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Beyond All Boundaries is a cricket-based film made by Sushrut Jain. It tracks the stories of three individuals — Sudhir Kumar, Prithvi Shaw and Akshaya Surve — in the backdrop of the ICC World Cup 2011 in India. While India go on to fulfill the dreams of a billion-strong population, Jain depicts the story through the trio. Nishad Pai Vaidya reviews the movie as it is set to hit screens on October 10.

There is a lot to like about Sushrut Jain’s cricket-based film Beyond All Boundaries. Set in the backdrop of India’s victory in the ICC World Cup 2011, the movie portrays the hopes and aspirations of three individuals — Sudhir Kumar, Prithvi Shaw and Akshaya Surve — in a gripping rendition that transcends the field of play. It brings together India’s biggest sporting passion and blends it into the struggles of a common man, whose dreams put him on a higher pedestal. When you leave the movie, you will surely be touched by its intensity and you can forgive yourself for shedding a small tear.

This movie was shot way back in 2011 and it took Jain about three years to get it all together. Kunal Nayyar, the star of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, joined him as a producer and narrated the film. With various contributors coming together, Jain’s dream has come true and the film will hit screens on October 10 in India.

Though the film is set in the timeline of India’s World Cup victory, the protagonists are simple people, yet larger than life figures. The most familiar of them is Sudhir, the super-fan who is seen at every Indian home game, painted in the tri-colour and having the word “Tendulkar” etched on his body. The man narrates his story — his pursuit of living his passion and following the Indian team. All along, he shows immense devotion to one man, Sachin Tendulkar.

Sudhir is the most well-known Indian man and not many know his story. Though he gets tickets to the games, he struggles to make ends meet and this movie portrays his journey against odds, even defying his family to follow his heart. In this film, Sudhir defines that craze for cricket and devotion towards the game. Though none can match him for his passion, Sudhir has become an icon for all the fans. Towards the end of the film, you may shed a tear for him as the filmmakers bring a poignant moment in his life on screen.

Then, there is Prithvi, the 12-year-old cricketing prodigy. This story is about the dream of a father and a son. At a young age, Prithvi has been on the national radar and shot to limelight last year when he smashed 546 in a school game. But, three years ago, he was beginning to show that promise and was pitted against men much senior to him. Prithvi beings that innocence to this film and his innocent smile endears him. Here is this kid who is a proven talent and puts in those hard yards to reach the top.

Akshaya too is an aspiring cricketer from a very humble background in Mumbai. While she and her mother have faced hardships on many fronts, Akshaya has gone on to chase her dream on the field of play. In a country where there is this distinct bias against females, Akshaya is brave to follow her passion and try to build a career in cricket. Her journey towards her first big success on the field of play is well documented in this story. Akshaya adds that hope of a better tomorrow in this film, which is perhaps an instinct that drives all humans each day.

This movie does well to put human emotions in context of a sport. Sudhir’s passion and devotion is awe-inspiring; leaving you spellbound. Prithvi’s innocence takes you back to your own childhood, when you dreamt of doing the unimaginable; more importantly, believe that you could. And Akshaya’s hope mirrors the everyday life in Mumbai, where thousands commute long hours to work in the city of dreams.

There are two major plots to the film. On a whole, it shows the hopes surrounding the Indian team’s chances at the World Cup. In a microcosm, it brings together these three stories and how the sport tends to present hope to those battling the greatest hurdles in life. Even if you aren’t a cricket fan, Jain’s Beyond All Boundaries is sure to touch your heart and enlighten you on the human side of sport. If you are a cricket fan, then this is certainly a must watch.

There are a few happy coincidences. Jain finished production of this film on April 2, 2013 — exactly two years after MS Dhoni and his men lifted the cup at Wankhede. And, this film releases on October 10, 2014 —  a year after Tendulkar announced his retirement.

This film has already won a few awards in film festivals. Now, it is time for the larger audience to come forward.

(Nishad Pai Vaidya is a Correspondent with CricketCountry and anchor for the site’s YouTube Channel. His Twitter handle is @nishad_44)