Former England captain and current assistant coach Paul Collingwood said that he was glad to be back in the fray of the things with the national team and that he, like the England players, is hurt by the happenings of the disastrous 2013-14 Ashes and stressed the need for England to get back to winning ways in the ongoing tour of West indies and the upcoming ICC World T20 2014.


Collingwood further said that the current game is no longer the ”nudge-and-nurdler” kind of cricket that he used while leading England to their 2010 win, adding that had he been playing now, he would have no chance of getting into Scotland’s team, where he was the head coach (before the England offer came) let alone England’s.


Collingwood however, said that England has got the necessary X-factor, aggressiveness and power to get hold of a World title given their increasingly higher scores.