Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) owner Preity Zinta has been a driving force for her team since the very first season of Indian Premier League (IPL). Now with the tournament in its 10th season, Preity has always been there for team supporting in each and every game. It is evident that during the IPL days, she spends a lot of time with her team trying to keep the team spirit high. With this IPL season being no different from any other, Preity like always has been spotted with the KXIP team in both home and away games. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Kings XI Punjab (KXIP), IPL 2017 Match 51

But Marcus Stoinis, the young Australian who is famous for being a complete all-rounder recently tricked Preity and had a good laugh along with Eoin Morgan and others. Stoinis first tricked Preity by saying that he had a disease called ‘Dog Jaw’. And going further, Morgan too tagged along saying the face of the person becomes more like that if a dog and leaves its mark even when cured.

Morgan leading the prank, asked Preity to touch and feel the mark of the disease. Preity, who wasn’t unsure of the prank and the fact of all this getting recorded, could not believe the fact of the existence of a disease called Dog Jaw. But seeing the seriousness Stoinis and Morgan had on their faces, she believed in and tried to feel the part on the Australian cricketer’s face. Soon had she touched his face, Stoinis imitated a dog barking and what followed was a riot of laughter from every one present in and around.

Despite having a rough season in IPL 2017, KXIP players are leaving no occasion of having fun and enjoying their time in India. In the tournament, KXIP have their chances hanging in between.