Baap Baap hota hai: World Cup ends, IPL 8 to begin but India-Pakistan ‘mauka’ taunts prevail

It’s a rivalry unmatched. Fans from India and Pakistan never let go of a chance to hit back at each other and even after the end of the World Cup, the ‘mauka’ taunts continue. Throughout the World Cup, it were Indian fans, who riding on the success of their side had the upper hand but ever since the sides loss in the semi-final against Australia on March 26, the tables turned and Indian fans became the victims of their own jibes. Even Shahid Afridi and Pakistan fans in the Gulf, didn’t let go the opportunity to mock the Indians with ‘mauka’ taunts.


Nobody knows the art of ‘letting bygone be bygone’ better than the Indians. The semis loss did hurt but it’s now time for the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the focus shifts there. The recently released video from Shalom Films is just about that but with of course with a pinch of salt rubbed in the wounds of Pakistanis.


In the earlier instalment of the video, it is shown that fans from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are upset with their losses in World Cup quarter-final and India who qualified, assure them, “Sab ka badla lega India (India will take revenge for all)”. But in this video, it’s seen that the respective fans from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, now laugh at India post its semi-final loss. They mete out ‘mauka’ taunts at the dejected Indian, who soon changes his Indian blues and makes way is the IPL signature trumpet tune. The Indian fan now sports a IPL attire and the Sri Lankan and the Bangladeshi fan rush to the Indian guy calling him ‘Papa’ and massage him. All the smiles vanish from the Pakistani fan’s face as he knows players from his nation aren’t allowed to participate in the league. There’s a grim in his face and the Indian fan delivers the Pakistani a knockout blow saying, “Baap Baap hota hai (The father is the boss after all)”. The Sri Lankan and the Pakistani fan now give out the “mauka” taunts to the Pakistani as the players from the country are still awaiting their chance to play in the cash-rich league.