Amul's ad about the Maira Sharapova-Sachin Tendulkar controversy.
Amul’s ad about the Maira Sharapova-Sachin Tendulkar controversy.


Jul 6, 2014


Maria Sharapova’s ignorance of Sachin Tendulkar has caused quite a storm on the social media. And now, Amul, the milk-producers, known for their caricature-based advertisement strategy, have come up with their latest caricature on the Sharapova-Tendulkar incident.


The new Amul advertisement shows a Tennis player sitting and a man resembling Tendulkar showing her a cricketing photo. With that, there is a caption saying, “Maria Share-a-poha with Sachin!” Amul has made numerous cricket based ads in the past and this isn’t the first time they have delved into something like this. Tendulkar’s numerous career highlights have also featured in their ad campaigns.


Sharapova was asked whether she knew Tendulkar and she said no. This caused numerous cricket fans to mock the tennis star and make jokes about her on the social media.


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