Mumbai Indians captain Ricky Ponting is eagerly looking forward to hear the din at the Wankhede Stadium when Sachin Tendulkar comes out to bat, not as a member of an opposing team but as the iconic Indian cricketer's teammate.

"The highlight of coming to Mumbai is that we are always playing against Sachin and the roar the crowd [makes] when Sachin is about to face the first ball is quite deafening and always was. I was always in the opposition team and now I am on his team so it will be a bit more fun for me this time I think."

The Australian felt that T20 cricket has led to a lot of improvisations by batsmen and bowlers.

"The whole game has evolved dramatically. There is no doubt the range of skills batsmen, bowlers and fielders are now showing is vastly different from what it was before T20 cricket started. The amount of slow ball variations we are seeing, the number of unorthodox spin bowlers, guys with different action who bowl different deliveries, that have had great impact on T20 tournaments around the world.