Hilarious: Watch Ranjit Fernando again proving why he is a bad commentator

A cricket commentator is an integral part of the viewer experience. The millions of viewers who watch cricket live on television rely on commentators expert views to get a better understanding about the game. This makes the commentators job important and difficult at the same time. While most of them execute it with distinction, a few falter at times, earning brickbats from the viewers.

One such incident came to the fore recently when a video was posted on YouTube by a netizen. The video is from an ODI between Pakistan and Sri Lanka and shows Mohammad Irfan bowling to Tillakaratne Dilshan, where the former traps the latter plumb in front of the stumps. A huge appeal ensues and the on-field umpire has no hesitation in raising his finger. SEE MORE: Another Rameez Raja blooper?

This is when Dilshan goes for a review. While the other commentator Dean Jones is convinced from the beginning that the batsman was out, Ranjit Fernando gets his analysis horribly wrong. He makes an awkward statement to begin with and then gets wrong with his analysis on multiple occasions. This has prompted cricket fans to label him as the worst commentator . Mind you, this is not the first time. Once, during a crucial World Cup 2007 game, he made a big goof up when he described a bowled as a boundary. Well, watch the video here and decide for yourself. ALSO WATCH: Brendon Julian s spoonerism renames Frank Worrell Trophy!