New Delhi [India]: The captain of Indian Women‘s Cricket team, Mithali Raj, was bashed on the social media for uploading what she described as a “postshoot selfie,” but received loads of support in return, with her fans trolling the ‘trolls’. Mithali recently posted a “postshoot selfie,” and was immediately, flooded with many comments taunting and insulting her for her attire.

The negative comments ranged from telling her that they “didn’t expect” this attire from her to those telling her to be “be an Indian.” One person bashed Mithali Raj and tweeted, “To much hot, not good”.


While one criticised the picture and wrote, “Not Gud. Not expected these kind of pictures. Sorryyy (Sorry).”

Although, this time, the number of people scorning the trolls seemed to have outnumbered the trolls themselves. One supporter came out and tweeted on the “too hot” comment, “What are you? A weather forecaster?”


While another supporter tweeted, “Don’t troll guys. (There is) Nothing bad in dress. Pls clean your mind first.”


Several tweets simply commended the picture or answered the trolls that she has the right to wear whatever she wants to and that she is “the nation’s pride.”

Mithali Raj and her team left a strapping impression in the ICC Women’s World Cup even as they finished second in the tournament. Mithali became the first woman cricketer to score seven consecutive half-centuries in One-day Internationals (ODIs) during the World Cup. The ‘Captain Cool’ of Women’s Cricket, Mithali was seen reading a book before going in to bat, in one of the matches. This is not the first time a sportsperson was trolled and bashed on social media. Earlier, Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan and Pakistani cricketer Mohammed Shami were trolled for posting a picture of their wives on social media.

Women activists support Mithali

Women activists have came out in support of Mithali, saying that people targeting the Indian skipper were making a fool out of themselves. Speaking to ANI, women activist Mariya Alam Umar said that people trolling Mithali are portraying a wrong impression of their culture.

“It is an insult to a woman and a player. What kind of a culture are these people presenting by posting such dirty comments? Nobody has the right to interfere in her personal life,” she said.

Echoing Umar’s views, Ruby Mukherjee, an activist from Kolkata, said that the people who pass comments like these, should be laughed at. She said, “Mithali can wear whatever she wants to. She is an adult and knows what to wear. If you are telling her what to wear, then you are making a laughing stock of yourselves.”

Sportsperson are often the target of trolls on social media. The likes of Irfan Pathan and Mohammed Shami have drawn comments for pictures they post with their wives.