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Michael Holding still regrets not winning the World Cup against India in 1983 © Getty Images


Aug 6, 2014


Former West Indies pacer Michael Holding lapsed into nostalgia as he spoke to few members from the media world. He still regrets about not winning the 1983 World Cup against India in the final at Lord’s.

Holding said, “We thought we already won the World Cup and that’s why we lost that final. I can recall Mohinder Amarnath and Dilip Vengsarkar and from the earlier period, Sunil Gavaskar and G.R. Viswanath. I don’t know what’s the reason, but (Malcolm) Marshall hated Vengsarkar.”

The Hindu reported that Holding’s time were the good old times. The bowlers believed in his times that they had to get a batsman out, if one of the bowlers could not then another should do it. They never used to strategise against any particular batsmen and used to focus on their respective bowling.

When asked about Viv Richards and Courtney Walsh he said, “I have bowled to Viv in domestic matches and at that time our domestic cricket was the toughest in the world. Walsh and I used to room together and talk cricket. He and (Curtly) Ambrose were the last of our world class bowlers.”

He feels sad how the modern bowlers break down in spite of having world class facilities. “Young fast bowlers breaking down. It beats me, I mean they have bio-mechanics experts, nutritionists, trainers, the best of facilities and still they break down.”

When questioned whether he would like to coach he replied saying, “I cannot coach. I am fine with players coming and talking to me, seeking knowledge, I am available for that. Sometime back I was trying to help my daughter with her work and after a point I just lost it because I don’t have the patience.”