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Chris Gayle was the first to take the Ice Bucket Challenge Screenshot from Youtube video by WACA

Ice Bucket Challenge is now a global rage. Most of the prominent personalities have accepted the challenge and have helped to spread the awareness in quick time. Among the cricket fraternity, it was a fitting start as one of the coolest guy, Chris Gayle was the first to take the Ice Bucket Challenge. And predictably, one cricketer nominated the other and it went on. Here is a photo gallery interesting images of cricketers accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is an activity that went viral during the summer of 2014. It involves a person getting challenged to get a bucket of ice-cold water poured over his head or donate money for a charitable cause. While the donations in the USA was for the ALS association, the challenges in the United Kingdom were made in the name of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, a sister organization of the ALS Association.

The Ice-bucket is symbolic of the effects of the disease as one tends to feel completely paralysed when one gets drenched in ice-cold water, which is what the patients of the disease experience when they suffer from the disease as they start losing muscle functions throughout the body.