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There have been a few cricketers who have sported fancy hairstyles and there have been some whose hairstyles became iconic. In this gallery we present some cricketers whose hairstyles became famous. Lasith Malinga, Sunil Narine, Douglas Hondo are some of the cricketers who feature in this list.

Colin Miller is certainly one interesting character in cricket when it comes to hairstyles. He had the habit of changing the colour of his hair. “I was threatening to dye it green if I had been picked for the one-day games, but I wasn’t. Blue seemed like a good idea. The reaction was massive, far greater than I’d expected, and there was nothing negative,” Miller was quoted as saying to Guardian about the Walsh incident. Apparently the whole process of changing to blue colour took three and a half hours.

Meanwhile, the whole hairstyle issue wasn’t that funny for Douglas Hondo. In fact, the Zimbabwean player even defied the diktat from the board to cut his hair and chose to withdraw from international cricket after refusing to cut his hair.