Inzamam-ul-Haq (right) is run out against India at Centurion in ICC World Cup 2003 © Getty Images
Inzamam-ul-Haq (right) is run out against India at Centurion in ICC World Cup 2003 © Getty Images


The first Sunday of May is called as the ‘World Laughter Day’. Abhijit Banare brings you some of the funny moments on the cricket field and fun surrounding the gentleman’s game. 


1) Inzamam-ul-Haq run outs


Let’s get to the task straightaway. When it comes to run outs, no cricketer in the world has been as entertaining as Inzamam. Watch this video and you realise the numerous ways in which Inzamam can make you laugh to be dismissed in the same mode. Be it finding himself on the same end as his partner, slipping while running, obstructing the field, calling for the run only to find himself out, here’s a legend who will be remembered for his run outs as much as his dominating knocks.




2) Ian Healy imitates Merv Hughes


Well, Hughes with his big belly, intimidating moustache has been a colourful character right from sledging to spectators making fun of him. Here, Hughes finds his fellow teammate, Ian Healy imitating him. With a similar big belly, with a long, tiring and angling run-up, Healy does an exceptional job of replicating Hughes. And that’s not it, you can’t stop but laugh at the way, Healy stops after delivering and gives that typical Hughes stare to the batsmen.



3) Mark Richardson cramps the laughter out of everyone


Everyone except Richardson will find this funny. Four of the top-order batsmen including Richardson went onto score a century in the second Test of the India-New Zealand series played at Mohali. Placed comfortably at 232 for one, Richardson swept an Anil Kumble delivery, and while the camera focused on sweeper cover fielding position, the commentators and viewers were surprised at a feminine but loud cry. Initially, one would have thought it brushed past the short-leg fielder, but Richardson was lying on the ground wincing in pain. Even VVS Laxman, fielding as a close-in fielder couldn’t control his laughter. What’s worse! his own teammates were finding the funny side of it, as a stretcher was called in to carry Richardson back to the pavilion.


4) David Lloyd, Michael Holding and the two balls!


Bumble is never short of providing some entertainment, however serious, the Test would be. Not much description required, go ahead and enjoy.



5) Samit Patel slips and slips hard!


Media in England have left no stone unturned to poke their fun at all-rounder, Samit, and his burly figure. But this video only gives a +1 to those having a go. Playing against Derbyshire, Samit plays the ball deep on the off-side and sets off for a single, and seconds later, to put it in Ravi Shastri‘s words: ‘He slipped and slipped hard.’ It was so funny that the official YouTube channel of England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) deemed it necessary to have it on their list titled ‘oops’!



6) How to be a Sri Lankan commentator


This video might not be an absolute laugh riot, but surely mocks the poor quality of commentary coming from Sri Lanka. Before the Lankan fans take offence, let’s put this on record, ‘this video is a representation of all the nonsense commentary that comes mainly from the subcontinent.’



7) Chennai Super Kings miss three run outs in one ball


Certainly a hilarious moment for the viewers. Chasing 180 against Chennai Super Kings, Deccan Chargers were struggling until Dwayne Smith played a blistering innings. In the ninth over of the match, Smith ferociously cuts towards deep covers, where the fielder makes a valiant effort, and then throws the ball back to the bowler Shadab Jakati, who misses it. Smith then attempts to pick a single on the overthrow, but finds himself on the same end as his partner, T Suman. Now, comes the funny part. The fielder, Subramaniam Badrinath collected the overthrow, and threw it back to Jakati who failed to collect it cleanly, but dislodged the stumps with his face. Yet, Smith was nowhere in the picture. Then, Jakati picks the ball and throws at the stumps and misses again! And the laughter explodes when Badrinath covering the stumps couldn’t collect that throw from Jakati, as the ball passed between his legs.



8) Steve Waugh runs among the crowd searching for a win!


Fifth One-Day International (ODI) at Guyana in 1999, Australia needed 174 to win. Needing six in the last over, Waugh picked a couple and the next four deliveries were dots. He hit the last ball wide of long-on and looked to attempt three for a tie. But he failed to reach for the third and was run-out. Reason? Watch the video. The match was eventually called as a tie.



9) Michael Clarke plays rugby with Sachin Tendulkar!


This is the match played at the Gabba, Brisbane in 2007, where Clarke is determined not to concede a single. Tendulkar at the non-striker’s end was about to stroll for an easy single, but in the quest for stopping the ball going towards long-on, Clarke jumped, held Tendulkar by his waist and brought him down and then walks off.



10) Imitation of commentary: Harsha Bhogle, Tony Greig, Ravi Shastri


Imitating commentary is a funny thing. But it’s a laugh riot only when you get it bang on the money. Sabysachi Tripathi went viral with this imitation.



By the way, while you enjoy this laugh, thanks to Rob Moody for this video compilations, and a big applause for the Inzamam run-out compilation, an evergreen video.


(Abhijit Banare is a reporter at CricketCountry. He is an avid quizzer and loves to analyse and dig out interesting facts which allows him to learn something new every day. Apart from cricket he also likes to keep a sharp eye on Indian politics, and can be followed on Twitter and blog)