Indian batsman Virat Kohli promised to let his bat do the talking after the constant barbs from spectators and commentators alike for his aggressive demeanour.


Kohli assured that he had toned down his aggression and was yet again the pick of the batsman for India after the tourists succumbed to their second straight loss at Hamilton.


The top order and the middle order fell apart, with four batsmen falling to shorts balls, a ploy deployed with aplomb by the Black Caps.


“It’s a personal choice of any team, what sort of plan they want to come up with against us. I think a lot of teams have tried to bounce us out but that hasn’t been the case for the longest time that I have seen,” Kohli said of New Zealand’s tactics.


“Mostly the bouncer is a plan to set you up for the next ball to nick you off. A bouncer is never to scare you away, it is just to put in the batsman’s head that there might be a short ball coming, another one, because you have two in the over now.”