Hilarious: What do you do when you stealthily play cricket in neighbour’s backyard and he walks in?

There are certain things with which all cricket lovers who have played the game in their childhood will agree. Playing backyard cricket for long hours is one of them. There is no better pass time than playing the game you love the most in your backyard during summer vacations and otherwise. However, there are many who have enjoyed playing in thy neighbours’ backyard as well; secretively though.

The naughty lot of such folks, who would stealthily break through the neighbour’s house and play at his backyard, would also ensure that they leave the moment he arrives or the minute they get a signal of his arrival. Recently, during a match played between South Africa and Australia from the ongoing tri-series in the Caribbean, a funny incident happened which was equated with the childhood backyard cricket by a social media user.

A video, which showed the groundsman uprooting the stumps hurriedly in the wake of rain coming down, was posted by a Twitter user with a witty caption that read: “When you’re playing cricket in your neighbour’s back yard and you hear their car in the driveway…”. Check the video below, which we are sure you will love and could relate with that mischievous childhood memory.