Luke Pomersbach © Getty Images
Luke Pomersbach © Getty Images


Jun 5, 2014


Stuart Law, the Queensland coach, has supported Luke Pomersbach who has taken time away from the game to recover from depression. Pomersbach said earlier that he was quitting cricket in order to battle against depression, which has been troubling him for some time. Law believes that Pomersbach has done the right thing to tend to his health first.


Speaking to The Age, Law said, “It’s a tough one. The welfare of the player is first and foremost. With what Luke is battling at the moment, hopefully he has made the right decision to make sure he gets the right treatment and go on and live a very full life. Cricket has been a massive part of his life but his health comes first. We’re all hoping he makes a full recovery”


Law said that Pomersbach has taken the right step and that it is “exceptional” that he has admitted it. He said, “I think it’s an exceptional step forward for Luke. When someone does have a problem like this, the first step is owning up and making sure that you understand you do have a problem. The next step towards recovery for him is hopefully not too far away.”


Pomersbach announced that he was taking a break from cricket recently. It isn’t the first time cricketers have come out and spoken about depression. It is gradually becoming a topic cricketers can talk about.