Former cricketers Ajay Jadeja and Shoaib Akhtar discuss Rajasthan Royals‘ unusual strategy in Indian Premier League (IPL) 7.


Rajasthan Royals before the IPL 2014 auction had retained five of their players from the previous season. Yet, the team managed to save the maximum money in their purse.


Ajay Jadeja says, “Rajasthan Royals are a dynamic side. They have always been misers. They have never spent unnecessary money. They tend to buy players whom the whole world isn’t eyeing for. And it isn’t about buying the player, the way they utilise the player is commendable. They have a new strategy for each and every game. They use a new player for a new match. Last year, they got Pravin Tambe. Long back they had bought Swapnil Asnodkar. Rajasthan Royals have also been little realistic. If they feel that this particular player doesn’t have much to do at that particular moment, they change the player. The team is masters in breaking the old norm that teams should follow the winning combination.”


Shoaib Akhtar says that it must be a great honour for youngsters like Sanju Samson to be retained and share the same dressing as Rahul Dravid.


He says, “It is a great honour to share or even sit next to someone great like Rahul Dravid. He is one of the best Test cricketers India have ever produced. I think the young players should have fun and learn also in such situations. And the faster they learn the better it will be for them.”