Mushtaq Ahmed to host reception 17 years after marriage

Mushtaq Ahmed played 52 Tests and 144 ODIs for Pakistan © Getty Images


Lahore: Dec 21, 2011


Former Test leg-spinner Mushtaq Ahmed has caused consternation by announcing that he will celebrate his ‘valima’ (marriage reception) on December 26, seventeen years after his wedding.


Currently part of the bowling coaching team of England, Ahmed has reportedly left for abroad with the cricket team.


“Owing to a busy cricket schedule, I could not hold the valima ceremony 17 years ago. Now after discussing the matter with my family members, I have decided to hold it as it is a holy act of Shariah Muhammadi,” said Ahmed, who grew a beard after joining the Tablighi Jamaat several years ago.


Ahmed is a close friend of former Test cricketers Inzmamul Haq and Saeed Anwar, who too joined the Tablighi Jamaat and often move with the group for preaching.


“My children are very excited at the decision as they are attending the valima of their parents, which I think is a unique occasion in our society,” Ahmed said.


Some clerics have objected to Ahmed’s decision, saying it is not allowed in Islam.


“Some of the relatives too had objected to Ahmed’s decision but if this gives pleasure to him and his wife and children, then I think no one, not even clerics, should object to it,” Javed Badr, Ahmed’s brother-in-law, told PTI. (PTI)