Seasons change, so does time. But there are few things which are timeless and Shahid Afridi is one of them. The ageless cricketer, on whom time simply does not seem to have any effect, continues to surprise (rather shock) people not just with his appearance but also statements. While people were still to come to terms with his retirement plans, ‘Lala’ has thrown a new bomb! ALSO READ: How Ravi Shastri spoiled Sourav Ganguly’s birthday party on Facebook!

The flamboyant cricketer recently said that Pakistan does not have any cricketing talent left. In almost same breath, he also added that it is time, he does something for the nation. While the cricketer hinted at joining politics, current and former Pakistan players mistook it for his comeback to cricket and what followed was complete chaos on his timeline.

From Inzamam-ul-Haq to the troll’s favourite Akmal brothers and Ramiz Raja, all jumped in with their (in) expert and senseless comments. Read the entire conversation which took place on Afridi’s Facebook wall here. It is bound to tickle your funny bone!

Designed by: Ranjeet Parab | Idea by: Chinmay Jawalekar
Designed by: Ranjeet Parab | Idea by: Chinmay Jawalekar

Please note this is a humour article work of pure fiction.

(A self-confessed cricket freak, Chinmay Jawalekar is a senior writer with CricLife and CricketCountry. When not writing or following cricket, he loves to read, eat and sleep. He can be followed here @CricfreakTweets)