JP Duminy guided Delhi to close victory © IANS
JP Duminy guided Delhi to close victory © IANS

Apr 19, 2014













Vijay 0(2) Mayank 26(14) KD 56(40) Ross 6(9) JP 52*(35) Tiwary 8(6) Neesh 8(11) CN 0*(0) Vinay 4-0-35-0 Morne 4-0-41-2 Shakib 3-0-25-0 Kallis 2-0-15-0 Piyush 2.3-0-27-1 Narine 4-0-18-1



Dot. Googly, beaten. OUT! Absolute long-hop, but Neesh holes out to Yusuf at deep mid-wicket! Six! Long-hop, JP clears boundary!
OUT! Neesh c Yusuf b Piyush 8(11)!



Dot. Beaten outside off. Dot. Too close to stumps, Neesh all at sea. Single. Sweeps hard. Leg-bye. Reverse-sweep doesn’t come off. Three. Plays off the pads, Duminy runs like a gazelle. Dot. Slog-sweep, misses.



Dot. Swing and miss. Two. Played to third-man, Kallis flings himself to stop the boundary. Four. Lofted over mid-off. Wide. Down leg-side and high. Six. Slightly short, pulled hard. Six. Moves outside off, scoops over fine-leg. Two. Scoops again, this time over Robin, Kallis fields.



Dot. Pushes to extra-cover. Dot. Ditto. Single. To fine-leg. Single. Pulls, but the ball goes feebly to square-leg. Six. Neesh steps out and hits Piyush over long-off. Dot. Fast googly beats outside edge.



Vijay 0(2) Mayank 26(14) DK 56(40) Ross 6(9) JP 25*(25) Tiwary 8(6) Vinay 4-0-35-0 Morne 3-0-20-2 Shakib 3-0-25-0 Kallis 2-0-15-1 Chawla 1-0-13-0 Narine 3-0-17-1



Dot. Plays to point. Two. Attempts to play inside-out, not middled. One. Sweeper picks up. Dot. JP beaten by Morne’s bounce. Single. JP tries to make room, Morne follows him, a feeble stroke for one. Yet another direct hit missed. OUT! Slashed out, extra bounce takes it to Narine at deep third-man!
OUT! Tiwary c Narine b Morne 8(6)!



Single. Mistimed reverse-sweep. Dot. Tossed up, blocked. OUT! DK attempts reverse-sweeps, Narine appeals, he’s given him! Four. Vicious turn, takes Tiwary’s edge, runs to third-man boundary. He gets the slip *now*. One. Batsmen scamper for a risky single. Dot. Outside off, left alone.
OUT! DK lbw Narine 56(40)!



Single. Swipes to long-off. Four. Excellent chip, almost clears the rope, fifty for DK. Two. An easy brace. Single. Plays to long-on. Four. Morne misfields at long-on, the ball goes *through* him. Single. Plays with soft hands.



Dot. Beaten outside off. Single. Sweeps from outside off. Single. Plays to fine-leg. Two. Flicks with soft hands. Single. Strange cross-batted stroke to deep square-leg. Two. Misfielded by third man.



Single. Looked plumb, but umpire thinks it hit the edge. Single. Plays to sweeper. Single. Plays to short-third man. Single. Pushes to short mid-wicket. Four. Shuffles across and hits over Robin’s head, lovely shot. Single. Sharp run to mid-off.







One. Attemps reverse-sweep, too slow. One. Played to point. One. Cut, sweeper picks up. Dot. Kept low, beaten. Dot. Mistimed slog-sweep. Dot. Plays to point.



Single. Rank long-hop, swatted to long-on. Dot. Googly, JP misses completely, Robin takes bails off, not out. Single. Surya misses direct hit again, DD get an overthrow. Six. Long-hop, DK clears the square-leg boundary with a hard-hit swipe. Four. Long-hop again, cut hard, through backward point. Single. Places to deep mid-wicket.




Vijay 0(3) Mayank 26(14) DK 30*(24) Ross 6(9) JP 3*(5) Vinay 3-0-26-0 Morne 2-0-16-1 Shakib 2-0-12-0 Kallis 2-0-15-1



Dot. Edges a wide one, safe. Leg-bye. Misses line. Single. Plays to deep third-man. Single. Plays to long-on. Single. Plays to long-on. Single. Mistimes slower delivery to long-on.



Single. Played to long-on. Single. Played to long-on. Single. Cramped for space, still manages a single. Dot. Brilliantly stopped by Surya at short-cover. Dot. On target, defended. Two wides. Down the leg, off Robin’s pads, single. Single. Through mid-wicket.



Four. Beautifully leg-glanced, Morne can’t stop it. Dot. Excellent fielding by Shakib at short mid-wicket. Dot. On spot, defended. Six. Pulled away over Morne’s head, into the stands. Was slightly top-edged but still civered the distance. One. Leg-glanced, this time Morne collects and throws the ball back. OUT! Right through the gate! Ross never looked comfortable…
OUT! Ross b Kallis 6(9)!



Single. Sharp single to short-cover. Single. Played to mid-wicket. Four. Slog-swept, over square-leg, falls just short of fence, rolls on. Dot. Caught in two minds, played at last moment. Dot. Stepped out, played to point, rushed out for a single, the throw is spot on. Dot. Hit straight to extra-cover.



Two. Steered past point. Dot. Hit straight to point. Single. Steps out and plays to wide mid-on. Dot. Played back to Vinay. Dot. Played to cover. Dot. Pushed to mid-on.



Four. Makes room to a 144 kph delivery, hits inside-out beautifully. Two. Flicked comfortably. Dot. Hit to mid-off, Gauti would’ve got DK if he had hit directly. Dot. Bouncer outside off, left alone. Two. Bouncer, half-hearted hook, flies over Piyush. OUT! Bouncer, slightly faster (147), attempted hook, and this time straight into Piyush’s hands!
OUT! Mayank c Piyush b Morne 26(14)!



Two. Played to right of deep third-man. Five. Terrible running, but Kallis’ throw missed. Pandey throws again, but ball hits the bat and ran to the fence. Single. Bounce off a length, well-played. Single. Played with soft hands to the off. Four. Outside off, DK gives it his all, one-bounce for four. Dot. Comes back, beaten.



Two wides. Wayward outside leg-stump, batsmen get an extra run. Dot. Pace and bounce. Beaten. Dot. Ditto. Four. Made room, lofted over extra-cover. One. Quick single. Direct hit would have got him. Dot. Wild slog and missed. Single. Played off his hips.



Leg-bye. Off-cutter, hit front-pad, easy leg-bye. Four. Handsome back-foot drive through point, well-placed by Mayank. Four. Flicked through mid-wicket, excellent footwork and timing. Single. Shuffled across and played to square-leg. OUT! Vijay didn’t turn in time, excellent direct from Manish! Dot. Outswinger, beaten.
OUT! Vijay run out (Manish) 0(2)!










Kallis 0(1) Gauti 0(4) Manish 48(42) Robin 55(41) Shakib 30*(22) Yusuf 11(8) Surya 8*(3) Shami 4-0-33-1 CN 4-0-27-2 Jaidev 4-0-25-1 Neesh 2-0-26-0 Nadeem 3-0-29-1 JP 3-0-25-0



Wide. CN bounces, outside leg and probably over shoulder, DK looks shocked. Single. Mistimed to deep mid-wicket. Dot. Shakib pushed hard, but CN literally flew to stop the ball left-handed. Single. Yorker, somehow excavated by Shakib. OUT! No chance, yorker outside off, Yusuf drags on. Dot. Strange attempted reverse-sweep to one that bounced. Nowhere close to the ball. No-ball + four. CN bowls a beamer, strange scoop flies over DK’s head. Four. Attempted yorker, Surya reverse-sweeps brilliantly for four more.
OUT! Yusuf b CN 11(8)!



Four. Fine-leg in, Shakib picks that one from outside off and places it to deep fine-leg. Outstanding. Single. Excellent straight-drive, brilliantly fielded. Two. On-driven, Shakib ran like a hare to convert it to two. Single. Slower, deceived, they still manage a single. Single. On-drive, cannot beat long-on. Single. Hit straight, Shakib wants two, Yusuf isn’t interested.



Four. Flicked past a flying mid-wicket, JP dives at deep mid-wicket, but in vain. Single. Pushed to wide long-on. Single. Pulled, deep fine-leg runs to field. Single. Pulled violently, and the ball drops between two fielders. Four. Pulled, and timed and placed well. Too good from Shakib. Single. Ugly hoick, but lands between two fielders again.



Single. Plays to sweeper, reaches 50. Single. Lofts to off-side. Four. Cut to backward-point. Single. Lofts to long-off, reaches one-bounce. Single. Inside-edge on to the pads. OUT! Robin tried to clear deep mid-wicket, but Robin was waiting there!
OUT! Robin c Ross b Jaidev 55(41)!





Single. Chipped over the bowler. Four. Swept and placed well. Four. Slog-swept violently. Single. Low full-toss played to long-off. Single. Attempted yorker, played to cover. Single. Driven to mid-off.





Single. Four. Six. Single. Single. Dot.





Dot. Mistimed back to JP. Single. Mayank dives forward at long-on. Just fell short of him. Single. Casually played. Single. Hit hard to long-off. Two. Played furiously to deep extra-cover, well-fielded by Mayank. One. Played to square-leg.








Four. Confusion of sorts, Robin ran blindly, Nadeem fumbled and overthrew. Dot. No run. Single. Played to square-leg. Six. A la Ganguly, hit over deep mid-wicket by Shakib. Dot. Played to square-leg. Dot. Pitched on off, no run.



Dot. Straightened after pitching on middle. Single. Pushed through cover. Single. Flicked. Four. Excellent reverse-sweep by Robin. Single. Pushed to mid-on. Dot. Played tentatively to cover.



Two. Played to deep extra-cover. Single. Played to mid-wicket. Single. Pushed to short extra-cover. Four. Stepped out and played violently through mid-wicket, valiant dive. Four. Encore. Similar ball, similar stroke, similar outcome. OUT! Caught in two minds, it was a nothing stroke, the ball brushed the inside edge and crashed onto the stumps.
OUT! Manish b Nadeem 48(41)!



Two. Played to mid-wicket, should have been an easy run out at bowler’s end, Jaidev fails to collect. One. Agricultural stroke from Manish, straight down the ground. Dot. Stepped out and tried a wild swipe. Missed completely. One. Pushed to mid-wicket. Two. Randomly lofted stroke to long-on. One. Deceived in pace, played to cover.



Two. Robin shuffles and flicks through mid-wicket. Single. Short-pitchyed, played to sweeper. Single. Beaten by flight, still manages to play straight. Single. Played towards square-leg. Single. Played to deep mid-wicket. Dot. Almost run out thanks to a flying Tiwary.





Single. Played to mid-off. Single. Played to extra-cover. Single. Turned to deep mid-wicket. Single. Dropped! Chipped by Robin, Ross drops, the ball flies over his head, he cannot collect it on second bounce either. Single. Pulled brutally again, but there is a deep mid-wicket. Single. Played to mid-wicket.








Wide. Well outside off. Four. Short, and Manish pulls brutally, almost on the front-foot. Dot. Pushed to extra-cover, but Tiwary is brilliant out there. Single. Awkwardly pushed to mid-on. Single. Played to third-man. Four. Superb improvisation, driven between mid-off and cover to a ball pitched well outside off. Single. Played to mid-off.



Single. Robin pulls in a slightly awkward fashion. Single. Steered to deep third-man. Single. Driven to cover. Misunderstanding, but JP cannot collect. Dot. Nice bounce from Unadkat, beats Manish. Dot. Driven to mid-off. Single. Pushed to mid-wicket.



Single. Square-driven. Single. Played through mid-wicket. Single. Plays with soft hands and the batsmen hurriedly run across. Four. Pulled to perfection. Two. Pulled again, but no timing this time. Dot. Cramped for room.








Dot. No run. Dot. Beaten outside off comprehensive. Manish has looking awkward. Dot. Nice out-swinger, shapes away. Dot. Tried to pull and missed. Three slips for Coulter-Nile. Single. Played to short cover. Single. Played to mid-off.



Dot. Left outside off. Wide. Outside leg. Dot. Inside edge on to the pads. Dot. Cramped. Robin looks helpless. Wide. Short and wayward outside off. Two. Manish drives through the extra-cover. One. Not timed well. To third man. Dot. Rapped on the pads, but too high.



Dot. Excellent bouncer from Coulter-Nile, Manish edges it, the ball falls just short of first-slip. Single. Desperate attempt for a run, missed run-out chance. Dot. Gauti plays to point. DK gets a leg-slip. OUT! There was a leg-slip, and Gauti fell to the trap! Nice reflex catch from JP! Dot. Excellent ball that moves across Robin. Dot. Robin chases and is beaten.
OUT! Gauti c JP b Coulter-Nile 0(4)!



Wide. Down the legs. HE’S GONE! IS OUT CAUGHT! HE POKES AT ONE OUTSIDE OFF! THE BALL FLIES TO ROSS AT FIRST-SLIP! KALLIS GONE FOR A GOLDEN DUCK! Five wides. Huge, huge wide, absolutely no chance for DK. Dot. Outside off. Left alone by Manish. Two. Driven through point. Leg-bye. Moved in, hit the pad, and they scamper for a quick single. Dot. Beautiful line and movement, Gauti beaten outside off-stump. Wide. Down the leg-side. Dot. Outside off. Gauti is not interested.
OUT! Kallis c Ross b Shami 0(1)!













DD: Karthik (c & wk), Mayank, Vijay, Duminy, Ross, Tiwary, Neesham, Nadeem, Coulter-Nile, Shami, Unadkat.



KKR: Gambhir (c), Uthappa (wk), Kallis, Manish, Shakib, Yusuf, Suryakumar, Vinay Kumar, Narine, Morne.




Toss: Gautam Gambhir has won the toss and elected to bat against Delhi.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the IPL 2014 match between the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Delhi Daredevils at Abu Dhabi on Saturday. This is Abhishek Mukherjee and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match.


Delhi Daredevils are gearing up to get their campaign back on track amid uncertainty over the availability of their best batsman Kevin Pietersen for the Indian Premier League match against Kolkata Knight Riders who will look to continue their winning momentum.


While the Daredevils were beaten black and blue by Royal Challengers Bangalore in their opening match, the Knight Riders kicked off their campaign in the best possible manner, posting a thumping 41-run win over defending champions Mumbai Indians.


In the event of Pietersen missing out on another game, the Daredevils will again have to rely heavily on their two other overseas stars, J P Duminy and Ross Taylor. Both batted beautifully in their opening game and revived the team from a tottering 17 for three to 145 for four in 20 overs. After a miserable outing against RCB, Mayank Agarwal, Dinesh Karthik, who led the side in the absence of Pietersen, and Manoj Tiwary will need to pull their socks up, PTI reported.




Delhi Daredevils: Kevin Pietersen (c), Dinesh Karthik (wk), JP Duminy, Ross Taylor, Mayank Agarwal, Murali Vijay, Manoj Tiwary, Saurabh Tiwary, Milind Kumar, Jimmy Neesham, Mohammed Shami, Jaydev Unadkat, Shahbaz Nadeem, Jayant Yadav, Rahul Shukla, Wayne Parnell, HS Sharath, Laxi Ratan Shukla, Kedar Jadhav, Siddharth Kaul, Rahul Sharma, Quinton de Kock, Nathan Coulter-Nile.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Jacques Kallis, Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Manvinder Bisla (wk), Ryan ten Doeschate, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Kuldeep Yadav, Pat Cummins, Debabrata Das, Piyush Chawla, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav, Sayan Mondal, R Vinay Kumar, Andre Russell, Veer Pratap Singh.


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