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Mar 24, 2014


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(After beating England via the Duckworth Lewis method (D/L), New Zealand will look to usurp South Africa in their second game at Chittagong in the ICC World T20 2014. Catch Live Cricket Score of the match in our live blog below)


Steyn on with seven needed off the last over. And he gets Ronchi off the first ball! He makes room trying to hit him over the off-side and gets the edge, as he is taken by Quinton de Kock. What a good catch! Nathan McCullum tries to go over the top and misses. And McCullum moves past his stumps and tries to work it away on the leg-side, but he misses again! And then McCullum gets a four over mid-on. He flays at it outside off stump and clears the in-field. And more drama as N McCullum holes out to mid-off. Now, with three required off the last ball, Taylor is on strike as the batsmen cross. The field changes for the last ball. They place men at crucial areas on the boundary. And Taylor can only hit it back to Steyn and there is a run-out! South Africa clinch thriller by two runs.
OUT! Ronchi 5(3) N McCullum 4(4) Taylor 62(37)



Morne Morkel is into the attack. Prior to this over, his two overs have cost 36 runs. Ronchi gets ready to face his first ball and hits it over mid-on for four. The fielders were in the ring and he hit it well enough to clear them and trickle into the boundary. Ronchi then follows that up with a single to get Taylor back on strike. Taylor then smokes it behind point for a four. It was full and he guided it through that area for a four. Taylor then walks towards the off-side and it was pitched way out and goes past the tram-line. Morkel finally gets it right as Taylor misses the yorker. He follows that one up with another full delivery as Taylor misses. But then, it is full again and the last ball is carted between the two fielders behind square on the off-side.



Steyn back in the attack! He bowls it quick onto Anderson’s body and he flicks it through fine-leg. Duminy dives to stop it and saves a boundary. The batsmen run through for two. He then moves across the next ball and gets an edge which flies past de Kock for a four. Before this over, he had one for five! De Kock did get a glove onto it. That is it, Anderson goes next ball. He moves across and tries to hit it over long-on, where he offers a simple chance. Luke Ronchi is the new man! Taylor misses the next two as Steyn bowls it outside the off-stump. The last ball is hit through third-man for two. The 150 is up.
OUT! Anderson 7(4)



Imran Tahir back into the attack. Munro tries the reverse sweep again, but misses. After two dot balls, he tries to go over the leg-side and finds Hashim Amla on the boundary. Tahir goes on for his typical run! Now Corey Anderson in the middle. Taylor comes on strike and checks his shot. That nearly carried to Tahir! Anderson gets off the mark by driving to long-off. Excellent over! Only two runs off that.
OUT! Munro 7(8)



Lonwabo Tsotsobe comes back into the attack and there are overthrows off the first ball. Taylor had patted it, but Morkel tried to run-out Munro. It went for overthrows and they get a single. Taylor gets his fifty off 26 balls with a simple single through the off-side. Only singles have come off the over now. A relief for South Africa as Tsotsobe concedes only seven runs off the over. The last ball had to be rebowled though as it was short and wide.



Duminy comes on two bowl the 15th over. Taylor places it towards mid-wicket and runs two. Taulor then walks across the stumps and picks two more through fine-leg. Duminy then gives him room and Taylor cuts it behind point for a four. He then takes a single through the leg-side and Munro faces the last ball. And what does he do? He switches footing and clobbers it over deep extra cover for four.



Steyn comes on as he has to break the momentum here. And he gets the breakthrough! Williamson pulls across the line and gives a catch to AB de Villiers at mid-wicket. Colin Munro is the new man. Taylor is the key here as he will look to shepherd the strike and take New Zealand through.
OUT! Williamson 51(35)



Tahir comes on to take the pace off the ball Taylor picks two off the first ball. And later in the over, Taylor places it on the leg-side again and there are two available. He is batting quite sensibly there. Tahit then beats him with a googly and it nearly knocks Taylor off.



Williamson has got his fifty. He dabs to the off-side and runs through to complete his milestone. Believe it or not! That is his first fifty in T20 Internationals. Morne Morkel then bowls on a length and Taylor smashes it over long-on for a six. Dale Steyn was waiting there, but it went all the way for six. And later, Taylor top edges the next one and it goes for six over the wicket-keeper’s head. Taylor then walks across his stumps and picks it over fine-leg and it has gone for a massive six. Three maximums in a row! What an over!



Imran Tahir is back on and Williamson gets a single off the first ball. Taylor follows suit with a single down the ground. Williamson then charges down the ground and it is a full-toss. Williamson carts it over mid-wicket and it sails for a six. Big shot that! He is batting sensibly as he knocks the next one for a single.



Albie Morkel continues and Williamson gets a single first ball as he pulls it to long-on. In fact, he could only get the bottom of the bat onto it. Taylor gets going by driving through the off-side for a single. Taylor later gets two as he cuts a slower delivery behind point. Taylor then walks across his stumps and pulls it for a four as he is on his knees.



And McCullum is gone! Imran Tahir goes for his customary run around the ground, his wicket taking celebration! McCullum is invited down the ground and is stranded in the middle. De Kock does the rest. Ross Taylor is the new man.
OUT! B McCullum 4(4)



Albie Morkel comes into the attack and gets a wicket off the first ball. This dismissal is quite similar to the first game. The ball was a bit short and Guptill tried to pull it across the line. He got a top edge and was caught by Quinton de Kock. Brendon McCullum comes to the crease. Williamson takes a single to bring McCullum on strike. He gets off the mark first ball as he pushes one to the off-side. AB de Villiers threw it to the non-striker’s end and it could have been close had he hit. McCullum would have been short!
OUT! Guptill 22(25)



Duminy is back into the attack and New Zealand’s fifty is up here. Guptill and Williamson don’t take too many risks early on as they merely knock it around for a few singles. As Duminy comes fround round the wicket, Williamson makes room and cuts it beautifully between backward point and short third-man for a four.



Guptill finally gets one to smash his way. It is full by Tsotsobe and Guptill smashes it over mid-on for a four. The next ball is then pulled across mid-wicket for a four. Off the last ball, Guptill tries to make room and flat bat it down the ground, but it takes the edge and filed fine through third-man for four.



Morne Morkel is into the attack. Williamson makes room off the first ball and carts it over cover for a four. While Guptill hasn’t quite got going, Williamson has started off very well. Williamson walks across the line and tries to scoop over the leg-side but misses. This time, he makes room again and hits it almost one handed over cover. He then moves across and flicks Morkel for a six. This over has gone for 16.



Tsotsobe also keeps the batsmen on strike. However, Williamson walks across the line off the third ball and scoops it over short fine-leg for a four. Later, he dances down the ground and misses one.



Dale Steyn is on and he starts off with two deliveries pitched on a good length around the off-stump. Guptill cannot get those two away. The third ball is defended back to him and he doesn’t allow a single as he dives across. The fourth ball also keep Guptill on the backfoot. No runs there too! Guptill finally gets off strike as he dabs one and takes a single. But, what an over, only one off it.



Lonwabo Tsotsobe starts from the other end and he bowls two dots first up to Martin Guptill. He is then able to work it across to fine-leg for a single. Tsotsobe then pitches it short and Williamson pulls it across to deep mid-wicket and they are able to take two. One ball even climbs onto Guptill and he is able to guide it through for a single.



Duminy starts off with his off-spin. Williamson gets a boundary off he last ball with a sweep that goes for four.



Southee to bowl the last over and Morkel smashes the first to cow-corner. However, Anderson stops it well on the boundary as they run through for two. As Morkel tries to hit him over the on side, he is bowled! Steyn is the new man in the centre. He takes a single down the ground. Duminy dances down the ground and smashes it down the ground. Umpire Aleem Dar has to move out of the way as it goes for four. Dar is all smiles. Southee then tries a slower ball, which is angled down the leg side and he is pulled by Duminy very fine for a four. The last ball goes for two.
OUT! A Morkel 13(8)



Kyle Mills is here to bowl the penultimate over. He bowls it full first up outside off and Morkel can only take a single. And Mills keeps it full off the first three balls as only singles are available. The fourth ball is similar, but then Duminy moves across and smashes it straight down the ground for a four. And then he tries to sweep and gets a top-edge. It lands in no man’s land and trickles into the boundary even as Southee tried to stop it. And the last ball is gone for a hige six over mid-wicket. Duminy moves across again and swats it. So, the first three balls of the over were good and then it just went pear shaped.



Anderson is back in the attack and New Zealand would hope he limits the damage as Duminy looks to tee off. And doesn’t he live up to the tag! Miller lobs a catch back to him and he is gone. Albie Morkel is in and he takes a brace off the first ball as he places it through the leg-side. And, he doesn’t take time to get into his hitting zone. Anderson bowls it a bit wide and Morkel chases it dispatches it over the fielder in the deep square on the off-side.
OUT! Miller 6(6)



JP Duminy gets to fifty. Tim Southee comes on and is pulled behind square for a four. A good knock. Took him only 31 balls to get there. As Duminy moves across the stumps, Southee pitches it wide and Duminy flays his hands at it and smashes it over cover for a four. Southee comes from round the wicket and Duminy sits on his knee and lofts it over square-leg. What a shot that! It had pitched way outside the off-stump. Miller finishes it off with a four over backward point.



Kane Williamson is brought into the attack in a surprising move. Duminy hits a four first ball over wide long-off and then takes a single. Miller also smashes through the off-side but can only get a single. Off the fourth ball, Duminy pushes through the leg-side and gets two. Williamson then bowls it short and Duminy is in position early and reverse sweeps it through the gap between backward point and short third man.



Mills comes back into the attack and Duminy takes a single off the first ball. David Miller is the new man and he has a huge task on his hand. He misses the first delivery as it is full and outside the off-stump. Miller gets a single off his third ball to get off the mark. Mills has bowled a fantastic over here as he has bowled in the right channels. He concedes only three off the over. The 100 is up for South Africa.





Anderson comes into the attack and Amla gets into the 40s with a brace and then a single. Duminy then walks across his stumps and was trying to ramp it over fine-leg, but he opened the face of the bat towards the off-side and it goes very fine for four through third man. The next ball is on the pads and Duminy merely flicks it for a six. A big one! Amla is out! and how. He smashes the ball back and it hits Duminy’s bat and goes into the air. Anderson takes it as he completes his follow through! That is very unfortunate.
OUT! Amla 41(40)



Nathan McCullum to finish his overs here. Again a brilliant over by him as they can only take a few singles. The batsmen are finding it extremely difficult to get the ball away. He finishes his spell for one for 24.



McClenaghan is back into the attack and Duminy tries to move across the line and scoop it over fine-leg, but he misses. The next ball is short and wide and Duminy misses as he tries to pull. The third ball is a wide. Duminy finally gets it away as he goes over the top over mid-on, but gets only two. And then there is one on a length and Duminy swats it over mid-wicket for a huge six. He then gets off strike by placing through mid-wicket.



McCullum continues and there aren’t too many opportunities for the batsmen. The only thing they can do is take singles. Duminy does try to swing across the line, but it is very well fielded at the deep square-leg boundary. On that occasion, two are available.



The man with the Midas touch comes on! Corey Anderson is into the attack and he bowls a dot ball to Duminy upfront. Duminy then works him through the leg-side for a single. So, they are now moving at a run a ball, but they do need a charge. These two have to setup the stage for the big hitters to follow, who can just take it to the bowlers.



Nathan McCullum continues and Amla tries to work the first one through mid-wicket, where Brendon McCullum gets a hand to it. They do get a single though and that is South Africa’s fifty. Amla then edges one through third-man and it goes for four.



It is now Tim Southee who returns to the attack. The batsmen are now in consolidation mode and one can see that they are only trying to work the strike around. It is important for these two to stay and take South Africa to a good total.



As soon as the powerplays are done, Nathan McCullum comes in! And guess what, he gets AB de Villiers in his first over He tries to make room and cut it, but he misses and it hits the woodwork. Big wicket for New Zealand! JP Duminy is the new man and he gets off the mark first up.
OUT! de Villiers 5(6)



That is the end of the powerplay. Here is a stat for you:




McClenaghan continues as Ab de Villiers comes to the middle. Amla moves across his stumps and takes a single to bring de Villiers on strike off the second ball. De Villiers gets off the mark when he hits a four through the off-side. A bit of width and he drove it in typical de Villiers style!



Deu Plessis is trying to put pressure as Tim Southee comes on. He makes room once and misses. Later, he does the same by charging and lofts it over the on-side. Only two runs are possible. Then he walks across his stumps and flicks it over the short-fine leg fielder. He then charged forward and got four more through mid-off. And, he gets carried away. Smashing the last ball to the cover fielder.
OUT! du Plessis 13(8)



Du Plessis is the new man. Amla manages a brace off the first ball and then a single as du Plessos comes on strike. He then charges to McClenaghan and goes over the top over mid-off. Southee runs behind it, dives forward and pulls it back. Du Plessis does manage to get three. Amla tries to heave off the last ball. Quite uncharacteristic that!



Mills continues as Amla offers a chance off the third ball. He tries to flick through the leg-side and nearly spoons a catch to mid-wicket. The fielder there dived across but couldn’t get it. Meanwhile, these two are running their singles quite well and have rotated strike, although there haven’t been too many boundaries early on. The lack of boundaries does prompt de Kock to make room and try to cut it. But, he misses it. And he is gone. De Kock tries to charge to Mills and play across the line as he gets a thin edge to Ronchi.
OUT! De Kock 4(8)



De Kock gets a single off the first ball as Mitchell McClenaghan comes in to bowl. Amla edges the second ball through third-man and gets two. It just moved past first slip as it was dying down. Amla gets the first boundary of the day as McClenaghan pitches it short and he pulls it through square for four. And McClenaghan comes back well by bowling two dots.



Kyle Mills starts off and angles onto Quinton de Kock’s pads. He works it through mid-wicket for a single to get off the mark. Amla faces the second ball and guides to third man to get going. A quiet over first up. Only three runs off it.





Some hope from the Kiwi camp….




New Zealand have won the toss and elected to bowl. Here are the teams:


South Africa:  Faf du Plessis (c), Hashim Amla, AB de Villiers, Quinton de Kock (wk), JP Duminy, David Miller, Albie Morkel, Morne Morkel, Dale Steyn, Lonwawo Tsotsobe, Imran Tahir.


New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Brendon McCullum (c), Ross Taylor, Colin Munro, Corey Anderson, Luke Ronchi (wk), Nathan McCullum, Tim Southee, Kyle Mills, Mitchell McClenaghan.




Faf du Plessis is fit and he will captain South Africa in this game.




Welcome to the live updates of the crucial Group 2 encounter of the ICC World T20 2014 between New Zealand and South Africa. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and I will be bringing the live updates of this match. In recent times, New Zealand have been in fine form in T20Is. Since England beat them last year in their own backyard, they haven’t lost a single series. However, in the unpredictable world of T20s, form book is thrown out of the window.


New Zealand have a fine blend of power-hitters and batsmen, who play with steady perfection. Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum and Ross Taylor would be expected to fire on all cylinders for New Zealand camp. Brendon in particular, has been in fabulous touch. Read the preview of the match here.




New Zealand: Brendon McCullum (c), Kane Williamson, Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor, Corey Anderson, Anton Devcich, Colin Munro, Ronnie Hira, Nathan McCullum, Luke Ronchi (wk), Trent Boult, Mitchell McClenaghan, Tim Southee, Kyle Mills, Jimmy Neesham.


South Africa: Faf du Plessis (c), AB De Villiers (wk), Quinton de Kock (wk), Hashim Amla, Dale Steyn, Lonwabo Tsotsobe, Beuran Hendricks, Aaron Phangiso, Imran Tahir, Albie Morkel, Morne Morkel, Farhaan Behardien, JP Duminy, David Miller, Wayne Parnell.


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