No security problems in Karachi, assert Alvin Kallicharran and Sanath Jayasuriya


Karachi: Oct 23, 2012


For the manager and captain of the International World XI, which played two Twenty20 matches against Pakistan XI, there seemed to be no security fears as they spent their last day of the tour shopping and sightseeing.

Manager Alvin Kallicharran and captain Sanath Jayasuriya stayed back in the city after the other members of the International World XI left for their respective destinations late on Sunday night after the second match.

“I don’t see any problems in Karachi and I am enjoying my stay here. I am here till Tuesday,” Kallicharran, the former West Indian batsman, said.

Kallicharran has also been invited to visit some cricket academies before he leaves for home.

Jayasuriya, who left for Sri Lanka late on Sunday night, spent most of his time shopping and sightseeing in the Clifton seaside area on Sunday.

He spent nearly two hours shopping in one of the newly built malls at Clifton beach and later told a television channel that he was impressed by the mall.

“I was stunned to see the mall. It is huge and is comparable to ones around the world,” said Jayasuriya.

The former Sri Lankan captain, who filled nearly ten suitcases as he went on a shopping spree on the last day of a hectic four-day tour, said it was time international cricket returned to Pakistan.

“I really feel for the Pakistani people because I have played lot of cricket in this country and I know how passionate they are about the sport,” Jayasuriya said.

“I hope that with these two matches and our coming here other teams will also review their policy of playing in Pakistan because clearly it is important for international teams to be playing in Pakistan,” he added.


Jayasuriya also said that he was happy to make a contribution to the cause of the game in the country and feels that Sri Lankans owe it to Pakistan for the support that they were given during the 30-year war with Tamil Tigers.

“Pakistan supported us wholeheartedly during the war in Sri Lanka. We need to do the same and support them when they need us,” he stated.

Jayasuriya referring to the March 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan team that put an end to international cricket in Pakistan said people need to understand what the players had gone through.

“They need time before they return to Pakistan as it was a horrifying incident for them. One needs to understand their mindset but when I go back I will speak to them and I am confident that in due course they would be willing to travel and play here.” (PTI)