Angelo Mathews' cameo helped Sri Lanka to a win in the dying moments of the match © Getty Images
Angelo Mathews’ cameo helped Sri Lanka to a win in the dying moments of the match © Getty Images

Aug 10, 2014

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Sri Lanka need just seven runs to win now. Short ball, AND MATHEWS CLOBBERS THIS FOR SIX! The scores are level! Just one run needed to win! Absolute gem from Mathews. Everyone comes in to save the single. Just one run needed to win now. And Talha pulls out of his bowling. Mathews has a smile. Here comes Talha again. SRI LANKA WIN! Mathews scrambles for a single just as the rain starts coming down! WHAT A FINISH!


Junaid continues. Oh huge hit from Mathews, THAT’S GONE ALL THE WAY FOR SIX! Just 18 needed now. Short ball, pulled away for just one. Four more for Vithanage! Poor ball from Junaid. Short ball, sounds like it hit something but no one appealed! Dot ball as it happens. 13 needed off 32 now. Short ball, and six more. Vithanage finally gets one off the middle. The match is over now, surely! Oh huge swing, and a miss.


Vithanage comes in now. Gets off the mark with a single. Another single for Mathews. Well bowled again. Dot ball. Another dot. Vithanage must be feeling the heat. Last ball now. Short ball, Vithanage plays an indescribable pull shot. Let me try to put it to words. He was ducking and trying to evade it yet hit it for a six.


Talha now. AND HE’S GOT HIS MAN! Huge wicket, he has got Sanga holing out off a short ball! Good catch under pressure from Manzoor.
OUT! K Sangakkara 21(22) c Manzoor b Talha


Junaid continues. Single to Sanga. Short, Mathews pulls, four more. One run more. Nice shot, but well fielded by Junaid. Another single to Sanga. Mathews hits another one for a boundary. Sri Lanka marching on to the win!


Angelo Mathews the skipper comes in. Nine overs to go, 40 runs to win. Sanga and Mathews are on strike. Mohammad Talha comes on now. Match-saving tactics from Misbah. Short ball, Sanga pulls away for one. One for Mathews. Short and wide, another single cut away by Sanga. Short ball, wide down the leg side. Not called wide though. And again down the leg side.


Junaid continues. The clouds really covering the ground here. Short and wide, Sanga gets this just over the diving point fielder and gets four. Another dot. Fine shot, but it’s just one. OH BOWLED HIM! Mahela’s innings come to an end. This is the final time he will bat at Galle here.
OUT! M Jayawardene 26(35) b Junaid


Ajmal to Jayawardene again. That’s a couple, chipped away to the leg side. And another run. Sanga drives off the back foot, gets another single. These two rotating the strike.


Junaid continues. Short ball to start with, Sanga ducks. Nicely played there but straight to the fielder. Great shot again from Sanga, hit that one down the ground for four more! Another single. Two to Mahela. Single to end the over.


Ajmal continues. Jaya beaten all ends up, he was looking to get down the track and hoist it away, missed it completely. Quick single, it’s a direct hit, but Jaya is safe. Another dot. And a single to Jaya. Oh beautifully swept by Sanga, that’s four more! Last ball coming up now.


In walks Sangakkara. SangaWardene together for one final time at Galle. Junaid with his tail up, starts off with a dot ball to Sanga. Another single. And another dot to Mahela. Final delivery now. Oh he’s edged this but it’s gone through the slips! Good result in the end for Mahela.


Junaid again. OH HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! Tharanga cleaned up by Junaid.
OUT! U Tharanga 12(20) b Junaid


Ajmal continues. Oh that’s four off the first ball for Mahela. Good start for him. Couple of dots to follow it up though, good bowling from Ajmal. Good over, just a four off the first ball.


Here’s Junaid. He’s really putting his heart into this, quick and accurate. Quick single there to Tharanga. Sri Lanka have gone a bit slower over the last couple of overs. Single to Mahela. Last ball now.


Ajmal to continue. Jayawardene cuts but he get’s only two. Good ball on middle stump, a dot ball. A dot ball yet again. Mahela tries to flick and misses, dot ball again. Mahela sweeps and misses, end of the over.


Junaid again. Ooh bit of an appeal there but Mahela is safe. Oh short ball, Mahela pulls but misses. Not quite his most graceful innings so far. Short ball again, pulled for one. Tharanga on strike now. And another short ball, but this one has been called wide. Dot ball. Oh that last ball is another dot, but could have been four.


Ajmal again. Jaya on strike. Dot ball. Just a single now. Oh an inside edge from Tharanga. And another one. Forward defense now. Oh he’s found the boundary off the last ball. Sri Lanka marching ahead here.


Junaid Khan to bowl now. Tharanga on strike. The Sri Lankan spectators are dancing now. Nicely played but just one. Forward defense from Jayawardene. Four more to Mahela off the outside edge. Short ball, pulled for one. Last ball now. And a dot.


So it’s Mahela opening the innings! And Ajmal opening the bowling. Oh that’s four off the first ball, outside edge from Tharanga’s bat. Sri Lanka are away! A single now. So Jayawardene on strike! And he gets off the mark immediately. There is a risk of rain though. This match will probably go down to the wire.




Herath again AND THIS COULD BE IT! Yes, Junaid Khan is dismissed and this is the end of the innings for Pakistan. Herath again the hero for Sri Lanka, this is his sixth wicket.
OUT! J Khan 0(7) LBW b Herath


OH HERATH HAS STRUCK! That’s the end of Talha!
OUT! M Talha 4(13) c Dickwella b Herath


Sarfaraz really batting well here. He’s making sure that even if Pakistan do get bowled out, at least they have something to defend. Shaminda tries his best to bounce out the batsmen but really on a pitch like this it seems a waste of effort. Herath is a much better option. Now Dhammika Prasad into the attack. Short ball, dug into his ribs will allow Sarfaraz to get to his half-century, and Pakistan now lead by 96. Ahmed has hurt his finger though, he’s getting a bit of treatment now. Sarfaraz is now only the third Pakistani wicketkeeper to score twin fifties.


Play resumes after what seems like a tiny break. I wonder how many of the cricketers actually had any tea at all. Anyway, Mohammad Talha comes out to join Sarfaraz. Bit of a dilemma here for Sarfaraz: attack and score some runs to avoid Sri Lanka from chasing it down, or defend and avoid Sri Lanka from having to bat at all. So far it looks like Sarfaraz is going for his shots. Good to see.



This pair has done quite well to survive this long. If they can remain unbeaten till Tea, then Pakistan will feel quite good about saving the Test. Shaminda Eranga comes on now. OH HE’S BROKEN THROUGH! That’s the end of Rehman’s resistance. Rehman caught behind! Pakistan go to Tea at 153/8.
OUT! A Rehman 1(19) c Dickwella b Eranga


Hello there everyone, I’m Shiamak Unwalla and I’ll be taking over from here. Abdur Rehman is the new man in to join Sarfaraz, and they continue to try and keep the tremendous Sri Lankan spinners at bay. Rangana Herath and Dilruwan Perera are not making life simple for Pakistan one bit. Sarfaraz shows some fight with a couple of meaty boundaries off Dilruwan, while Rehman is quite solid as well.



Rangana Herath strikes once again as Pakistan are crumbling under pressure. They may blame lack of international cricket if they lose this game, but what the Pakistanis are lacking here is application. Asad Shafiq is out, leg-before.
OUT! A Shafiq lbw b Herath 8 (25)


This is HUGE! Perera has continued to bowl from round the wicket and creating that angle gives him a wicket finally! Misbah fails to hit the ball as he moves a little back to play it towards the leg-side. The decision is reviewed, and it goes in favour of Sri Lanka.
Pakistan need their batsmen to hang in there. Lead is of only 29 runs now.
OUT! Misbah-ul-Haq lbw b Perera 28 (63)


What a delivery! Herath pitches one right in the line of the off-stump inviting the batsman forward. Azhar Ali gets an edge and is caught behind! Pakistan in trouble again.
OUT! A Ali c Dickwella b Herath 41 (151)


Pakistan have recovered post lunch. They have extended their lead to 26 runs and Misbah and Azhar are batting well at the moment. The match, as expected, seems to be heading for a draw unless Sri Lanka do something magical here.


Azhar Ali and Misbah-ul-Haq have picked up after a poor display early on. They have helped Pakistan take lead in the second session, and are batting comfortably at the crease.


Pakistan have resumed their innings after lunch and have not scored a run so far in the first two overs.



Sri Lanka would certainly be chuffed up with their performance in the match so far. They have taken couple of wickets this morning, and it will be really testing for the Pakistan batsmen from here on. Click here to know what all happened till lunch.

Poor batting display and no intent of scoring runs whatsoever has landed Pakistan in big trouble. Sri Lankans would surely be itching to get to the field soon as the lunch break beckons. They will be eager to get rid of the lower-middle order and see if they can pull off a win here. Pakistan still 16 runs behind in their second innings.


Another one bites the dust and this time it is Younis Khan! The star Pakistan batsman is cleaned up by Rangana Herath, and the tourists have now lost their fourth wicket!
OUT! Y Khan b Herath 13 (25)


It’s been a poor show by Pakistan so far in the day. They have not played with positive intent, as ideally one would like to erase the deficit first and try and build on some lead. Pakistan still trailing by 27 runs.


Pakistan camp not at all happy with the decision that went against Ahmed Shehzad. The ball was drifting down the leg, missing the wickets completely. Shehzad looks devastated in that dressing room.

And there goes another! Ahmed Shehzad has failed to click in the game and this time he has been trapped in front of the wickets by Dilruwan Perera. Pakistan in trouble!
OUT! A Shehzad lbw b Perera 16 (74)



Pakistan are trudging along so far in the game. They have not showed any intent to score runs, while Sri Lankans are attacking from spin from both the ends. Pakistan trail by 61 more runs.


May be India should take a leaf out of Sri Lanka’s book regarding their bowling strategies. Saeed Ajmal gets a fuller delivery, inviting him to drive. The nightwatchman is caught behind. Pakistan lose their second wicket.
OUT! S Ajmal c Dickwella b Prasad 4 (21)




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the first day of the first Test between Sri Lanka and Pakistan at Galle. I am Devarchit Varma and I’ll be bringing the live updates of the match.


Sri Lanka delcared their first innings at 533 for nine after Kumar Sangakkara smashed 221 against Pakistan in the first Test match at Galle. Sri Lanka have taken a lead of 82 runs in the first essay. Saeed Ajmal was Pakistan’s most successful bowler with five wickets in his kitty. Sangakkara added 181 runs with Angelo Mathews to put Sri Lanka in a position from which they could dominate. Mathews was unlucky as he was dismissed for 91, apparently for the third time at the same score.


Pakistan were 4/1 in their second essay at stumps after Sri Lanka declared their first innings at 533 for nine on Day Four  in the opening Test match at Galle. Ahmed Shehzad was batting on one alongwith nightwatchman Saeed Ajmal, who was yet to open his account. Pakistan were trailing by 78 runs. However, the day belonged to Kumar Sangakkara, who smashed his 10th double ton.


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