India and England share an interesting history, be it politically or in terms of cricket. It was the game of cricket, which brought the belief among the Indians of defeating their superiors. It was all because of British rule and India could never have been this much popular in the sport of cricket, if the English men had not introduced it in India. There were plenty of negative points also under their reign in India but time passed and with that, way of thinking changed among the people of both the nations. Today, India are the top team in a sport which the English introduced and have produced many greats of this game. Full Cricket Scorecard: India vs England 1st Test at Rajkot

As per the international cricket history, the story between both the nations starts in 1932 but if we go a little deep in the history, then we will get to know that it had already begun way before under their reign, back in 1877. In that year, the European members of Bombay Gymkhana accepted a request for a two-day match from the Parsis and further a team of Hindus also came into action, which followed the first ever First-Class match in the country in 1892. After that, a triangular tournament was introduced, which included those three teams and in 1912, a team of Muslims also emerged.

Further, just after the first world war, because of the increasing popularity of this game, the first major cricket tournament in India was introduced, which was named as Bombay Quadrangular. After few years, India became a member of Test playing nation alongside teams like Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies and New Zealand in June 1932, by playing their first ever Test at Bombay Gymkhana. Two years after that match, another tournament commenced, which is India s most important domestic tournament till date, called as Ranji Trophy.

From there on, probably everything began as later in 1937, Quadrangular tournament was changed to Pentangular, in which the fifth team was called The Rest of India. A year before the independence, the Bombay Pentangular tournament was wrapped up and the only major domestic tournament remained in the country was Ranji Trophy. India kept on rising in every field after the independence and then came that day when they registered their first Test win over England in 1952 at Chennai. 21 years from there, India went on to beat England in their home at The Oval.

Soon, a decade later, India became one of the strongest teams in Tests and the toughest to be defeated at home. Both the teams kept playing against each other and in the year 2007, an interesting change came into the name of their series. When India tours England to play a Test series, it is called as Pataudi Trophy and when England comes to India, it is called as Anthony De Mello Trophy.

So far, both the teams have played 112 Tests, in which England having an upper hand with 43 wins, while India have won only 21 with 48 draws but when it comes to playing in India, the number changes quite drastically. In India, from 55 Tests between both these teams, India have better record of 15 wins and England with 13 wins and rest ended in draw.

In these years, many great players were produced by both the teams. Currently, India have not won a single series against England since 2008 as they were beaten in England in 2011, followed by the same fate at home in 2012 as well. The Indian side are geared up to give it back to the England side in this upcoming series of five Tests. Ahead of this crucial series of the season, take a look back at the so far story between both these teams.

england tour of India 2016

Well, after studying the the above infographic, one will surely think that be it home or away, India have barely run through against England in a series. On the other hand, England have always been a strong competitor of the game with India. This time, India will face England with a new captain under Virat Kohli s leadership, while the English side will be playing with the same skipper Alastair Cook.

(Abhishek Kumar is a cricket devotee currently staffing with CricLife and CricketCountry.com. He can be followed at @abhik2593)