Gurunath Meiyappan is in the centre of the storm © PTI (File Photo)
Gurunath Meiyappan is in the centre of the storm © PTI (File Photo)


Mar 25, 2014


12:17 PM: So that is it we have today. Do join us on March 27 for more details. That seems to be a day where a lot more can be expected. Will N Srinivasan step down in the next two days? Will he force the Supreme Court to make a decision? These two days will have many developments. Do keep logging on to CricketCountry and we will bring to you all the latest news.




11:51 AM: Bishan Singh Bedi, the former India cricketer has welcomed the comment of the Supreme Court:









11:47 AM: Mohinder Amarnath, the former Indian cricketer has said the law has to be respected. He said, “As a cricketer, a lover of the game as an Indian, (I can say) he should step down.  The problem is with the IPL coming up, I don’t think anyone will step down.”




11:40 AM: Here is something interesting from Jonathan Agnew:






11:33 AM: The SC has asked the BCCI counsel to think from the perspective of the officer of the court. He has been given the time up to March 27. They have asked him, “why is Srinivasan sticking to his chair as the BCCI President?” They said that they will pass the judgment if he doesn’t step down.




11:14 AM: So the hearing is done for the day and this will resume again on March 27.  The SC told the BCCI’s counsel that they will only hear them once Srinivasan steps down. The SC asks them to clean the mess and they have given them time to March 27. The SC very clearly asks the BCCI to clean up the mess.




11:07 AM: The news coming in at this hour is that Supreme Court has said that the BCCI President N Srinivasan will have to step down, if the board is to conduct a fair investigation into the IPL spot-fixing and the betting scandal.




Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of all the events surrounding the Supreme Court’s hearing on the Justice Mudgal report on the Indian Premier League (IPL) betting and spot-fixing controversy. This was of course scheduled on March 7, but was adjourned to today. Now, Indian cricket awaits nervously. Will the Supreme Court open the envelope that supposedly contains the names of the Indian players alleged to have been involved in fixing?


Will the Court rule on the fate of the Chennai Super Kings? After all, the report has already established that Meiyappan had been involved in wrongdoing. According to the IPL franchise agreement, a franchise can be expelled if the owner is involved in wrongdoing. But then, there is also an affidavit by the BCCI which claims that Meiyappan was a part of the franchise, but not the owner. The possibilities are endless today.