MS Dhoni (above) needs to be more adventurous in Test cricket, feels Harsha Bhogle  © Getty Images


Aug 11, 2014

Cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle has said that he doubts whether MS Dhoni believes that his team can win against England. Bhogle said that Dhoni often played the holding game, rather than an attacking one.

“At various times in this series, Dhoni has given the impression that he is seeking this dangerous safety net. He has taken decisions that suggest he is happy to try and hold the game where it is. If Ravindra Jadeja, and more recently R Ashwin, have been out-bowled by Moeen Ali, it is also because he has bowled the more attacking lines.”, he wrote in his column for

Bhogle added that though this style may work well in One-Day International (ODI), a more attacking approach was needed in Test cricket.  ”You need the more adventurous fellows in Test cricket because 3-70 from 14 overs is better than 0-40 from 15.”, he said.