Australia coach Darren Lehmann has said that he is looking forward to take on the No 1 Test side in the world South Africa. Australia’s tour of the African nation begins next month on February 12.


Meanwhile, ANI reported that Australian team’s fitness coach and a friend of Darren Lehmann has revealed how the fun-loving head coach has relieved the pressure on the Test cricketers and made them smile again.


Before Lehmann’s entry into the team, the players were so worried about their spots and strict team directives that they often turned on each other, as happened in India when four players were sacked from a Test match.


According to, however, fitness coach Damian Mednis, who described Lehmann as the ‘class clown’, said that the coach branded Australia’s cricketing resurgence as ‘funny s***’, adding that he believes one of the reasons Lehmann got him involved was to help him with his ‘funny s***’.