Rashid Latif © AFP
Rashid Latif  hasn’t yet stated as to why he declined the offer of taking over the mantle of being Pakistan’s chief selector © AFP


Karachi: Apr 12, 2014


After days of speculation and drama, Pakistan former captain Rashid Latif has turned down an offer to meet Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi, who wanted to convince the ex-wicketkeeper to take over as the new chief selector.


Latif caused a stir in Pakistan’s cricket circles when he turned down the offer from the board to take over as chief selector.


A reliable source familiar with the issue told PTI that Sethi had asked former captain, Moin Khan to meet with Latif and convince him to change his mind and also meet with him (Sethi) on Monday in Lahore.


“But apparently Moin’s efforts to convince Rashid ‘[Latif] meet with Sethi and reconsider his earlier decision to not become chief selector have failed because the former captain has reiterated he is no longer interested in becoming the chief selector,” the source confirmed.


“This basically means that the meeting set for Monday is over and now the PCB will have to search for a new chief selector,” the source said.


The source disclosed that even Sethi had given up hope on Latif joining as chief selector.


“At a meeting held on Friday where Latif’s issue was discussed even Sethi said that after Latif’s response to Moin, it didn’t appear he was interested in the offer anymore so the matter should be closed now,” the source said.


Indications are that Sethi might reconsider Moin for the chief selector’s position now that his contract as head coach has ended with the board.


Sethi had initially appointed Moin as chief selector last year but than had to make him manager of the national team due to the uncertainty prevailing in Pakistan cricket at that time due to court cases.


Rashid is yet to state clearly what prompted him to back out of the chief selector’s job given that Sethi had even permitted him to carry on his media appearances as an expert on television while working as chief selector.


“The agreement reached with Rashid was he would join the PCB as chief selector on deputation from his department and get the normal salary given to the chief selector but at same time also carry on with his media assignments,” the source stated.