AB de Villiers © IANS (File Photo)
AB de Villiers © IANS (File Photo)


Apr 19, 2014


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How well did this man play today? Justified his place in that playing XI.



This is what RCB’s injured big man has to say:




And that’s it! Royal Challengers Bangalore do it in style. Again. They are up and running in IPL 2014.
A comprehensive 7-wicket win for Bangalore. A superb bowling performance.



Ojha to bowl his last now. And Parthiv Patel is tearing him apart. Two consecutive boundaries. And then a single to bring up his fifty. What a crucial knock this has been.
And now de Villiers strikes a four. 8 more needed now.





Harbhajan to bowl out here. He has been typically economical, but Mumbai needed wickets out of him, which he has failed to get.
And call it luck, but Rohit Sharma has dropped a very difficult chance of Parthiv Patel. Bhajji finishes with figures of 0-14.



Ojha is back for his third over. But Patel and de Villiers are looking to finish this match in a hurry now.
They require less than 30 now with five more overs to go. Seems to be just a matter of time.



Zaheer Khan is back for his last over now, but it may be too little, too late from Mumbai’s perspective.
The required run rate has come down below six runs an over again. And de Villiers seems set to take them across the finish line.



And Malinga is brought back into the attack. But both these batsmen look set now. They are eyeing the win now.
Patel scores two wonderful boundaries in this over. 10 from that over.



Bumrah back into the attack, and de Villiers welcomes him with a hoick over midwicket for six. He is turning the match here again.
Mumbai might have to bring back Malinga for another wicket.



Ojha continues. And almost the big wicket of de Villiers. The ball was in the air, but just fell short of a diving Rohit Sharma.
Ojha is troubling de Villiers.



Harbhajan continues. And three dot valls to AB de Villiers. AB doesn’t like dots, and tries a cheeky reverse sweep on fourth occasion. Gets a single. Meanwhile, Patel is milking along beautfiully and unnoticed.
Just three runs off that over.



Pragyan Ojha into the attack for the first time in the match now. Can he get Mumbai the crucial fourth wicket?
Even though the boundaries have dried up, both the batsmen are rotating the strike beautifully. They are hardly facing dot balls.



Harbhajan is back for his second over now. He has been playing the container’s role for the past two seasons for Mumbai. But they need wickets now. He has to think wickets. Oh! He drops a tough chance by de Villiers.
Meanwhile, de Villiers is getting into his busy usual self.



Malinga has been taken off now. Young Jasprit Bumrah is introduced now. What can Rohit Sharma be thinking now? How does he get another wicket?
Patel and de Villiers are settling down. The target is not too big for them.



Zaheer is bowling his third on the trot now. Just shows how desperately Mumbai want another wicket in the powerplay.
de Villiers has looked good so far. He doesn’t need to improvise. Traditional cricket will do.



And Mumbai need another wicket in the next few overs. And that is why Malinga has been given another over up front. Good intensity by Rohit Sharma.



The hottest batsman in the planet is the new man in now. And almost straightaway gets involved in a run out. He left Patel stranded midway, but Patel survives. But Kohli doesn’t. Zaheer Khan gets the big wicket of Virat Kohli. When did it happen last that Kohli was dismissed for zero?
And Yuvraj is the man in. And he’s gone too. He edged his first ball, but Tare dropped the catch. But Zaheer traps him LBW in the next ball. Amazing stuff by the old workhorse.
OUT! V Kohli 0(2), Y Singh 0(2)



Lasith Malinga into the attack now. He has to get Mumbai the earl wickets. They desperately need them, and he is the best man in such a situation. He starts off with an inswinging yorker to Patel. All blockhole stuff from Malinga here. But Maddinson gets an outside edge on one for four. Malinga needs one of them to shatter the stumps.
And he has got it. Shatters Maddinson’s stumps. That is Malinga for you. Delivers when you need him to.
OUT! N Maddinson 12(8)



Spin straightaway into the attack. Harbhajan Singh it is. Patel will go after him. It will be interesting to see what plans Bhajji has for both these batsmen.
These are great opportunities for Maddinson in the absence of Gayle.



RCB begin their chase with a boundary. Zaheer seemed to be just losening up. Mumbai will have to be electric on the field to make a difference.



The two RCB openers, Parthiv Patel and Nic Maddinson have walked out to begin the chase. Here we go.





Last over of the innings to be bowled by Starc. And what a last over here. Just two off the first three balls. And fourth ball rsults in a run out. Yuvraj Singh hits the stumps. Malinga had lost hope long back anyhow. Mumbai end with 115. Surely not enough. Can Malinga and Co. produce some magic when they come out to bowl?
Amazing bowling performance by Bangalore today. But one has to say it has been a dispirited performance by Mumbai. They have lacked the zeal of their opposition.
OUT! L Malinga 2(4)



Aaron into his last over now. Virat Kohli has managed his bowlers very well today. Bhajji welcomes Aaron with a forehand smash over long-off for four. And then Aaron returns the favour by smashing Bhajji’s leg stump with a slower one. Eight down for Mumbai now.
OUT! H Singh 8(8)



Dinda on for his last over now. And Zaheer Khan hands a catching practice to Sachin Rana, who obliges with his third catch of the match.
The Mumbai train has surely derailed now. Malinga is the new man in now for them. Can Mumbai even reach 130? Harbhajan will have to turn on his magic for that to happen. Meanwhile, Dinda finishes with figures of 1-14.
OUT! Z Khan 0(2)



Starc back into the attack now. So he will be bowling the 17th and the 19th over. And he gets the big wicket of Rayudu. Another excellent catch by AB de Villiers in the deep. Oh NO! Anderson too holes out to long-off in the next delivery. Starc gets a huge double. And just 3 runs off that over.
Bangalore have been excellent in the field today, except for the two dropped chances in the early stages. Their ground fielding, in particular, has been superb.
OUT! A Rayudu 33(35), C Anderson 18(18)



Chahal comes back for his fourth over. Has already picked up a couple of wickets — Rohit Sharma and Keiron Pollard.
Anderson and Rayudu have to get the big ones now, or it’s going to get too late. And they are finding it difficult to read Chahal.



Dinda bowling his third now. He has been impressive today. Has stuck to the right lines, and not pushing too hard. It has worked for him so far. Just five runs off that over.
Meanwhile, Rayudu is hardly getting any strike here. Ever since Rohit got out, he has hardly got the strike. And now when he does get the strike, the timing seems to be missing.



Aaron comes back into the attack from the other end. He was impressive with his pace in the previous spell. Corey Anderson plays a straightish pull, gets the four, but could have easily been out as well. Aaron follows that with a superb bouncer. Anderson has to duck. Good competition between Anderson and Aaron here. The kiwi replies with another pull for four.
The RCB bowlers are doing a great job. They have had a plan for all the batsmen so far. And have maintained some tight lines.



Wickets tumbling has given Kohli the chance to bring Yuvraj Singh into the attack now. He had a good time with the ball in the last match.
Will Corey Anderson go after him? We know what the Kiwi is capable of. Yuvraj concedes just 6 off his first over.



Gone! Chahal’s flight gets the big man. Pollard enticed into going for the big one, almost gets the distance. But Sachin Rana at long-on takes a beauty of a catch. Kohli is ecstatic. RCB are on top.
Corey Anderson is the new man in. How much will Mumbai be targeting from here on? One more wicket, and it’s the tail.
OUT! K Pollard 3(7)
Dinda into his second over now. Ideal situation for him to get another tight over. Pollard, we know, will take some time to settle down before he goes for the long handle.
Rayudu has to be the aggressor for the time being. But he too isn’t finding the gaps. Rayudu gets the fifth delivery outside the 30-yard circle, but Starc does well in the deep to cut it off.



Rohit Sharma loses his cool and his wicket. Went for the big one over long-off against Chahal, but hands an easy catch to the ever-so-safe AB de Villiers. Rohit clearly didn’t read the wrong one.
Kieron Pollard is the new man in. He needs runs under his belt. Has time in his hands here to settle down and play a long innings.
OUT! R sharma 2(5)



Ashok Dinda into the attack. He was RCB’s most expensive bowler against the Delhi Daredevils. It will be interesting to see how he fares this time round. Starts off way outside the off-stump. Virat Kohli has stationed himself at slip for Rohit Sharma, who is still new at the centre.
A little jangle of legs between Rayudu and Dinda there. One came in way of another. No hard feelings though. But Dinda completes a good first over – just 2 runs off it.



Spinner Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack now. Man of the match from RCB’s last outing. And a brilliant stop first-up by AB de Villiers at long-off to deny Rayudu a four.
They are ticking along here, MI. Rotating the strike well.



Tare has to go now. He pulls another bouncer from Aaron, and this time Maddinson holds on to the catch. That wicket has brought the first strategic time-out for the day as well. The captain has come in now.
50 up for Mumbai now. It’s a good start for the men in blue, although they have already lost a couple of wickets. And Aaron seems to be trying a little too hard here. Bowled a wayward bouncer first up, to say the least. Seems he has been given the license to bowl just fast.
OUT! A Tare 17(18)





Rayudu starts the last over of the powerplay in nice fashion. Comes down the ground, and flicks it for four. And Tare too goes after Morkel here. Pulls that well for four. And the next one goes for four again. And this even better, on the opposite direction of the ground.
Oh, dear, Morkel is losing it here. After being hit for two boundaries, he strays down the legside and goes or 5 byes. But comes back well with a slower bouncer.




Varun Aaron into the attack now. Starts off with a wide outside the off-stump. Aditya Tare is trying to break free. He miscues a pull on the fourth delivery, but the balls lands safe. The next delivery, he moves to the leg side and gets an edge over the covers, and almost gets run out.
Mumbai need to show some urgency. And they are.



Tried to pull one off Morkel, but this time safely caught by Chahal. Hussey was making it clear that he means business. He was stepping out to the pacers, although not connecting everything.
Albie Morkel is getting some good bounce here. He bowls the first no-ball of the match. The first free-it though yields just a single.
OUT! M Hussey 16(15)



Mitchell Starc into his second over here. Bowled a beautiful first one, and should have got Hussey, who was dropped by Yujvendra Chahal at first slip.
Hussey is looking more in his elements now. But Starc too is getting some good bounce.



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