Kohli (c), Yuvraj Singh, AB de Villiers, Rilee Rossouw, Mitchell Starc, Sachin Rana, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ravi Rampaul, Shadab Jakati


Chennai Super Kings: Dwayne Smith, Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina, David Hussey, MS Dhoni (c), Ravindra Jadeja, Mithun Manhas, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohit Sharma, Samuel Badree, Ashish Nehra.




Toss: Chennai have won the toss and elected to bowl.


For Bangalore, Chris Gayle, Abu Nechim, Ashok Dinda and Muttiah Muralitharan are out. They have been replaced by Shadab Jakati, Ravi Rampaul, Vijay Zol and Rilee Rossouw.


Chennai have dropped John Hastings and Pawan Negi. Ashish Nehra and Samuel Badree are back in.


Hello and welcome to the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014 match between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Chennai Super Kings. We will take you through the contest that is taking place at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. The home side are out of the competition and have nothing to lose in this contest. But they need to win for their home fans. On the other hand Chennai need to win so that they can move into the playoffs in the top two. They need to get into the qualifier so that they have that extra chance for going into the final.


Virat Kohli has not had a very good season as a captain. Chris Gayle hasn’t been in good form. Yuvraj Singh has bounced back very well and that is a good sign not only for Bangalore but also India. Then, Chennai have some questions as their fifth bowling option hasn’t been working out to well. MS Dhoni would want to get those things ride in this game.


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