N Srinivasan has been in the eye of the IPL-match fixing storm recently © Getty Images
N Srinivasan has been in the eye of the IPL match-fixing storm recently © Getty Images


By Derek Abraham


Apr 3, 2014


N Srinivasan will continue to represent the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) at the International Cricket Council (ICC). The embattled administrator, who was recently forced to step down by the Supreme Court, will attend the ICC executive board meeting in Dubai on April 9 and 10.


The Chennai-based cement baron underwent a cataract procedure last week and should be ready in time for the meeting in which the legal aspects of the recently-approved ‘Position Paper’, one that effectively cedes all executive and decision-making powers to India, Australia and England, will be discussed. Srinivasan’s elevation as ICC chairman will also be talked about.


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On Tuesday, Mehmood Abdi — Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) Member and counsel for Srinivasan’s bête noire, Lalit Modi — said in a statement that Srinivasan can’t attend ICC meetings. “Removal of smaller functionaries of India Cements from various BCCI assignments would not be the desired compliance of the Supreme Court order until Srinivasan is removed from all BCCI assignments and responsibilities including representation in ICC,” Abdi said.


“In view of this clear direction of the honourable apex court, Srinivasan cannot represent BCCI at the ICC since he being an India Cements employee is barred by the Supreme Court order to be associated with any assignment of duties by the BCCI. This clarification on part of the interim president of the BCCI is imperative since an impression is being created in a section of media that Srinivasan’s role as the BCCI’s representative in the ICC is still intact,” he added.


However, a top BCCI official told this paper that the Supreme Court did not pass an order on the subject, calling it an “internal matter of the BCCI”. “The media can write what it wants. But as far as the BCCI is concerned, Srinivasan will attend the ICC meeting. The Supreme Court has allowed him to do so. In fact, if you write anything to the contrary, you will be committing contempt of court,” he said.


Board secretary Sanjay Patel was recently quoted, as saying, “We want him [Srinivasan] to attend ICC meets, it’s because of his hard work in the past few months that the BCCI has been strengthened in world cricket. Even the court has not objected to Srinivasan attending the ICC meet.”


(The writer is Principal Correspondent at DNA, where the above article first appeared)