WICB and WIPA at loggerheads

Dinanath Ramnarine (L) President of WIPA, locks horns with WICB over the Chris Gayle saga © AFP


Port-of-Spain (Trinidad), Jun 23, 2011


The West Indies Players Association (WIPA) has given the Cricket Board (WICB) chief executive Ernest Hilaire seven days time to apologise to its president Dinanath Ramnarine for making “defamatory” remarks during a stormy meeting recently.


The relations between the two bodies strained following a meeting in Jamaica last week to sort out the issue of explosive batsman Chirs Gayle, who irked the Board by claiming in an interview that WICB has left him in lurch during a recent injury.


The Board dropped Gayle from the national side in retaliation and from there on WIPA and WICB are at war.


The WICB criticised Ramnarine for ‘unprofessional conduct’ during the same meeting, which was also attended by WIPA vice president Wavell Hinds, saying they would no longer engage with him on issues unless there was a change in his behaviour.


“WIPA is confident and appreciative that its representatives are able to operate at all levels, deal with the give-and-take in tough negotiations and do not have to withdraw when the going gets tough,” a WIPA statement on Monday said.


“Unequivocally, Ramnarine has not in any way or at any time acted unreasonably or in a manner that undermines his professionalism or commitment to getting the job at hand done.


“WIPA is satisfied with the report it has received from its representatives and members at the meeting and calls on Mr Hilaire to make an unreserved and unconditional withdrawal and apology to Mr Dinanath Ramnarine for the defamatory remarks he has made at the meeting within the next seven days,” it added.


However, it was not clear what WIPA plans to do if Hialire refuse to apologise to Ramnarine.