Sri Lanka struck early to get Quinton de Kock © AFP (File Photo)
Sri Lanka struck early to get Quinton de Kock © AFP (File Photo)

Mar 22, 2014


Catch Live scorecard of South Africa (SA) vs Sri Lanka (SL) here

(The ICC World T20 2014 Group 1 opens with the clash of the perennial underachievers South Africa and Sri Lanka. Catch all the happening of the match in our live cricket score below)


Sri Lanka won by five runs and it was a good win. A lot of the credit has to go to Malinga for bowling beautifully. However, it is Kusal Perera who gets the man of the match award. He couldn’t come to accept it as he has a concussion. In fact, he did not field as well. That is it from us for this game. Do join us for the upcoming contest between England and New Zealand. You can follow the live blog of the England New Zealand encounter here.



Malinga gets full. Miller works it to mid-wicket and Steyn runs! However, he sends him back and is run-out! And Miller is also gone. He pushed to long-off and Morne Morkel called him for two. The throw came in from the deep to Sangakkra and he is out by a mile. Tahir hits one over the top but only gets two. With 12 needed off the last ball, Tahir smashes it for six over cover. But, doesn’t matter. Sri Lanka win by five runs.
OUT! Steyn 0(2) Miller 19(16)




Kulasekara comes for the penultimate over and gets it full first up. Miller can only get a single. Kulasekara takes pace off the ball and Behardien tries to hit him over the leg-side. However, he manages to offer a catch to long-on. Focus Miller! He punches the third ball to long-on. and Dale Steyn does manage to get back for a brace. Kulasekara bowls full outside the off-stump and Steyn misses. And, he misses the second over as well. South Africa need 15 off the last over. An
OUT! Behardien 5(4)



Malinga comes for the crucial over. Remember, he has one more over after this. Which means he will bowl the last one as well. Behardien gets a single off the first ball. Malinga then bowls a full delivery that is a touch wider. Miller hits it very well past wide long-off for a four. Malinga then gets a yorker onto the legs, but Miller is able to guide it for a single to mid-wicket. Malinga then fires a Yorker in Behardien does well to keep it out. He gets a single in the process. Miller pushes to long-off and Behardien gets through for the second. Thisara Perera, at long-off, couldn’t do much about it. The other Sri Lankans are not happy with that. South Africa now need 19 runs off two overs.



Ajantha Mendis comes back to bowl a crucial over. Miller gets a full toss first up as he charges but can only take a single. And then Morkel is in the act. He gets a full toss and he smashes it over long-on for a six. That is why he is in the middle! And then, he drags from out of the off-stump and smashes it over mid-wicket for another six. This one was big! And he is out! He tries to slog-sweep again and he manages to find the fielder at cow-corner. He was brought in there after the last six. Farhaan Behardien is the new man. He gets three off his first ball. Placing it to the on-side, they went for two. There was a throw at the non-striker’s end and Miller was home. The ball hit the stumps and they could take one more. Now 29 needed off 18.
OUT! A Morkel 12(4)



Senanayake comes in. Duminy takes a single off the first ball and then Miller follows suit. They get a brace off the third ball as Duminy charges and works it through the vacant area at mid-wicket. And Duminy is out! He sweeps across the line, but then it goes straight to Dilshan at mid-wicket! Albie Morkel is in now with the job of finishing the game. His skills are crucial now. They need 46 off 24.
OUT! Duminy 39(30)



David Miller is the new man as Ajantha Mendis is brought back into the attack. Miller works his first ball to deep extra cover for a single. Duminy tries to charge down the ground, but he had pulled his length back. Thus, he could only push it through for a single. Miller tries the same thing but can only defend it. Only five runs off that over. Very good one for Sri Lanka at this stage.



Angelo Mathews is brought back into the attack. He is worked away through the off-side for a single. De Villiers places the second ball through third-man for a brace. He had moved across the crease as the bowler ran in before getting back to his original stance. De Villiers then tries to make room, but Mathews holds his line just outside the off-stump and it is a dot ball. Mathews then gets it in around Yorker length and de Villiers drives it with authority down the ground. The fielder at mid-off couldn’t get across and it goes for four. And he is gone. He tries to charge and plays cross batted. He gets an edge and is taken by Sangakkara.
OUT! de Villiers 24(16)



Malinga comes into the attack and hurls a full toss on de Villiers’s pads. He guides it away past the fine-leg fielder for a four. He then takes a single as Duminy comes on strike after an age one would say! He guides it to third man for a four. That is the 100 for South Africa. Malinga then bowls it short and it is a wide.



Some good running in that over bowled by Ajantha Mendis. De Villiers gets two off the first ball and then two braces through the leg-side. The best one was for last as he goes inside out over cover and it goes for six.



Senanayake comes into the attack and Duminy can only sneak a leg-bye off the second ball. And now it is Amla’s chance. He dances down the ground and hits it inside out over wide long-off. Jayawardene cannot stop it. Amla then sweeps it for two. But then, he tries to go inside out, but lobs a catch to cover. AB de Villiers is the new man. He gets off the mark first ball.
OUT! Amla 23(26)



Ajantha Mendis comes into the attack and Duminy dances down the ground and lofts it straight. Dilshan tries to come across to stop it, but couldn’t as it goes for four. Duminy then smashes one over long-on and it goes for a six. That was very well played. Good counterattack by Duminy!



Perera continues and Duminy smashes him down the ground for a four. He got on top of it and smashed it with power. That brought up the fifty for South Africa. Later, Duminy almost gone one down the leg-side, but Sangakkara did well to get a glove to it. Duminy then lofts Perera over mid-on and it goes into the boundary. And then he plays an inescribable shot! He walks across and tries to scoop it. And then connects as he almost withdraws his bat. That goes all the way for six over the keeper’s head.



Senanayake continues and he does manage to keep the pressure. Amla does charge on to him, but hits it straight to long-on. Duminy and Amla only work it around for singles.



Thisara Perera is at the bowling crease now. He could have had a wicket as Amla tries to cut one. There was a noise as it went past the bat. Sangakkara appealed but Perera did not.
Amla gets a single off the first ball. Mathews then bowls in decent channels although he does bowl a wide down the leg-side. Duminy gets off the mark by guiding one through the leg-side. Amla then gets a boundary as he flicks one behind square foe a four. He walked down a little and then worked it away.



Lasith Malinga, Sri Lanka’s stump-card is up now. And he gets a wicket soon. The dangerman de Kock is out. It was the yorker obviously! JP Duminy is the new batsman. He gets a yorker off the second ball. Brilliant over from Malinga.
OUT! de Kock 25(18)



Sachithra Senanayake comes on to bowl. Je gives width and de Kock tries to smash it. The fielder at extra-cover, Seekugge Prasanna misfields it and it goes through for four. Otherwise, it is a decent over.



Amla takes a single off the first ball and lets de Kock take strike to Kulasekara. He then charges down the ground and smashes it over mid-on for a four. It nearly carried for a six, but bounced just before the ropes. De Kock then moves across the stumps and carts it for maximum over square-leg. He then smashes one through the off-side for four. That is the stuff South Africa want from de Kock.



Mathews gets the new ball. De Kock dispatches the second ball through the off-side for a four. That gets him going. De Kock is crucial for this South African side as he can get them off to a good start.



Nuwan Kulasekara will start proceedings for Sri Lanka. Quinton de Kock to face. He gets off the mark off the second ball. Amla works his first ball through leg-side and takes a single. Only four singles off the over. Good over to start with from Kulasekara.



Steyn bowls the last over and is hit for two off the first ball. Mathews then gets two more as he lofts through the off-side. And Steyn hits back! He bowls full and castles Mathews! A crucial innings. Sachithra Senanayake is the new man and he gets a single off his first ball. Off the last ball, Kulasekara gets a four as he edges it through third-man.
OUT! Mathews 43(32)



Morne Morkel bowls a wide first up. He follows it up with a good yorker, that is dug out well by Mathews and they get a single as the 150 is up. He then overpitches as Perera lofts it over the bowler for a brace. There was some good work on the boundary. Behardien dived and saved it well, passing it to Duminy. Perera then tries to heave across the line and is bowled by Morkel.Kulasekara is the new man.
OUT! T Perera 8(6)



Perera gets one in the slot from Steyn and he dispatches it through cow corner for a four. This is the push Sri Lanka need and they have the perfect men for that in the centre. Steyn then hits back well by bowling a dot ball and then Perera takes a single off a full delivery. Later, Mathews tries to pull a short delivery and gets a top-edge. It flies over de Kock and goes for a four.



Mathews charges down the ground to Tahir and clears the boundary down the ground. The fielder at long-on tried to come across but could only see it move past him. The batsmen then manage to take singles off the next three balls. Then Chandimal charges down the ground and misses. Quinton de Kock then stumps him.
OUT! Chandimal 12(9)



Albie Morkel comes back and Chandimal tries to loft him past mid-on. They get two as Farhan Behardien fields it well on the boundary. Chandimal gets another two as he mistimes one to cover and there are overthrows. Chandimal then moves across his stumps, crouches and lofts one over short fine-leg for four.



With Tahir going well at the other end, de Villiers changes things here. Morne Morkel is now into the attack. Mathews tries to move across his stumps. One delivery followed him and he was hurried into the shot. It went to long-on and the batsmen rushed through for two. Mathews then makes room and lofts one through the off-side for a four. He then pulls the last ball through mid-wicket for a brace.



Tahir continues and Mathews takes a single off the second ball. And Perera has gone. He tries to charge and lofts it high over the infield. Mid-off runs back and takes the catch. Big wicket! Chandimal is the new man in the centre and he gets off-strike!
OUT! K Perera 61(40)



Perera tries to go over the top and gets an edge to third-man. However, it dows not carry. Lonwabo Tsotsobe is now bowling as de Villiers tries to shuffle his bowlers around. He is trying to ensure that the batsmen don’t settle to a bowler. And the 100 is. Perera carts one through the off-side and it goes for a four. De Villiers dived at cover, but couldn’t take it.



Tahir continues and Perera tries to charge to him off the second ball. However, Tahir is able to get a hand to it and take pace off it. Only a single conceded there. Meanwhile, Mathews is using this over to work the strike around. Perera then pulls a length ball in the air, but David Miller isn’t able to come forward to take the catch. And then Mathews charges and smashes a four down the ground.



Dale Steyn comes back into the attack and Mathews tries to charge to him, but doesn’t connect as he tries to loft over the off-side. Steyn mixes it around and keeps Mathews quiet off the first few deliveries. Mathews ultimately gets off strike as he edges it to third man. Steyn then stuns Perera with a short ball, which takes the edge off his bat as he tries to pull, lobs off his body and falls in front of mid-off.



Imran Tahir has come on to bowl his leg-spin. Perera takes a single off the first ball. Sangakkara is then surprised off the second ball as he misses it. And later in the over, he edges one to short-third man and is taken by Lonwabo Tsotsobe. He had tried to sweep it and got the edge which flew to Tsotsobe. Mathews is the new man and gets off the mark first ball.
OUT! Sangakkara 14(18)



Duminy bowls one that is angling down the leg side and Perera pulls it through fine-leg for four. Leter, there is a scare of a run-out as Perera tried to push Sangakkra for a single and while he dived at the non-striker’s end, he hurt himself. He was lucky on that occasion that it wasn’t a direct hit.He then gets up and completes his fifty by guiding one through fine-leg. That is his fifth T20 International fifty.



And now it is Albie Morkel who will bowl! Sangakkara leans into the first ball and lofts it beautifully over mid-off for a four. The second ball takes the edge and goes to third-man. The batsmen are able to get across for two. Morkel then strays on Perera’s pads and he gets a feather onto it before it deflects his pads and goes fine for four. Lonwabo Tsotsobe was inside the ring at fine-leg. Pressure on Morkel as he bowls a wide down the leg-side.



JP Duminy comes in to bowl his off-spinners. After a couple of singles, Perera tries to play an attacking stroke as he pulls it to the deep mid-wicket region. However, it is only a single. Sangakkara also smartly pushes it around for singles in this over.



It looks like Tsotsobe will bowl all his overs here. He surprises Sangakkara with two short balls first up. Sangakkara then goes to the other end with a single through the leg-side. And then, Sri Lanka’s fifty is up. Tsotsobe bowls on a length and Perera bludgeons it over mid-wicket. What a shot that! Again, the fielder was on the boundary and could only watch it sail over his head. Perera then takes a single to take strike next over.



Morkel comes in and Jayawardene moves down the leg-side and smashes it through the gap between mid-off and cover. Jayawardene then tries to go over the top but lofts it into the hands of mid-on. Good comeback by Morkel. Sangakkara is the new man in. He gets off the mark off the third ball he faces.
OUT! Jayawardene 9(9)



Jayawardene faces Tsotsobe and he moves across the stumps and flicks it through the leg-side for a brace. It was typical Jayawardene as he flicked it with ease. And then Perera flicks one again with the square-leg and fine-leg inside the ring.



Morne Morkel replaces Dale Steyn after the whirlwind first over. Two singles taken off the first two balls. But then, there is that Jayasuriya-jab again. He just picked him off the legs and cleared the field. There was a man back, but he could only watch it go over him. He then taps it to the off-side and takes a quick run.



Lonwabo Tsotsobe starts off from the other end. He starts off with a wide first ball. Perera then takes a tight single through the leg-side and Mahela Jayawardene gets to the other end. He then gets off the mark as he guides one through the third-man region.




Steyn starts off with a delivery right on the mark as it swings back into Kusal Perera. The second ball is slightly overpitched and he smashes it just over mid-off. He then carts it through point. And then he lofts one over mid-wicket! That was Sanath Jayasuriya! And this has put pressure on Steyn as he bowls two sides in the over. What an exhibition of batting first up. Perera then takes a single off the penultimate ball. And Dilshan is bowled first ball! Steyn goes through the gate and the woodwork is disturbed. What an opening over.
OUT! Dilshan 0(1)





Here are the teams for today as they sing their national anthems:




South Africa


AB de Villiers (c), Hashim Amla, Farhaan Behardien, Quinton de Kock (wk), JP Duminy, Imran Tahir, David Miller, Albie Morkel, Morne Morkel, Dale Steyn, Lonwawo Tsotsobe


Sri Lanka


Dinesh Chandimal(c), Lasith Malinga, Tillkaaratne Dilshan, Mahela Jayawardene, Nuwan Kulasekara, Angelo Mathews, Ajantha Mendis, Kusal Perera, Thisara Perera, Kumar Sangakkara(c), Sachitra Senanayake





Toss : Sri Lanka win toss and elect to bat. Faf du Plessis is not playing today. AB de Villiers is captaining them today.




Welcome to the live blog of the of the Group 1T20 World Cup between South Africa and Sri Lanka at Chittagong. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and I will be bringing the live updates of the match. This tie has been derisively named as the battle of the ‘chockers’, pointing out both teams’ inability to get across the finishing line in International Cricket Council (ICC) tournaments.


Sri Lanka will be buoyed by their recent Asia Cup 2014 victory and even started the warm-up games of this tournament with a thrilling win over India.


Meanwhile South Africa were found wanting against the Australians at home in the series that preceded the World T20. Sri Lanka’s familiarity with the conditions will prove to be key but South Africa’s only ICC victory came in these parts in 1998. You can read the  preview on the match here.




South Africa: AB de Villiers (c), Hashim Amla, Farhaan Behardien, Quinton de Kock (wk), JP Duminy, Beuran Hendricks, Imran Tahir, David Miller, Albie Morkel, Morne Morkel, Wayne Parnell, Aaron Phangiso, Dale Steyn, Lonwawo Tsotsobe


Sri Lanka: Dinesh Chandimal(c), Lasith Malinga, Tillkaaratne Dilshan, Rangana Herath, Mahela Jayawardene, Nuwan Kulasekara, Suranga Lakmal, Angelo Mathews, Ajantha Mendis, Kusal Perera, Thisara Perera, Seekkuge Prasanna, Kumar Sangakkara(c), Sachitra Senanayake, Lahiru Thirimanne


Catch the Preview of the match here.


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