Batsman takes guard six stumps outside the off-stump!

On September 8, 2011, Pakistan won the first One-Day International (ODI) against Zimbawe at Bulawayo by five runs, but Zimbabwe were in with a chance till the last ball of the game with the home team needing six runs for victory.

Junaid Khan was standing between Zimbabwe and victory. As he walked up to his bowling mark, batsman Prosper Uteseya took guard sixth stumps outside the off-stump! He was scrambling the bowler’s brains and put him under pressure with his unorthodox guard.

Junaid could not have bowled outside the off stump. And that is exactly what the batsman wanted as he could swing on the leg and hoped to see the ball sail over the boundary for the winning runs. Utesaya almost did that, but the ball fell short and he got just one run. But it was a brave effort from the Zimbabweans