Rohit Sharma won the Sportsman of the Year on Saturday at GQ Awards 2015 on Saturday. Rohit was accompanied by his fiancee, Ritika Sajdeh, who is also the cricketer’s manager. Rohit, who is currently preparing for the South Africa series, was holidaying with Ritika few days back in Africa. Rohit wore a black suit with a white shirt. Ritika wore white shirts, golden short skirts and golden high-heeled footwear. Earlier, Rohit joined a anti-poaching campaign to save the wild animals of Africa as he along with Hollywood actors Matt Le Blanc and Salma Hayek will be involved in taking care of the last surviving Northern White Rhinoceros of the rare species.”I have been a member of PETA [People for Ethical Treatment of Animals] and when I was informed about the cause, I thought it is my duty to join the anti-poaching drive. That’s what got me to Nairobi. I was fascinated to have a look at Sudan [Northern White Rhino] and the sniffer dogs, who catch hold of the poachers,” said Rohit.

In April, Rohit got engaged to his girlfriend of six years. Rohit drove the love of his life Ritika Sajdeh to Borivli Sports Club. Minutes after midnight, Rohit surprised Ritika with the big question, pulling out a beautiful solitaire ring. The world record holder for the highest score in One-Day International (ODI), Rohit and Ritika has known each other for six years. Ritika is a 28-year-sports manager and lives in Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.  She has made it a point to be present at all the games involving Rohit, including domestic games. According to DNA, Ritika does not engage in conversation, even ‘hi-hello’, when Rohit is batting. With the Indian dressing room one bachelor less now, it is interesting to see when the couple will get married.

“I was with my family last night. I celebrated with them. It was small little thing we had at my house. Tomorrow is an important clash and focus is solely on the game,” Rohit said.