The new ICC new proposal proposal threatens to handicap the revenues of NZC significantly in the forthcoming years © Getty Images
The new ICC new proposal proposal would handicap the revenues of NZC significantly in the forthcoming years © Getty Images


Melbourne: Jan 27, 2014


New Zealand Cricket (NZC) is going to lose 50.9 million dollars over the next eight years, if a proposed change to international cricket administration gets finalized.


The International Cricket Council (ICC) is going to vote on a proposal to pay more to the big cricketing nations of India, England and Australia this week, reports.


The national weekly India Today worked out the numbers for all the members of ICC, and said they had calculated the ICC revenue between 2015 and 2023 at 2.5 billion dollars.


The report adds that NZC has announced that it will side with India but Sri Lanka and Bangladesh’s silence on the matter which has fuelled its growing apprehensions on the matter.


The name India is raking in the moolah wherever they go. It is widely believed that the astronomical revenues earned by the broadcasters and TV rights for an India-Bangladesh series dwarfs even that of a high octane Ashes Test series.


Even in the ongoing series in New Zealand, the money coming in has skyrocketed immensely and has hugely benefited New Zealand and so is the case in every country that India is touring thus sparking off a bidding war between broadcasters for buying the rights of an India series.


The report concludes stating that it is blasphemous to even imagine parity to exist between India and the rest of the countries in terms of revenue sharing.


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