Have you ever seen a bowler so surprised and act hilariously after taking a catch? Chaminda Vaas not only stunned himself but also the batsman and his fellow teammates.


It was a One-Day International (ODI) match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in Asia Cup 2004, Bangladeshi wicketkeeper Khaled Mashud was trying to accelerate the score and smashed a full delivery from Vaas straight but didn’t get the expected the elevation. The ball still gathered enough power to scare Vaas, who in his follow through was in the ball’s path.


Not the swiftest on the field, Vaas tried to get away and save himself from the trajectory of the ball but had his presence of mind intact. He lifted both his arms, hoping to pouch it and managed to cement. Like they say that fortune favours the brave and Vaas got rewarded for his reflexes.


The fun bit comes after he takes the catch. No wonder he is surprised and then decides to confuse everyone else. He pretends as if he had no idea where the ball went, which made it look hilarious. Vaas looked all around wearing a baffled look that he didn’t have any idea where the ball was. It confused everyone from the batsmen to his teammates to the commentators. All realised it soon and laughter followed. Mashud was dismissed and Bangladesh could manage only 190. In the end, it was a comfortable ten wicket victory for Sri Lanka.