After Adnan Sami becomes Indian citizen, Sreesanth asks for Pakistani citizenship to resurrect his international career

On Sunday, as Adnan Sami posed as an Indian citizen in the backdrop of the national flag, there was one person in Kochi, who got inspired by this ritual. Yes, S Sreesanth like his heydays got pumped up once again.

Speaking exclusively to the writer, the Kochi Express, who has been banned by the BCCI for his alleged role in spot-fixing in IPL 2013, revealed the reason of his joy. Though he got a respite from the Patiala court last year, he hasn t been able to return to the sport.

Sreesanth said, I was supposed to be born in Pakistan but at last moment God’s messenger forgot the address and dropped me in Kerala. I still grew up to be a replica of a typical Pakistani bowler who could bowl at pace and swing prodigiously. I also was blessed with a temperament more volatile than Shoaib Akhtar bhai. Like Adnan Sami is loved in India, I too was floored by the love and respect the Pakistanis showered at me 10 years back [India tour Pakistan 2005-06].

Drawing comparisons, the pacer further added, If Adnan Sami can get an Indian citizenship, I too can get a Pakistani citizenship. I want to start the process now.

It s strange because unlike the case of Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh Khan, the likes of Sadhvi and Yogi Adityanath have not asked him to do so. So why such a step?

Sreesanth revealed, Pakistanis have a bigger heart and they don t troll you like here. Mohammed Amir was found guilty in a sport-fixing case and five and half years later he is back in the side. He bowled deliberate no-balls, was found guilty, got banned, went to jail and is back playing. I have been accused of spot-fixing but nothing proved yet but still I am not allowed to play. India will never select me again. That’s why I want to go to Pakistan. Read more: Mohammad Amir makes a comeback in the Pakistan side

Getting this news, a gang of Shiv Sainiks with fresh packed bottles of ink have left for Kochi. The writer contacted one of them on phone who furiously screamed, In Pakistan, he can sledge, fix matches and still get away. Pakistan government will surely grant him the citizenship as he has contacts with much richer bookies. We won t let that happen! Read more: Amir, Butt, Sreesanth, Asif, Vincent offered GPL contracts

On the other hand, Pakistan is excited about PSL. On contacting Shahid Afridi, the maverick Lala said, I welcome him too like I did Amir and I agree with his statement that Pakistanis have a bigger heart. (Does this statement ring a bell?)

However, he has his concerns too. The only problem with Sreesanth bhai is that age is on the wrong side unlike mine.

This has become a raging issue across the border and tonight on Geo channel, former cricketers (or Makkaar and English teacher that they like to call each other) Rameez Raja and Mohammad Yousuf will discuss the Sreesanth issue in detail. Read more: Yousuf and Rameez exchange heated words over the inclusion of Amir in the Pakistani side

Please note this is a humour article work of pure fiction.

[Devashish Palkar, an MBBS student, A sports afficionado, news addict and a patient of OCSD ( Obsessive Compulsive Satirical Disorder)].