Lalit Modi was ousted by the BCCI © Getty Images
Lalit Modi was ousted by the BCCI © Getty Images


Jaipur: Apr 30, 2014 


Mehmood Abdi, Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) representative in Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has hailed the order of the Supreme Court that directed the election officer of RCA elections to declare the results on May 6.


Abdi, who is also suspended Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman and commissioner Lalit Modi‘s lawyer, termed the decision of the apex court as a disappointment for the BCCI.


In a statement issued in Jaipur, Abdi said, “As the apex body of cricket administration, BCCI was expected to safeguard and support the interest of the game in Rajasthan. Instead it chose to scuttle and detail the democratic process for reasons of bias and prejudice, since it feels that people they do not prefer are likely to be elected to the new executive committee of RCA.”


Abdi alleged that the BCCI all along tried to stall the return of Modi as RCA President by creating hurdles through needless and irrelevant slants.


He applauded the Supreme Court for rejecting almost all the demands of the BCCI.


“It refused to cancel the nomination of Lalit Modi to RCA elections, and did not restrain Modi from taking over charge as the RCA president, if he is declared elected. In doing this, the Court prevented BCCI from directly taking over the cricketing activities in Rajasthan.


“The decision of the Apex court is the victory of democracy, irrespective of whosoever is declared elected on 6th of May,” said Abdi.