Difference of opinion is not an unusual thing between couples. But when the husband is from Pakistan while the wife is an Indian, there are bound to be disagreements over even trivial things. The Indo-Pak couple of sportspersons Sania Mirza and her husband Shoaib Malik recently showed this side of their life in a Pakistani TV commercial.

The occasion was an advertisement commemorating Nestle’s 150 years of existence. The couple has been appreciated for their spontaneous act in the commercial that came out recently. It shows them having fights over petty things, as they argue over which country from India and Pakistan has better food, climate, culture, et al. Both continue to disagree even as their servant observes the entire episode as a mute spectator.

In the end, it is him who comes up with a solution. He settles the argument by offering Tea made up of Nestle milk to the warring couple. Both the sportspersons finally agree that there is one thing which faces no competition and that is Nestle milk. The ad, where the couple has looked extremely delightful, concludes on this note. Watch it here!