Yoga is a strong tool for cricketers to maintain mental and physical discipline

Indian cricketers during a team’s training session © Getty Images

A modern day cricketer, who spends hours on the field and the one who is also involved in the off-field activities such as brand endorsements, campaigns and other activities, needs to keep a sharp eye on his physical as well as mental health.


Among the various fitness activities and drills, it is crucial for cricketers around the globe to sign up for Yoga as it not only helps keeping a track of his mental and physical health, but also helps improving reflections and overall strengthening of the body.


It is a known fact that a strong and well-maintained body is less prone to injuries, and all cricketers must vie for it.


With a powerful tool such as Yoga, cricketers can work their entire body, stretch, strengthen, and recover quickly as compared to the other ways.


In a gymnasium, a cricketer can work out on only few specific parts of his body, but combining it with Yoga can do wonders for cricketers who are some or the other way busy all around the year.


Noted Yoga instructor and aerospace scientist Dr SN Omkar says yoga-related exercises focus on core muscle stability.


He has also worked with legendary cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar.


“He spends additional half hour doing intrinsic stretches,” Omkar was quoted as saying by Rediff.


The Little master during the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2012 approached legendary yoga expert BKS Iyengar to seek advice and training.


“Since Sachin was apparently convinced that the other forms of medication cannot fully heal his various injuries, he has turned to yoga,” said a source close to Tendulkar to Mail Today.