Current series is Level 2 dream-turned-nightmare from Inception: Dhoni

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By UnReal Mama

Please note this is a humour article – work of pure fiction

Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni stunned media reporters at the end of the second day of the Sydney Test by claiming that the current India-Australia series is merely a Level 2 dream-turned-nightmare being dreamt by his wife Sakshi during the couple’s vacation in Maldives. 

Dhoni hastened to clarify that the vacation in Maldives is itself a figment of his fantasy, just moments after the Indian skipper lifted the World Cup and went into a dream like state along with Sakshi and some of the boys.


To underscore the point, Dhoni spun a totem on the table to remind himself and those gathered about the unreality of the whole situation. 

When a reporter queried if the team is confident of avoiding an innings defeat in the Test, Dhoni appeared lost for words for a fleeting moment before recovering quickly to laugh off the question. “I refuse to answer silly questions from a projection of Sakshi’s subconscious, even more so considering she doesn’t know the ABC of cricket,” he said.


“I blame Virat Kohli, the dream’s architect, for this painful nightmare by designing a cricket-based world for Sakshi’s dream with Australians and Englishmen in it. Bewkoof, couldn’t he have designed a non-cricketing dreamscape considering it was my wife’s dream, and she clearly fancied these Aussies,” rued Dhoni.


Dhoni admitted that Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke scoring centuries on the same day was ‘freaky’ and promised that after Sakshi came out of the dream, he would plant ideas in her head about how bad these Aussies are so she doesn’t dream up such unsavory episodes again.

The Indian skipper ended the press conference on an optimistic note saying that this stupid dream would end as soon as he gets a kick and comes back to reality, after which he would commence the Chennai Super Kings campaign to win the 2012 edition of the IPL followed by a chilled out tour of Sri Lanka.

The totem continued to spin on the table…


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