Cricket World Cup 2019: Most dismissals by a wicket-keeper in the World Cup

We look back at the most successful wicket-keepers in World Cup with the stumper with most dismissals (Catches + Stumpings) in the history of the tournament.

Kumar Sangakkara 54 (41 catches + 13 Stumpings)

Leading the pack is one the highest run-getters in World Cup history, Sri Lanka s Kumar Sangakkara, who had 54 dismissals to his name with 41 catches and 13 stumpings. Sangakkara played in four World Cups starting from 2003 till 2015 with Sri Lanka making it to the final in 2011. The stylish left-hander played 37 matches in the World Cup and his dismissal rate per innings with 1.50. His maximum dismissals in a match is four (3 catches and one stumping)

Adam Gilchrist 52 (45 + 7)

Australian legend Adam Gilchrist has the most catches for a wicket-keeper in the World Cup with 45 and with seven stumpings finds himself in the second place in wicket-keepers with most dismissals in the tournament. Gilchrist played in only three World Cups, being part of the victorious Australian side all three times between 1999 and 2007. Gilchrist played 31 matches in the World Cup and his dismissal per innings rate is 1.677. His best in a catch is six dismissals. all catches.

MS Dhoni 32 (27 + 5)

India s MS Dhoni is the only active wicket-keeper in the top-five list, but has a long way to go before he can catch up to either Gilchrist or Sangakkara. In 20 matches, Dhoni has 32 dismissals to his name with 27 catches and five stumpings. He played so far played in three World Cups starting from 2007, and is set to take the gloves behind the stumps in the World Cup for the fourth and probably the final time in the upcoming 2019 Cricket World Cup. His dismissal rate per innings is 1.6.

Brendon McCullum 32 (30 + 2)

New Zealand s Brendon McCullum is level with Dhoni in terms of dismissals with 32 dismissals of which 30 are catches and two stumpings. McCullum lead NZ to the final of the 2015 Cricket World Cup and played in three previous World Cups, starting from 2003 – a total of 34 matches, but he kept in 25 of those. He dismissals per innings rate is 1.280.

Mark Boucher 31 (31 + 0)

South African great Mark Boucher completes the top-five list with 31 dismissals, all of which were catches. Boucher played in four World Cups starting from 1999 till 2007 and played 25 matches. His dismissals per innings rate is 1.240.