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Aug 25, 2014

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Denesh Ramdin is the man of the match for his sensational 169 off 121 balls with eight fours and 11 sixes. He absolutely decimated the Bangladeshis and ensured that West Indies completed a 3-0 clean-sweep.

Bangladesh 247/8 | Overs 50

M Mortaza 15(9), A Razzak 5(5)

Well, for all their efforts to bat the 50 overs, Bangladesh might just get bowled out before that. Gazi goes for a typical tailender’s slog and loses his furniture. Rampaul gets his fourth wicket. Bangladesh need 109 runs off eight balls. Not even playing with cheat codes on Cricket ’97 can save them. And Rampaul finishes with figures of four for 29 in his 10 overs. Good performance from him. Mortaza gets one for six off Gayle in the final over.

OUT! S Gazi 24(26) b Rampaul

Bangladesh 219/7 | Overs 47

S Gazi 20(20), M Mortaza 1(2)

It’s all just a formality now. Nasir Hossain plays a few shots but he eventually finds the man in the deep as Bangladesh lose their seventh wicket. Ravi Rampaul gets another one, and with 124 runs needed to win off 23 balls, it is safe to say that the match is over.

OUT! N Hossain 26(28) c b Rampaul

Bangladesh 181/6 | Overs 42

N Hossain 10(18), S Gazi 0(2)

Nasir Hossain is the new man in. Narine and Rampaul bowl some really, really tight overs. Nasir and Mahmudullah don’t look like they’re trying to win the game. AND ROACH BREAKS THROUGH! He gets Mahmudullah to edge one to Ramdin behind the stumps. And Bangladesh sink further.

OUT! Mahmudullah 27(38) c Ramdin b Roach

Bangladesh 163/5 | Overs 37

Mahmudullah 21(28)

Bangladesh now starting to show some positive intent, but the runs are still not coming as quickly as they should. AND NOW MUSHY HOLES OUT! Departs in the quest for big runs, he hits this one to Sammy in the deep off Rampaul.

OUT! M Rahim 72(113) c Sammy b Rampaul

Bangladesh 134/4 | Overs 32

M Rahim 59(92), Mahmudullah 7(19)

These two are now getting a few runs as well, but again the run rate is far too low. What is really strange is that neither batsmen are even trying to go for a few big hits. It seems they are just looking to play out the 50 overs. Mushy gets to a fighting half-century, but doesn’t seem too keen on upping his scoring.

Bangladesh 108/4 | Overs 25

M Rahim 44(67), Mahmudullah 0(1)

With Tamim’s dismissal, Mominul Haque makes his way to the middle. Things look bleak at the moment for Bangladesh. Mushy is batting well, but the required rate at this point is just far too high. OH AND BRAVO GETS HIS MAN! Mominul departs, goes at one hard, and Sammy takes a neat catch in the slips.

OUT! M Haque 0(0) c Sammy b Bravo 5(13)

Bangladesh 101/3 | Overs 22

M Rahim 42(63), M Haque 0(0)

Bangladesh need to score more quickly, they have done the hard work of building a partnership, but this pair needs to speed things up now. Here’s Narine. OH AND HE STRIKES! Tamim’s vigil has ended. Bowled by the knuckle ball.

OUT! T Iqbal 55(62) b Narine

Bangladesh 82/2 | Overs 18

T Iqbal 48(50), M Rahim 32(51)

This pair has really done well. They have found the boundary regularly, and are rotating the strike well. They are still far behind on the required rate, but the fact that these two men are still out there augurs very well indeed for the visitors. Sunil Narine has come in to the attack. His first over goes for three. If they can survive his bowling, Bangladesh could still spring a surprise or two.

Bangladesh 64/2 | Overs 13

T Iqbal 38(45), M Rahim 23(26)

West Indies have sustained the pressure, but this pair of Tamim and Mushfiqur have added 50 runs here. This has been a very good stand between the two. They have responded admirably to the pressure, and are in fact currently ahead of where West Indies were at the same stage. That being said, one of them will have to go on to play a blinder if Bangladesh are to win this.

Bangladesh 29/2 | Overs 8

T Iqbal 20(26), M Rahim 8(14)

Rampaul and Holder are putting the strangle-hold on Bangladesh. Tamim and Mushy have a huge challenge ahead of them. Both men are looking settled despite the two early wickets. Tamim, especially, is looking really good. Holder and Rampaul are bolwing short, but he is equal to the task. Can these two batsmen lead a recovery?


Bangladesh 2/2 | Overs 2

T Iqbal 1(6), M Rahim 0(1)

Ravi Rampaul continues now. Kayes has come out all guns blazing, but for all his efforts he hasn’t put bat to ball more than once. OH WHAT A CATCH! Kemar Roach has taken possibly the catch of the summer! What an absolute gem of a catch! Kayes is out.

OUT! I Kayes 1(1) c Roach b Rampaul

Bangladesh 2/1 | Overs 1

T Iqbal 1(3), I Kayes 1(1)

West Indies absolutely dominated the first half of this match, will they do the same with the ball? Here’s Jason Holder to start things off. AND HE STRIKES! Anamul Haque edges one to Sammy at slip, and West Indies are away!

Haque 0(2) c Sammy b Holder

West Indies 338/7 | Overs 50

D Bravo 3(6), S Narine 0(0)

Ramdin has not been able to find the boundary here at the death. Mortaza again. And Ramdin finally gets one away for six! West Indies manage to get 13 runs off the penultimate over. Al-Amin bowls the final over. Just two off the first two balls. AND HE’S GOT THE BIG ONE! Ramdin departs for a tremendous innings. Jason Holder comes in. AND HE HOLES OUT FIRST BALL! Al-Amin suddenly on a hat trick!

OUT! D Ramdin c Nasir b Al-Amin 169(121), J Holder c Nasir b Al-Amin 0(1)

West Indies 320/5 | Overs 47.2

D Ramdin 154(112)

Al-Amin to Sammy. Just a single. Ramdin gets a couple, and he goes on to 150. Just four overs to go after this over. And Sammy gets four off the last ball to make it 11 off the over. Mortaza continues. Ramdin can only get a single. Great over from Mortaza so far, just four off the first four. And another single. Great over, just six off that one. Al-Amin continues. AND HE STRIKES! Sammy holes out.

OUT! D Sammy 10(9) c Razzak b Al-Amin

West Indies 303/4 | Overs 45

D Ramdin 148(106), D Sammy 1(1)

So with seven runs to go, Al-Amin comes back on. Pollard gets a full toss and smacks it for four. And Ramdin smacks a boundary and a six to end the over! Great stuff from him! Razzak into his final over now. Ramdin goes over long-off now, six more! ANOTHER BOUNDARY! This is 300 up now for West Indies. And Ramdin closes in on his 150. Oh Pollard goes down the ground, but he finds Tamim on the boundary.

OUT! K Pollard 10(7) c Tamim b Razzak

West Indies 270/3 | Overs 42.4

D Ramdin 124(97)

Gazi again. And Bravo smashes this high and long down the ground, six more! Nine runs off that over. Razzak continues. And now Darren Bravo launches this one for a 101 metre six! What a tremendous hit! Shades of Brian Charles Lara in that one! 11 runs off that over. Mahmudullah again. He has been one bowler whose figures are not yet disfigured. Five off the first three balls, he miscues one but it lands safely. OH HE’S GOT HIM NOW! Bravo slashes this, but finds no timing, he is taken by Kayes.

OUT! D Bravo 124(127) c Kayes b Mahmudullah

West Indies 245/2 | Overs 40

D Bravo 103(114), D Ramdin 124(97)

Gazi again. And Bravo inches closer. Singles off each of the first four balls, and another of the last one. Bravo on strike for the next over, on 99. Razzak to bowl now. And starts with a dot. AND THERE IT IS! ODI Century No 2 for Darren Bravo, it has been a wonderful innings. They can really launch into the attack from this point.

West Indies 235/2 | Overs 38

D Bravo 96(106), D Ramdin 121(93)

Gazi again. Just two off that over. Both men easing off on the accelerator on their way to their tons. Mortaza continues. Two dot balls to start with. AND HE GETS ONE THROUGH FOR FOUR! Tremendous innings from Ramdin, he gets to only his second ODI ton! And he follows up by crashing this one over covers for six! And another one! Six more to Ramdin, he is exploding here! THREE IN A ROW! Ramdin explodes!

West Indies 211/2 | Overs 36

D Bravo 95(101), D Ramdin 98(86)

Ramdin takes for Razzak four more! Nine runs from that over. Mahmudullah again. And Bravo smashes this for yet another six! Short ball, pulled away by Bravo. Huge hit! Eight runs off that one. And Mortaza comes on now. Both men in the 90s. Three off the first three balls, and Bravo cuts savagely off the fourth. Great fielding, that went like the proverbial “tracer bullet.” Oh bit of an appeal off the final ball. Ramdin edged one to the ‘keeper, but did it carry? Mushfiqur doesn’t seem too excited. And it’s not out.

West Indies 190/2 | Overs 33

D Bravo 83(90), D Ramdin 89(79)

Gazi again. And he gives away five singles in that over. Al-Amin continues. He has been the pick of the bowlers for Bangladesh today. Oh lovely shot from Bravo! That’s four through covers. Top-notch from the Lara-esque Bravo brother. AND NOW RAMDIN GOES BIG! six more. Al-Amin’s figures have taken a pounding this over. Gazi again. And four off the first ball to Ramdin. He ends the over with another six!

West Indies 160/2 | Overs 30

D Bravo 75(81), D Ramdin 67(70)

Left-arm spinner Mominul Haque into the attack now. And Bravo clatters it away for six! Oh he hits another one! And finishes off the over with a boundary! Bravo really gets going here. That’s the 150 up as well. Sohag Gazi continues. Just four singles off that one. Al-Amin comes on now. And a very tidy over. Just a couple of runs off that one.

West Indies 135/2 | Overs 27

D Bravo 55(72), D Ramdin 62(61)

Mahmudullah again. And Bravo goes big! Big six down the ground. Bravo gets to 2000 ODI runs. Razzak continues. And now Bravo gets to his fifty as well! His 17th ODI fifty, and second consecutive one of the series. Oh lovely shot, he gives himself some room and cracks this one away for four! Gazi again. Tidy over.

West Indies 115/2 | Overs 24

D Bravo 43(63), D Ramdin 56(52)

Mahmudullah continues. Oh dear dear dear, Kayes has now missed a run out chance! Bravo took off for a single, but Ramdin sent him back. Another chance goes a-begging. Sohag Gazi continues. And Ramdin greets him with a massive six over midwicket! And he goes again, six more! That’s his fifty as well! Coming in to bat at No 4 today, he has really done well. Oh now Bravo smashes six as well! Hefty over, this! Mahmudullah again. Five off that over. Abdur Razzak continues. Tidy over, just three off it.

West Indies 88/2 | Overs 20

D Bravo 36(48), D Ramdin 38(43)

Mortaza continues after the drinks break. And Ramdin greets him with a cut shot for four. Good stuff from the ‘keeper! Nine runs off that over, great start for the West Indies. Mahmudullah continues. And now Darren Bravo shows his wares! Six down the ground over long-on! Tremendous stuff, 10 runs off the over. Mortaza again. Oh dear, what has Ramdin done here? It’s in the air… and drops safe! Poor effort from Razzak, probably could have made a better effort.

West Indies 64/2 | Overs 17

D Bravo 25(40), D Ramdin 26(33)

West Indies have made steady progress here. Bravo and Ramdin have looked good and are keeping the Bangladeshi bowlers at bay with some sensible batting. Meanwhile, Bangladesh are also looking quite good, and have sustained the initial pressure. This pair have brought up the 50-run alliance now, and Bangladesh would be keen to break the stand soon.

West Indies 41/2 | Overs 12

D Bravo 12(24), D Ramdin 16(19)

Al-Amin again. Oh lovely shot from Ramdin, wonderful balance. He clips one off his pads for four. Abdur Razzak continues. Appeal for LBW first ball, turned down. And three off the next. OH Bravo nearly stumped off the last ball, but Mushfiqur doesn’t collect this cleanly! Mahmudullah continues now. Three runs off the over. Razzak again. OH BIG SHOT! Six for Ramdin. Good hit. Eight off that over.

West Indies 22/2 | Overs 8

D Bravo 10(13), D Ramdin 0(6)

Mortaza again. Another good shot from Bravo, but straight to the fielder. Could have been another boundary. Oh beautiful shot there, he steps out and smacks the slower ball down the ground for four. Lovely shot, four more runs! Great stuff from Bravo!

West Indies 14/2 | Overs 7

D Bravo 2(7), D Ramdin 0(6)

In walks Denesh Ramdin. Mortaza continues. He has bowled really well throughout this series. West Indies struggling at the moment. Bravo plays a beautiful cover drive, but Gazi saves a certain boundary with some excellent in-fielding. And Al-Amin continues. He is now the leading wicket-taker of the series with seven wickets so far. Oh this one went past Ramdin’s edge. West Indies crawling here.

West Indies 12/2 | Overs 4.5

D Bravo 0(0)

Gayle off to a really slow start here, he’s on two off 12 balls at the moment. Darren Bravo is the new man in. Al-Amin continues. Oh great shot from Gayle, that’s four. AND HE’S OUT NEXT BALL! Big Gayle edges this one to the ‘keeper, and West Indies have lost both their openers.

OUT! C Gayle 6(17) c Mushfiqur b Al-Amin

West Indies 7/1 | Overs 3.2

C Gayle 1(11)

Mortaza comes on to bowl the second over. Just two runs off it. Al-Amin Hossain now. And he bowls a maiden to the big man Gayle! That’s not something you see everyday. Mortaza continues, AND HE STRIKES ALMOST IMMEDIATELY! Lendl Simmons went down the track and skied one to the fielder at long off. Bangladesh draw first blood! Unnecessary shot from Simmons.

OUT! L Simmons 6(12) c Mahmudullah b Mortaza

West Indies 5/0 | Overs 1

L Simmons 5(6), C Gayle 0(0)

So we are now underway. Bangladesh start with spin, and Simmons cracks the second ball of the innings for four. And just a single to follow up. So five off the first over bowled by Sohag Gazi.

West Indies have won the toss, and will bat first. There is one change, as Darren Sammy comes in to replace Kirk Edwards.

West Indies trounced Bangladesh by runs in the second One-Day International (ODI) at at St George’s, Grenada. With the win, West Indies also took the series 2-0 with one match to play. Having been set a target of 248, Bangladesh crashed and burned in reply. Sunil Narine and Kemar Roach ran through the middle order, as Bangladesh went through a horror spell in which they lost five wickets for 10 runs in a matter of a few overs.

Al-Amin Hossain, who stole the spotlight with the ball for the visitors in the first match when he claimed four wickets, enjoyed early success again with the scalp of Kirk Edwards. He returned later in the innings to add Ramdin (34) to his haul although he proved more expensive in this effort, conceding 60 runs, which included sixes by Narine and Jason Holder in the last over of the innings. Notwithstanding the competitive total, West Indies were on course for a score closer to the 300-run mark but lost momentum after the dismissal of Bravo, who fell leg-before to off-spinner Sohag Gazi in the 32nd over. Hi I am Shiamak Unwalla and I will be bringing you live updates for the day. Can Bangladesh salvage some pride? lets find out

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