Virat Kohli has scored three ducks on this tour so far and his poor form has been linked to his girlfriend Anushka Sharma's presence in England  Photo Courtesy: Official Twitter account of Amul
Virat Kohli’s struggled in the Test series in England and his poor performance was linked to the presence of actress girlfriend Anushka Sharma.  Photo Courtesy: Official Twitter account of Amul

Aug 29, 2014

While Virat Kohli struggles to dodge trouble with poor form linked to actress girlfriend Anushka Sharma, Amul has finally decided to voice it’s concern for the Indian batsman. For a majority part of this tour, Kohli’s horrible run has been linked to the presence of his girlfriend Anushka. Amul’s banner requests people to stop blaming the actress. The banner reads, ‘Kohli-Peeli Anushka ko blame mat karo’ (Do not unnecessarily blame Anushka).

The couple first grabbed headlines in January this year when Anushka was seen in New Zealand when the team was on tour. Kohli did well on the tour and the news soon faded away from the media. But the controversy resurfaced when the Indian board granted permission to allow Anushka to accompany the batsman in England. Since then, things took a turn for worse for Kohli as his struggle with the bat was being linked to the presence of his girlfriend.

Some comments against her presence flew from within the board but it was eventually laid to rest with a clarification from the board itself.

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