Peter Moores last had a stint as England coach in © Getty Images
Peter Moores last had a stint as England coach five years ago © Getty Images


London: Apr 23, 2014


New head coach of the England cricket team, Peter Moores, was the most unsuccessful coach of the team in the modern era during his previous stint, despite claims by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) that he is the “leading England coach of his generation,” according to a report.


The Guardian expressed fears that the future of English cricket looked “greyer around the temples” than before with the “’questionable” appointment of Moores, who is the very same man found wanting five years ago, when, again, he was appointed in the wake of a 5-0 Ashes defeat.


The report said that as compared to his previous stint (twenty months), Moores would have even less this time around given the retirement of Graeme Swann and the sacking of the team’s best batsman Kevin Pietersen, adding that under Moores, England lost more often than they won- in 68 matches across all formats, they won 27 and lost 29.


Moores’ previous stint was described by Wisden as “a poor one for an England team hoping to show tangible signs of real progress towards becoming a consistently competitive side” in which the players “filled their followers with despair over their fallible batting, unclever bowling and lack of game toughness.”


However, the report hailed Moores as affable, diligent, and dignified, adding that he failed because even though he was an excellent county coach, he could not make the step up- he was automatically promoted to the top job when it became vacant.